Responding to Online Reviews: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Customers rely on online reviews such as those found on Google and Yelp to discover new businesses, products and services. 93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions. 84% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from people they know. Most people prefer not to make a purchase from a […]

Top 4 Unrealistic Client Expectations and How to Address Them

For a marketing agency to have a durable, competitive advantage, they must build a clear marketing roadmap for their clients. However, doing so does not always guarantee that everything runs smoothly. Customers sometimes have unrealistic expectations. Whether they want your marketing help to start an online business or scale an existing brand, some clients can […]

The Umbrella Marketing Podacst : Episode 04 – Hacking Digital Influencers For Organic Growth ft. Rand Fishkin

Hi … and Welcome to The Marketing Umbrella Podcast! If you are the owner of a local marketing agency looking to grow your business, OR maybe you are an entrepreneur looking to build an agency, then you will love The Marketing Umbrella Podcast! In each episode, we interview leading digital marketing experts and sales gurus […]

Five ways how white label agencies will save marketing agencies in 2021

Digital marketing is a broad term that covers a myriad of smaller marketing niches and categories. Therefore, anyone who claims to be an all-knowing digital marketing guru is lying. This is the reason why so many digital marketing agencies struggle to become a one-stop shop for all digital marketing services. Even those who claim to […]

How Chatbots can 4X your clients’ website conversions

Today, the chatbot is no longer an option. It is becoming a necessary and cost-effective way to communicate with customers. Many people interact with chatbots more than you think. Around 80% of business has started using chatbots across different platforms. It makes your client’s business more competitive and will meet customer demands. Why are chatbots […]

10+ time saving hacks for digital marketing agencies

Running a digital marketing agency requires a lot of time. The flow of tasks may seem endless and daunting, but you can significantly improve your agency’s productivity by using some smart tips. Staying productive in this industry can be a challenge, but with the right techniques, tools, and psychological hacks at your disposal, you should […]

An agency owner’s guide to marketing automation: A thorough guide

The language of digital marketing is constantly evolving; marketing teams and business owners must be able to adapt themselves quickly. But the danger of speed is that too much of it can lead to overspending, miscommunication, and even duplication of tasks. To avoid unnecessary delays, frustrating complications, it’s better to incorporate marketing automation into your […]

Why SEO is critical to online reputation management

In today’s digital age, before anybody does business with a brand, they will google their name. The information that appears on the first page of SERPs when a brand’s name is searched for is what they perceive they are. That’s why online reputation management and search engine optimization (SEO) are more vital than ever. We […]

How to Resell Reputation Management and Always Stay on Positive ROI

Today, almost every digital marketing agency is offering reputation management as part of its services. This is no surprise, as the online reputation management niche has grown significantly over the past few years and became a highly sought-after service. With the rise of review platforms and social media, consumers now have a strong voice that […]