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    Make Your Clients' Businesses Grow Using Fulfillment Services from Umbrella:
    Excellent Marketing Solutions 100% Done for You (DFY) at a 50% to 80% profit margin for your agency

    Umbrella provides everything your clients need including:

    • Pay Per Result SEO
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Google Advertising
    • Site Conversions
    • Email Marketing
    • Website Creation and Online Presence
    • Client Communication
    • Reputation Management and Retention
    • eCommerce
    • Accessibility
    Pay Per Result SEO by Umbrella

    Pay Per Result SEO

    Imagine saying to a client, “We’ll get your business on the first Google page for the relevant search terms you select or you don’t pay us anything!’

    With our 16 years of hands-on SEO experience and the use of innovative technology, we empower our agency clients to provide world-class Pay Per Result top-notch SEO service. We do the work for your customers while you make 60% to 80% margins. Within just 90 days, we rank 90% of our clients. We only use effective, professional 100% white-hat SEO techniques.

    We are so good at doing what we do that we provide a guarantee for it!

    White label Facebook Advertising by Umbrella

    Facebook Advertising

    Facebook is one of the world’s best advertising platforms, maybe second only to Google.

    Umbrella enables you to provide your clients with  Facebook advertising campaigns for nearly any budget. You keep 40% of the budget that you sell. This means if you sell a $1,000 Facebook campaign to your client, you keep $400.

    Umbrella is a Facebook award-winning fulfillment vendor that runs Facebook campaigns for more than 5,000 small businesses every month!

    Start selling Facebook advertising services today.

    Pay Per Revenue Marketing

    Imagine saying to a client, “We’ll advertise your business for free on prominent websites, and when we generate a sale, you pay us only a small commission.”

    We can easily track offline sales to online promotions by using the potent technology Cardlinx. By using our network of 100 million users, we can provide Pay Per Revenue service to your client without any cost to your agency.

    Start providing your clients with advertising services, and keep your cut on each sale you make!

    Conversational texting by Umbrella

    Conversational Texting

    Consumers want to communicate with businesses through texting. 50% of customers try to respond to a missed call from any company with a text. The businesses that send texts to customers enjoy a 95% open rate (much more than any other advertising channel).

    However, a landline is the main phone line of many businesses. They may find it daunting to think of replacing their landline or managing texting through their mobile devices.

    But what if your client could have a text-enabled landline in only 24 hours? We can help you transform your client’s regular landline into a conversational texting platform. This is a must for all service businesses. It boosts conversions of in-bound calls when communicating with existing customers. Plus, it provides marketing agencies with a source of recurring and ongoing income which increases over time.

    Google Advertising

    Undoubtedly, Google is the largest advertising network in the world. Google Ads satisfy the demands of people when they are searching for something online. Google advertising can generate high-quality visitors with high-intent for your clients’ businesses.

    By using Umbrella service, you can sell all kinds of Google advertising campaigns to your clients including Service Ads, Pay-Per-Click, Google Shopping, etc.

    Let the pros do your clients’ Google advertising while you focus on developing your business.

    Winning Websites

    Websites are critically important for any business. Marketing agencies can sell website development at high margins.

    Umbrella has developed thousands of beautiful websites on all types of platforms (WordPress, Mono Solutions, Wix, etc.) and eCommerce websites (Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.).

    We also offer the best prices For example, Umbrella charges agencies only around $150 to $200 to build a three to five page business site for an agency’s client. That includes design, development and content. The agency can then sell it for more than $1,000.

    Start selling websites we build and grow your business.

    Email Marketing

    Email your client a list of records with 150M opt-ins and 700 targeting parameters. For instance, if your client owns a car dealership, allow your client to target all those car owners who have specific car models of a particular year and reside in a specific radius surrounding their car dealership office.

    We do the email design, delivery and reporting for your client on your behalf. You only need to tell us the budget and who your client is targeting.

    Depending on the volume of emails, our wholesale prices are between $9 and $13 CPM.

    Review Generation & Reputation Management

    Reviews are the most important parameter customers use to decide whether to purchase a product or engage with a business. Irrespective of size and niche, every company should be concerned with attracting top-ranking reviews.

    At Umbrella, we empower our clients to provide their customers with a cutting-edge review generation solution. It enables the generation of automated requests for reviews, integration with any kind of CRM, team review management, submission of reviews on all review sites, and scoring. When your agency resells this service, it can make more than a 50% margin on recurring monthly fees.

    AI Chatbots

    Before sending traffic to a client’s website or Facebook page, you should develop a conversion funnel that will convert visitors into leads and sales.

    Umbrella’s AI Chatbots enable you to provide your clients with a 24/7 live sales representative and customer support. They have natural language processing (NLP) and integrate seamlessly with any system.  You can give your clients a guarantee to increase conversion by 2 to 4 times in just the first 30 days, or they don’t have to pay!

    Business & Voice
    Search Listings

    Most businesses get 2 to 5 times more views on Yelp, Google My Business Card and other online listings than on their websites. Since people are using voice search more and more, every business should have listings on some voice-searchable services such as Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and Cortana.

    Umbrella provides its clients with the opportunity to sell world-class business listing solutions to their customers and get a 50% profit margin.

    Website Accessibility

    According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, all US websites must be accessible by the disabled. Smart business people know that accessible websites are effective vehicles for reaching and converting the 15% of Americans who suffer from a motor, hearing or sight disability.

    Umbrella empowers agencies to sell automation and manual website accessibility and remediation services to their customers. Our services can enable your customers to become ADA compliant, increase conversions and make their websites accessible to all.

    Small Business Financing by Umbrella

    Financing Solutions

    Through Umbrella, your agency can provide $500K secured and unsecured financing to your small business clients. They can use it to purchase equipment and inventory, acquire competitors’ assets, hire employees or invest in strategic marketing programs to boost sales.



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