How to effectively sell Facebook advertising services to local businesses at scale

By Tom Earnest on Jun 8, 2021

Facebook has 1.56 billion daily active users. So, imagine the social influence you can achieve through advertising on it.

You sell Facebook advertising services. That may include managing content, placing ads on Facebook, or both. There is no doubt that you’re an expert in Facebook, but your sales process may be disorganized. It may be a bit uncertain. Or, you may not have a strategy at all.

So, how should you sell your Facebook advertising services? First, you should know the experience level of your potential client. Second, set your pricing according to the problem your client is facing. Third, develop a sales process that helps your prospective client to make the decision confidently and quickly. But if it isn’t your area of interest, then you can resell these Facebook advertising services.

This article will give you a streamlined baseline on how you can sell Facebook advertising services to local businesses effectively. So, let’s get started.

How do I sell Facebook advertising services?

Let’s start from the beginning. What can be the most effective sales strategy for Facebook advertising services? How should you be thinking as a digital marketing agency?

Now, there are significant points here.

  1. The point is to remember that the local business that buys your Facebook advertising services is run by a person. That person could be of any gender, age, or social status. It’s a person trying to make a buying decision. And any information you offer is purely designed to help this person make that buying decision as confidently and quickly as possible.
  2. The second important point is to remember that your best client is already doing digital marketing. This means some online presence exists, but they are trying to optimize that online presence.

So, think about that for a moment, your best client may be:

  • In the content business, like the New York Times, making thousands of dollars on storing thousands of articles on their website daily.
  • In the e-commerce business, like Adidas, selling thousands of skews every day.
  • Running a software business, offering different kinds of apps and software tools.
  • Running a membership site, with most of their interaction with clients, with most of their offering, behind a paywall.

It is not certain that your best client, a local business, will only operate in these models. They may operate in one of these models or some hybrid of these models. But the real point is that your client already has an online presence. They only want you to help them better optimize to get more value from that presence. And if you don’t know how to do that or don’t have skilled individuals in your team. So, instead of hiring new ones, choose a leading white-label Facebook advertising agency that will build Facebook lead ads or a dedicated funnel for your client.

Know what local businesses need

What do these local businesses need? What might they be looking to buy? Let’s put them in three categories and discuss them here:

  1. Beginner: Your beginning client will already have an existing client base but may have a zero presence on Facebook. Or maybe they’ve created a Facebook page but have not migrated any marketing into it. They will be ready to “put ourselves out there.” They will want to use Facebook to push their physical location, normal community, and established organic opportunities.

For them, a Facebook presence means expanded reach. The beginning client is aware that they don’t have what they need, and they are willing to make the initial investment. It will become your job to quantify what that core investment needs to be and what they can expect from that initial investment of energy, time, and money.

  1. Intermediate: The intermediate client has most likely made the initial investment, but their Facebook presence needs improvement. They have done some Facebook marketing, and it works a little, but not as well as it should. They have set up some things, but they are most probably broken and need to be fixed.

They need someone to look at their Facebook page, look at the marketing setup, and fix what’s breaking, so it happens more efficiently and is more dependable.

  1. Advanced: The advanced client will look for speed. They already have their own marketing setup. It works, and they also know it works, but now they want it to be faster. And they also have placed metrics to measure that speed. So, they start using terms like ROI or ROAS.

They feel comfortable spending money, and they know they have to make a significant amount of investment, but there is a way they measure the investment when it comes back. So, you have to be willing to look at their situation, improve and measure the return.

What should my Facebook advertising sales process look like?

If you are looking for a step-by-step process to sell your Facebook advertising services, what might that look like? Well, the process begins by identifying the right people. You make contact from there, and then that contact leads to conversation, and finally, that conversation becomes a closed sale. This is how the process works.

Let’s discuss those steps in detail:

  1. Identification: once you identify people in the marketplace you can serve, the next step is to look for the problems you can solve. You are looking for local businesses with an existing web presence that is not 100% where they should be. They will probably need a Facebook site, or their Facebook ads are not what they could be. There is something about their scenario that reflects a problem to you.
  2. Contact: So, when you reach out to local businesses to make contact, the offer you are making here offers a conversation. Your client needs a better social media presence, and you are asking, “Hey, would you like to talk about it?” That’s all you are trying to get done. You are not trying to sell in this contact. You are just trying to see if a conversion makes sense.
  3. Conversation: When you talk to the client, you’re confirming that the social media issue you think exists actually exists. If your claim is right, only then you move forward. If not, then you should understand the scenario so you can propose the next course of action. This conversation is all about confirming, not forcing their hand to move forward as a client.
  4. Sale: When they decide to become clients when they decide to close, the work begins immediately. You shouldn’t introduce any other bureaucracy. Just start solving the problem you found in the first place.

The first mistake that most businesses make is trying to force clients down this chain of events. They become so focused on making their sale, hitting their numbers, getting that closed deal that they don’t leave enough space for the person on the other side to move down this process with them.

Yes, this process is a little bit hectic, but you can opt for a white label Facebook advertising agency. They offer the top-notch advertising solution available in the market by far.


If you are not sure what will work for your client’s business, try testing different programs and targeting techniques. And at the end review your results to see what is resonating most with your client’s target audience.

You can also opt for the services of a trusted partner and resell Facebook advertising services. Umbrella’s marketing experts can handle all stages of your client’s Facebook marketing campaign, including ad creation, designing, setting up campaign and deployment, optimizing an ongoing campaign, and reporting with live view dashboard and regular reports.

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