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SBO: Something Better

You know how hard it is and how long it takes to get a client on the first page of Google. And if they aren’t in the first few results of the first page, they aren’t going to see much traffic.

But now you can offer your clients Search Box Optimization. It’s faster, more affordable and more reliable than SEO – and sends your client’s customers to an entire page of search results dedicated only to your client.

What Is SBO?

When a user types in a search, Google and Bing offer a string of possibilities to autocomplete the search.

Say someone in the Boston area is looking for a personal injury lawyer, so they type “personal injury lawyer Boston” in the search box.

Google and Bing will list a handful of autocomplete options such as “best personal injury lawyer Boston,” personal injury attorneys Boston reviews” and similar options.

What if your client could be right at the top of that list where their customers could click on them before search results even appear?

Now they can! Check this out.

Your client can appear right at the top of the Google search box. For example, if your client is attorney Michael O. Smith, when people in the Boston area type “personal injury attorney Boston,” the term “personal injury lawyer Boston Michael O. Smith” would be one of the selections that are auto-filled.

Every time!

Every time someone in the Boston area searches for “personal injury attorney Boston”, Michael O. Smith would come up in autosuggest.

There are thousands of personal injury lawyers in Boston. But Michael O. Smith would be the one that comes up in Google and Bing autosuggest thanks to Search Box Optimization.

People think Google is recommending Michael O. Smith, so of course they click.

It gets better…

A Whole Page of Search Results Dedicated to Your Client

Once a user clicks on “personal injury attorney Boston Michael O. Smith” they are taken to an entire page of search results dedicated exclusively to Michael O. Smith results.

Not just one result out of many like on a traditional search results page, but an entire page just filled with information and links to attorney Michael O. Smith.

It’s a veritable billboard, a monopoly of dedicated Michael O. Smith search results!

Massive Market; No Competition!

And now for the crowning touch! Our experts are the only ones in the world who provides this service.

And once your client commits to a keyword, it is theirs exclusively.

That means in the case of our example above, only Michael O. Smith can own the keyword phrase “personal injury lawyer Boston” for search box autocomplete.

We are talking full search box domination.

This is a stunning competitive advantage that any business would want!

A Whole Different Animal from SEO or SEM

Search engine optimization through autocompleting searches is entirely different from SEO (organic search results) or SEM (paid search results).

With SEM and SEO, you strive to get on a search results page but must still compete with the many other businesses listed.

With SBO you grab the traffic before a traditional search results page is generated – and send it to a page where every result listed is about your client alone. SBO enables your client to take over the entire page of search results.

Your Prospects Are Endless

Every business, no matter the type or size, wants prospects and clients to find them online. Every business out there wants Google to recommend them.

And if a business is already spending big on SEO or paid search advertising, so much the better. SEO and SEM usually mean

  • Paying thousands every month
  • Waiting 6 months to get results
  • No guarantees

SBO, on the other hand, is cheaper and faster.

Because of the exclusivity of SBO keywords, if a business does not take you up on this offer, one of their competitors will. Do they really want to give up all this traffic to the competition?

The Markup Is a Win / Win

Businesses rarely buy only one keyword. When they see the results, the come back again and again for more.

Even with small local clients, you should be able to make over $1,000 a month for each

For national clients you may easily be looking in excess of $10,000 per client.

And it will still be a killer deal for your clients!

One on One Help to Close the Deal!

Now let’s make it foolproof.

For your initial sales, we will provide a sales expert to help you close the deal. Then once you know the ropes, you can take over sales on your own.

So even if you are a sales novice, this is for you!

Don’t Deprive Your Clients Any Longer!

Our experts are the only ones offering SBO. This is truly an opportunity for your clients to leap ahead of the competition.

Contact us here or call us at (866) 760-2638 to learn more and get started.

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Howard Pearl

Howard Pearl

I was floundering with my Internet marketing programs. There are many scams and undelivered promises out there. When I found Umbrella, a light bulb went off in my head. The programs made sense, they were easy to follow, and the training and support showed me that they cared about my success. This is a full-throated recommendation if you want to change your life.


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