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Five things you should consider before starting a digital marketing agency

By Tom Earnest on Feb 25, 2021

If someone has dreamt of being an entrepreneur some 15-20 years back, the technology scope was very restricted, and the barrier was massive. But now, with countless advancements in the booming field of digital marketing, it is needless to say that any skilled individual or team can build an agency from the ground up.

So when you are positive about taking the plunge in the digital space, you must also study the ins and outs of running a digital agency, as it is going to be an exhaustive yet rewarding experience. The head start of operating a digital marketing agency is that you don’t require a physical business presence, working remotely can get all things done. However, many agencies aim to do everything on their own, which hits in the long run.

The reason being the lack of budget to hire freelancers or the lack of thought put towards outsourcing few business elements to a white label agency. The industrial giants we know today, Google and Alibaba, also use white label digital marketing services to take their business beyond the competition. As an agency, it’s challenging for you to scale a business by being invested in different variables. The alternative and one-stop solution is white labeling digital marketing service that not only reduces your internal overhead drained managing services but also drops a significant potential profit margin. Before we enter into the technical jargon of white labeling, let’s first take you through five things that you must consider before launching your digital marketing agency.


  1. Brand Niche

The basic idea behind running a business is to play to one’s strengths. Define your niche and business strategy according to your best assets. You may think you might go ‘too’ niche and miss on clients, so you should go broad. With an individual or a small team, expanding to diverse areas from the beginning might not be the right call.

But if you are someone with an irresistible urge to give life to exceptional ideas brewing on your creative brain and have to put your foot down due to scarcity of time and resources, or your client keeps demanding additional marketing services, I have a cost and time-effective solution for you.
You can go broad with multiple disciplines by outsourcing these extra efforts to a white label agency specialized in your domain.

  1. Branding

We are well versed with the fact that branding plays a crucial role in driving business success. Your brand not only portrays your tale but also lets customers know where you come from and what you can offer. While starting a digital marketing agency, you have gazillion things to focus on, where branding apparently takes a back seat. When you are occupied retaining clients and working for their brand, your brand identity can fall to the wayside.

For this very reason, many budding agencies opt to sign up for white label digital marketing services for their marketing needs so they can primarily focus on their core business functions.

  1. Social Media Presence

The role of social media presence in expanding the customer base is certainly a no-brainer. A solid online presence with well-crafted social posts boosts customer and client engagement. However, tackling SEO for a newbie might seem daunting with keyword research, metadata optimization, link building, campaign management, and other streams to be handled simultaneously.
White label agencies develop strategies based on client requirements and competitor analysis to churn out relevant content that can easily scale up your digital presence.

  1. Web Hosting

A persistent web hosting platform is the basic pre-requisite for a smooth operating website that attracts potential clients and a streamlined source of revenue. However, establishing a web hosting business can be complicated and expensive, hence budding agencies look for white label reseller hosting providing customer-friendly, affordable, and reliable hosting packages.

White label hosting handles all the technical requirements and permits you to offer hosting under your own brand name.

  1. Budget and Resources

Before your digital marketing agency takes off, it is a smart idea to assign a fixed budget to your business model. When you start allocating an adequate budget to several tactics, make sure to plan all the marketing strategies in mind.

With large digital agencies, assigning different core teams to handle diverse niches is no biggie. However, most of the startup agencies struggle with budget limitations and lack of resources.

With white label digital marketing services, you can mitigate your budget constraints as you won’t need to invest endless hours and money in employing new services or recruiting and training new resources.


Why should you opt for white label marketing?


  • You can offer other company’s products and services to your customers rebranded under your name.
  • Working with a qualified team of experts with ready-made solutions help you save on labour and overhead costs
  • If you lack the expertise and experience in marketing, tapping into white label digital marketing services helps you offer the best to your clients.
  • When you provide 360-degree web solutions to your clients, you make a profitable revenue source.


The multi-faceted digital media world incorporates dozens of diverse areas, so gaining a marketing degree doesn’t guarantee a right shot at the cornerstone of the business, sales. Understanding business connectivity, no matter large or small, can garner lifetime customer value and higher conversions.

To stand out of the digital marketing crowd, you must make sure you are not losing your identity. White label agencies assist you in making your name by working under the wraps.

Whether you are unable to meet your marketing goals or your customer base is stagnant, or your services or products are outdated, or have budget constraints, tapping into a smart and cost-effective business practice of white label reselling can help you get back on the feet.


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