social media trends you must know for 2022

Be Ready for These 2022 Social Media Trends

By Deborah Kurfiss, Umbrella Content Marketing Director on Jan 21, 2022

The world has changed in the face of the pandemic, and though social media was popular before, it is growing as an important way to connect. If you still have clients that are not active on social media, it’s time you dragged them into the light. For your clients who are already active on social […]

Podcast: Creating an affiliate program for any business of any size with Arlen Robinson

PODCAST: Creating an Affiliate Program for Any Business of Any Size with Arlen Robinson

By Itamir Shafir on Jan 20, 2022

Below is the transcript to Episode 35 of The Marketing Umbrella Podcast Itamar Shafir interviews Arlen Robinson about How affiliate programs can help marketing agencies and How affiliate marketing software can help companies and agencies grow their customer base Arlen Robinson is a seasoned business owner and co-founder of Omnistar Affiliate Software which gives businesses […]

Gold coins with sign that says "Cash Back"

Pay Per Revenue Marketing: Light a Fire under Sales, Customer Loyalty and ROI  

By Deborah Kurfiss on Jan 14, 2022

To impress your clients right off the bat in the new year, why not run some online advertising campaigns that will inject new life into conversions, bolster existing customer loyalty and wildly improve ROI? Yes, we are talking about Pay Per Revenue marketing, also referred to as cashback advertising. Here’s what happens in a nutshell. […]

hand that says "Stop Poaching"

Are Business Consulting Firms Encroaching on Your Marketing Agency’s Turf? Beat ‘Em Back!

By Deborah Kurfiss, Umbrella Content Marketing Director on Jan 3, 2022

Here we are, another year. This is the time to gather your resources, reanalyze your strategies and make the tactical changes necessary to optimize your marketing agency’s success. As you plan for 2022, you will want to take into account that business consulting firms are increasingly taking on roles traditionally played by marketing agencies. Whether […]

Photo of Mark Hunter and How To Improve Your Sales, Understand Your Tools and Hire Salespeople.

PODCAST: How To Improve Your Sales, Understand Your Tools and Hire Salespeople with Mark Hunter

By Itamar Shafir on Dec 31, 2021

Following is the transcript (and podcast links) for  Episode 32 of the Marketing Umbrella Podcast, our CEO Itamar Shafir interviews Mark Hunter, recognized as a Top 50 Most Influential Sales and Marketing Leader. Mark is known for challenging people and the sales myths they cling to. His message is not for the timid; it’s for […]

marketer climbing steps to success

Expand Your Marketing Agency without the Headaches with White Label Digital Marketing

By on Dec 29, 2021

Do you ever feel like you are juggling a hundred balls all while walking a tight rope coated in olive oil while someone sets the end of the rope on fire? That’s the figurative experience of a lot of marketing agency owners. White label digital marketing may be the answer. The thing is, when you […]

Daniel Levis: Video Questionnaire Funnels That Get Insane Results

PODCAST: Video Questionnaire Funnels That Get Insane Results With Daniel Levis

By on Dec 23, 2021

Marketing agencies! You do NOT want to miss the insanely innovative and effective advice on building sales funnels that produce in Episode 31 of The Marketing Umbrella Podcast! Daniel Levis has created unique systems to create an inbound sales funnel that can positively alter a business! Daniel’s brilliant marketing strategies and copywriting services help both […]

white label financing options discussion

Securing Financing for Small Businesses Just Got Easier. Here’s How!

By on Dec 20, 2021

Financial hurdles are one of the very top reasons for business failures. 20% of small businesses close shop within the first year. 50% of businesses fail after five years, most of them due to problems with raising capital and cash flow. A lack of financing can be disastrous for your clients’ businesses, but obtaining proper […]

image of Tal Revivo and "How Any Business, Micro To Massive, Can Optimize Their Conversion Rate"

PODCAST: How Any Business, Micro To Massive, Can Optimize Their Conversion Rate. Guest Tal Revivo

By Itamir Shafir on Dec 18, 2021

If there’s anything we all want as marketers, it’s to optimize our clients’ conversion rates. On The Marketing Umbrella,  Umbrella CEO Itamar Shafir sat down with Tal Revivo, the founder of to discuss how businesses of all sizes can better convert visitors into customers. Tal is an entrepreneur, business consultant and designer. His company, […]

Photo of Adil Amarsi and words Guest Expert

The Secrets to Writing High-Converting Copy from a  9 Figure Copywriting Master…and the 3 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid

By Adil Amarsi on Dec 14, 2021

Umbrella is proud to welcome guest expert Adil Amarsi to share his sought- after advice on writing copy that converts. Adil Adil Amarsi is a copywriter, business consultant and podcaster who generated over $821 Million for his clients. Adil wrote over 14,000 marketing campaigns in more than 400 niches.  _____________________________________________________________________________ During my nearly 20-year run as a copywriter, 14 as a highly sought […]