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The Best Channels for Interactive Content Such as Quizzes and Polls

By Umbrella Staff on May 31, 2024

Recently, we published an article discussing the importance of engaging customers using interactive content such as quizzes and polls. Quizzes and polls can engage users, gather valuable insights, and foster deeper connections with your marketing agency’s clients’ audiences. For marketing agencies, leveraging these tools effectively across various channels can significantly enhance their clients’ reach and impact.

In a recent survey, marketers rated the effectiveness of interactive content at 93% and compared to a rating of only 70% for static content.

But what are the best channels for interactive content and how do you implement quizzes and polls into your marketing? Let’s take a look at some of the primary channels.

1. Your Client’s Website

Your client’s website is their digital storefront, making it one of the best channels for interactive content. Quizzes and polls can enhance user experience, increase time spent on the site, and help you gather insights directly from your client’s audience. In a recent survey, marketers said that landing pages top the list at 64% for where they use interactive content.

How to Implement on Your Client’s Website

  • Home Page: Introduce an engaging quiz or poll related to your client’s primary product or service to capture visitors’ attention immediately.
  • Landing Pages: Use interactive content on landing pages to increase engagement and conversions. For instance, using a quiz to determine the best product fit based on user preferences can lead to higher sales.
  • Blog Posts: Integrate quizzes and polls within blog posts to make the content more engaging. For example, a blog about fitness can include a quiz on determining one’s fitness level.

Best Practices for Website Implementation

  • Ensure the interactive content is relevant to the page’s main topic.
  • Keep the quiz or poll concise and visually appealing.
  • Use clear calls-to-action (CTAs) to guide users to the next step you want them to take such as reading more content or making a purchase.

2. Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are inherently interactive and offer a vast audience base, making them another one of the best channels for interactive content. Quizzes and polls on social media can boost engagement, encourage sharing and increase brand visibility. In fact, the most shared quiz published during the last five years has generated 5.5 million social interactions, almost all of them from Facebook.

How to Implement on Social Media

  • Facebook: Use Facebook’s native polling feature make it easy to ask questions that spark discussions. Share quizzes with engaging headlines and visuals to capture attention in users’ feeds.
  • Instagram: Use Instagram Stories to create quick polls or quizzes. The interactive stickers make it easy for users to participate, and the temporary nature of Stories can create a sense of urgency.
  • LinkedIn: For B2B audiences, LinkedIn polls can provide valuable insights and foster professional discussions. Use them to gather feedback on industry trends or to understand professional challenges.

Best Practices for Social Media Implementation

  • Keep the questions simple and relevant to your audience.
  • Use eye-catching visuals and short, concise copy to encourage participation.
  • Analyze the results and engage with users by responding to comments and sharing the outcomes.

3. Email Campaigns

Email remains one of the most effective channels for direct communication with your audience and one of the best channels for interactive content. Incorporating interactive content like quizzes and surveys in emails can increase open and click-through rates by 73% and provide personalized experiences.

How to Implement in Email Campaigns

Here’s a few examples of how you can implement quizzes and polls in email campaigns.

  • Welcome Emails: Include a short quiz in your welcome email to understand new subscribers’ preferences and tailor future content accordingly.
  • Newsletter: Add a monthly poll or survey to your newsletter to keep your audience engaged and gather continuous feedback.
  • Promotional Emails: Use quizzes to help users find the best products or services based on their needs, driving more informed purchasing decisions.

Best Practices for Email Campaigns

  • Ensure the interactive content is mobile-friendly, because 85% of users access their email on a mobile device.
  • Keep it short and easy-to-complete within the email itself. The longer you make it, the more your responses will fall off.
  • Use the data collected to segment your audience and personalize future communications.

4. Online Advertising

Interactive ads stand out in a crowded digital landscape, offering a unique way to capture users’ attention and encourage engagement.

How to Implement in Online Advertising

  • Display Ads: Create interactive display ads with embedded quizzes or polls to engage users directly within the ad space.
  • Social Media Ads: Use interactive content in sponsored posts or ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to drive higher engagement rates.
  • Video Ads: Incorporate interactive elements such as clickable surveys or polls within video ads on platforms like YouTube.

Best Practices for Online Advertising

  • Ensure the interactive elements are seamlessly integrated and do not disrupt the user experience.
  • Use compelling visuals and concise copy to draw users in.
  • Offer incentives for participation such as discounts or free resources to increase engagement.

5. Webinars and Online Events

Webinars and online events give you a captive audience, making them ideal as some of the best channels for interactive content to enhance engagement and provide real-time feedback.

How to Implement at Webinars and Online Events

  • Pre-Event Polls: Use pre-event polls to understand attendees’ interests and tailor the content to their needs.
  • Live Polls: Conduct live polls during the event to gather opinions and make the session more interactive.
  • Post-Event Polls: Collect feedback to improve future events and understand the value delivered to attendees.

Best Practices for Webinars and Online Events

  • Keep the interactive elements relevant to the event’s topic.
  • Share the results of live polls in real-time to foster engagement.
  • Use the feedback collected to improve future events and content offerings.

6. Customer Support Channels

Interactive content in customer support channels can help gather feedback, resolve issues more efficiently and improve overall customer satisfaction.

How to Implement in Customer Support Channels

  • Chatbots: Integrate quizzes or polls within chatbot interactions to gather customer feedback or guide users to the right resources.
  • Post-Interaction Polls: After a customer support interaction, use surveys to collect feedback on the service provided.
  • Help Centers: Include interactive guides or decision trees to help users find solutions quickly.

Best Practices in Customer Support Channels

  • Ensure the interactive content is easy to use and accessible.
  • Use the feedback collected to enhance your customer support processes.
  • Keep the questions focused on the user’s experience to gather actionable insights.

Are You Using the Best Channels for Interactive Content?

Interactive content such as quizzes, and polls can significantly improve engagement and provide valuable insights when used effectively across various channels. For marketing agencies, understanding where and how to deploy these tools is crucial to maximizing their clients’ reach and impact.

If you would like a free consultation about using white label marketing services to implement quizzes and polls in your clients’ channels, schedule a free consultation with Umbrella experts by heading to our website or calling (866) 760-2638.


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