How Chatbots can 4X your clients’ website conversions

By Darren Johnson on Jun 24, 2021

Today, the chatbot is no longer an option. It is becoming a necessary and cost-effective way to communicate with customers. Many people interact with chatbots more than you think.

Around 80% of business has started using chatbots across different platforms. It makes your client’s business more competitive and will meet customer demands.

Why are chatbots so integral? While they can answer your client’s customers’ questions, they are also powerful lead converting tools. With a chatbot available on your client’s website, engaging with potential prospects can lead to more website conversions and sales.

Do you still have doubts about adding a chatbot to the website? Here is how they can improve your client’s website conversions.

What is a Chatbot?

In simple words, chatbots are computer-programmed Ai bots that send and receive text messages either on messenger apps or websites.

It is used for many reasons, such as providing customer service, automating contacting new leads, and many more.

There are two types of chatbots, such as:

  • AI
  • Rules-based

We all know what artificial intelligence is. AI chatbots are the best option for communicating with a human. They are well optimized for natural language, communicating specific needs and solutions with the user.

The second type is a rule-based chatbot. They have pre-programmed questions and answers and can also offer a funnel of options, such as links and buttons your client’s customer can click for more insight. Chatbots for customer service are mostly rule-based chatbots.

How to set up AI-powered chatbots for your client’s websites

To create effective chatbots for websites, you need to plan and manage them accordingly. Yes, it is a time-consuming job as you have to storyboard every possible situation that your client’s customer could be in to provide them with the correct advice they need.

Situations that occur can range from a user before purchasing to a visitor choosing exactly what they want to buy via chat. In the beginning, conversational bots can be a pain, but the boosted effect they can provide after optimization is astonishing.

You can also opt for a white label digital marketing agency; they will create AI-powered chatbots for your client’s website. And it’s a better way to improve their website conversions.

How to use chatbots to increase website conversion?

Personalized customer service

One of the most significant benefits of incorporating a chatbot into your client’s website strategy is the personalized, high-touch customer service that their users will benefit from. Gone are days of contact forms. In today’s world, customers expect a fast response. Fortunately, a chatbot enables your client to reply to customers in real-time with responses that feel humanlike and genuine. Now, customers with a question while browsing the website (whether about service, product, or the business itself) can ask the chatbot directly rather than leave the website when they cannot find what they are looking for. Chatbots’ customer service is an excellent way to deal with customers in this digital age.


Chatbots aren’t only good at offering customer service experiences; they can be used as fantastic information-gathering tools. Each conversation allows your clients to build up a repository of real customer data. And the best thing is, it runs in the background while your client focuses on other tasks.

Plus, every time your client gathers information about what their customer is looking for on their website, they can better foresee the customer needs, allowing your client to cater both their chatbot and overall website experience based on these findings. With a chatbot running on your client’s website while their sales team focuses on highly touching leads, their business can gather a much larger volume of customer data with less effort.

24/7 Salesperson

Could you imagine a salesperson that would be willing to work around the clock, responding to interested customers with seconds all over the world? Now you can. Through chatbots, businesses of all sizes can access an affordable 24/7 sales tool with the potential to qualify leads, allowing you to focus on the sales conversations that require most of your client’s employee time.

Chatbots perform like Drift, allowing your business to move conversations with leads along the sales funnel by offering users the option to book a meeting with your sales team member. Through an integration with Google Calendar, it uses AI to provide users with meeting times on your behalf and providing reminders before they are scheduled to take place.

Integration with sales funnel

The most valuable opportunity to increase conversions on a website through a chatbot is to integrate chatbot data with your current sales funnel. Through chatbots, one can determine whether their customers are in the funnel, whether it be the awareness, interest, purchase, decision, or action stage, based on the customers’ questions.

For example, customers in the interest stage are likely to be asking general questions about your service or product and can likely be directed to the FAQs or blog section of the website.

There are so many options of chatbots for websites that let you integrate chatbot data with your current sales funnel.

Improved social listening

All businesses should implement the strategy of social listening. It is scanning the web for product and business mentions. If you use chatbots for your client on various platforms, they make the social listening process much easier.

You can scan those platforms for customer interactions. See what question they ask your chatbots and the conversation that takes place. You will know how prospects discover your client’s brand and what brought them to that particular platform.

Chatbots makes sales steps shorter

One major reason customers leave a shopping cart is that the steps to complete an order are pretty long. A recent study shows that 23% of customers will abandon their shopping cart because they create a new user account. The creation of a new user account takes a lot of customer’s time. They’ll need to fill a long-form, go to their email and click to verify that email. If your client’s customers find out that there is something that can make the process shorter and even more interesting, they will appreciate it.

Now that you know how chatbots can improve your website conversions, you may be wondering what’s next? Although the benefit of running a chatbot is undeniable, it is not as easy as it seems to launch on your client’s website. Determining which chatbot is right for their business and getting it up and running can take your valuable time, which is where our team comes in.

At Umbrella, we are a team of marketing experts. We will support you throughout determining which chatbot is best for your client to the actual launch of the bot on their website.

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