White Label Facebook Advertising that Delivers Guaranteed Results for Your Clients

Let a Facebook Award Winner handle your clients’ Facebook marketing

    Facebook Advertising provides top ROI
    for Service Providers and Retailers

    Service Providers

    Leads and Sales Generation: It allows you to reach out to your client’s in-market and relevant customers to generate leads and sales.

    Retailers and Ecommerce

    Reach target audience: It enables you to reach your client’s target audience close to their location(s) that quickly responds to promotional offers, generates walk-ins, or builds an eCom store’s sales advertising funnel.

    White label facebook advertising

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    Why Choose Facebook Advertising?

    There are hundreds of Facebook targeting parameters enabling you to target your client’s particular audience from the 2.2 billion Facebook users. It offers the top-notch advertising solution available in the market by far.

    Facebook Advertising offers a perfect marketing tool for local business awareness, online visits, marketing campaigns, eCommerce sales campaigns, and definitely leads generation. We can build brilliant Facebook Lead Ads or a dedicated funnel for your client.

    White label facebook advertising

    Work with a Facebook Innovation Award Winner

    Umbrella is a Facebook Innovation Award winner running Facebook advertising campaigns for more than 5000 small businesses every month. This makes us optimistic that we can bring the results for your client!

    Resell facebook advertising

    100% Done for Your Client from A-Z

    Our Umbrella marketing experts handle all stages of your client’s Facebook marketing campaign on your behalf.

    • Ad creating, designing, and copywriting
    • Setting up campaign and deployment
    • Optimization of an ongoing campaign
    • Reporting with live view dashboard and regular reports

    Frequently Asked Question

    We are exceptionally good at what we do

    With 5,000 monthly small business campaigns and a Facebook Award under our belt, we know exactly how to get you results.


    Howard Pearl

    Howard Pearl

    I was floundering with my internet marketing programs. There are many scams and undelivered promises out there. When I found Umbrella, a light bulb went off in my head. The programs made sense, they were easy to follow, and the training and support showed me that they cared about my success. This is a full-throated recommendation if you want to change your life.


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