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with a Dedicated Sales Development Representative

Get a Steam of Quality Appointments

You want to grow your business, and you need a constant stream of quality appointments that are specific to what you sell.

With a dedicated Sales Development Representative (SDR) by Umbrella you can accomplish that, without the costs and operations of hiring, training, managing, scripting, spiffing, etc. Umbrella does it all for you.

With Umbrella you benefit from an SDR that is trained and managed by Marketing Agency like you

Fully Managed Sales Pod = Success

Your SDR is part of a Sales Pod in Umbrella that guarantees high performance.

coach appointment setting service by Umbrella

Responsible for SDR’s

QA Manager
Listens to all the calls and
works with the Coach & SDR
to optimize performance.

Responsible for cold-calling business and booking appointments to discuss your services.


Who are the SDRs?

  • Native English Speakers
  • Lived in the US, usually US born. Knows American mentality.
  • Nearshore, usually Mexico.
  • Well paid (base + commissions) but still much cheaper than local alternatives.
  • Well trained in our call-center
  • Part of a sales-pod including a Coach and a QA agent.

Our Unique Process and the work we do for you

White label reseller

What’s included in the service?

  • Hiring
  • Training and retraining
  • Scripting (help you craft an enticing message)
  • Fully managed sales Pod with a Coach & QA Manager
  • Salary, bonuses, social DFY (one simple monthly invoice)
  • Dialer + Call Tracking included (no need to worry about software)
  • Prospects Call Data included (we get the list for you)
  • General management and time tracking
  • Appreciation calls (we keep the SDR happy to work with you)
  • Daily & Weekly Reporting

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