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E-commerce v/s Digital Marketing? Which business to open in 2021?

By Darren Johnson on Feb 25, 2021

With the whole world migrating online, businesses are becoming more competitive with each passing day. Hence, it is becoming difficult to distinguish between diverse verticals of the digital world.

Take the case of E-commerce v/s Digital Marketing.

Both have become the talk of the hour by making their powerful mark in the digital space, but the difference between the two may seem confusing. Cutting down all the misleading data going around the web, let me give you my take on the two verticals that are not mutually exclusive.

Ecommerce makes it possible for people to start a business from home where customers can walk through their virtual stores. However, in order to promote and grow an e-commerce business, budding startups are inclining towards building a marketing agency or tapping into white label digital marketing services for their marketing needs.


Walking back to the childhood reel of life, when the idea of shopping seemed like a difficult house chore, where people had to go to an actual store, and the struggle to grab that limited stock of favorite product available at 50% discount was beyond words.

Few years down the line, advancements in technology gave birth to e-commerce and the avid struggle of go-to-store shopping transformed into a glorious and comfortable shopping experience.

Everything you purchase through your electronic devices through any electronic communication resides under the umbrella of e-commerce. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, it is super convenient where shopping is a matter of a few clicks, and you get your orders delivered to your doorstep.

Digital Marketing

Do you really think that e-commerce can survive without the magic dust of digital marketing?
Do you think you can start a business from home without attaching the thread of digital marketing?

Well, you may start a business, but to breathe life into that business and get customers to trust your brand, you must tap into digital marketing.

Both are complementary processes, so where lies the distinction?

Digital marketing is a subset of marketing with a phenomenal power to drive target consumers towards a brand. A digital marketing channel allows you to reach a massive audience to market products and services without leaving the comfort of your home. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing allows you to do a lot with little resources in hand, offering you a great bang for your buck.

Why is digital marketing essential for an e-commerce business?

Let’s assume that you have a technically sound and aesthetically pleasing e-commerce website, but you brought only a few customers to your website in a month. Would that make you good stacks of cash? Clearly, no!

It’s important to keep the balance between the two. While digital marketing directs the flow of customers to your brand, e-commerce gives a platform to sell your products. Hence, you can only save your life by selling goods if you build a marketing agency or partner with a white label agency for your brand promotion.

E-commerce business faces multiple challenges, one of which is unpredictable customer choices. With gazillion products and services hanging in the digital space, customers get easily distracted and switch to another alluring and cost-effective brand. This is where digital marketing takes the lead to promote brand value to retain customers and create huge revenue.

Why must small businesses avail digital marketing services?

When you start a business from home, you tend to rely on traditional brand advertising to fetch your first lot of buyers through the door. This strategy may seem convenient, but it may introduce a trickle of business. Therefore, small businesses must step into the vast online market and implement digital marketing strategies to go beyond competition.

Your potential customers are already looking for you online

With digital trends sweeping every corner, customers are becoming more active and intuitive. If someone is looking for a business like yours, they will be more curious about your social media presence. Having a good digital image allows you to build your brand identity and retain customers.

Your competitors have an established web presence

With a 24*7 online presence, your competitors are already winning the race regardless of whether you have better products or services to offer. Once you land online, your customers will compare you against each other. To move ahead of the competition, opt for a one-stop solution, white label digital marketing services to outsource your marketing operations.

You get to understand the dynamic demands of your target audience

Small businesses with a limited budget often try to guess their customer’s preferences. But digital marketing allows you to build customer relationships over digital space where you can understand your customer pain points and offer them solutions based on survey responses, comments, or a direct conversation.

Are you still postponing the idea of opening a digital marketing business?

No matter what the industry is, e-commerce business has its limitations. Counting from huge technological costs to lack of security and privacy, multiple factors limit the growth of e-commerce. Without the plinth of digital marketing, an e-commerce business can only reach a certain number of customers. But if you have a smart digital marketing plan, your business can go beyond a certain number and reach new peaks in the era of digitization.


Unlike traditional media marketing, building a marketing agency is pretty economical and effective. You can optimize your advertising budget, and branding cost-effectively can help you earn a worthy return on investment.

Improved Brand Reach

If you intend to expand your business beyond geographical boundaries, you must access techniques like search engine marketing, strong keywords, blogs, surveys, or reviews to open new doors to customers.

Respond to current trends

When you publish rich quality content based on current industry trends and address the concerns of the target audience promptly, you will enhance the loyalty of your brand and establish your brand image.

Monitor your digital campaigns

White label digital marketing services not only provide you with valuable data for your digital campaign but also keep tabs on them. Partnering with white label agencies allows you to get a clear understanding of your customer demands and effective marketing strategies for your ad campaigns.


Wrapping Up

Working in the digitalized world assures a fast-paced environment where something unseen is just beyond the horizon. So your brand must be flexible to adapt to these changes. E-commerce business has marketing tools at its beck and call, but implementing the right digital marketing strategies can only make your product and services hit the marketplace. So we can say the use of digital marketing begins from where the foundation of e-commerce business is laid.

If you are a small business owner or a corporation, you should sow the seed of building a marketing agency in your mind. If that seems daunting, you can always access a smart and cost-effective business practice of white label digital marketing services that allow you to stick to your core business operations by addressing your marketing concerns and yielding higher conversion rates and revenues.


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