How to sell digital marketing services to local businesses at scale?

White label digital marketing services

By Lee Claudette on Apr 14, 2021

Every small business owner works on a common goal – build a brand that draws masses on the landing page and converts them to lifetime customers, but most of them prefer to stick to traditional marketing channels until they are familiar with the ins and outs of business and online marketing. 

Business owners are well aware of the fact that establishing a brand footing in the current digital era is no small feat. However, most digital marketers face challenges in convincing small business owners to drop poor sales approaches and invest in digital marketing services.

With digital marketing services, small businesses can successfully establish a mutually beneficial relationship with the target customers in their respective niche. But managing a plethora of digital marketing tools can turn into a real chore for business owners. A white label digital marketing agency can make their life simpler by working behind the scenes and expanding their sales and profit.


There is no denying – Digital solutions are hard to sell. The question is how to sell digital marketing services to small business owners with a small budget and skeptical minds.


Before we talk about the cold truth, let’s first take a note of the challenges faced by digital marketers in selling digital solutions.


  • Quality digital solutions are priced too high.
  • The digital gross margin is very low.
  • It’s difficult to combat competitors who undercut your prices and offer similar digital solutions.
  • A single digital tools package cannot accommodate the diverse needs of clients.
  • Integrating digital solutions into an existing system is an arduous and time-consuming procedure.


Before we begin to pitch the idea of investing in digital marketing services to prospective clients, it is vital to address the above challenges and create a road map that works to push the clients down the shopping funnel.



Understand your client’s needs


What separates the best white label digital marketing agency from the regular ones is how it focuses on unfolding the needs of clients. Small business owners tend to keep them concealed to avoid constant pitching of digital marketers to sell services they do not require.


A novice business owner may want to put a digital foot while an intermediate or advanced client may be looking for solutions to attain positive ROI. In order to set your sales process apart from the endless spams, have a personal face-to-face conversation with the prospective client to understand their business and marketing requirements.

Sell the solution, not the product


To develop a transparent and trustworthy relationship with the client, digital marketers must step out of the basic buyer-seller mentality. Emphasizing only on selling products and services can be off-putting to prospective clients.


To help your client acquire more customers through digital marketing, you must have a clear understanding of what has failed for them in the past and what they are trying to fix. Once you have received answers to all your questions, you can pitch the digital solutions your agency can offer that suit their long-term goals.

Small business owners can tap into white label digital marketing services to find digital solutions that accelerate their business growth.



Demonstrate your design

For a white label digital marketing agency to be successful at selling digital marketing services, it is not enough to just explain the process that may help clients achieve their business goals.  Demonstrating a possible design that ensures a steady flow of business enhances the credibility of an agency. 


63% of marketers say that their biggest challenge is driving traffic and generating leads. Most small business owners do not care about managing and assessing every step of the marketing process. However, showing them a marketing model that generates leads and positive ROI ensures result delivery before making a financial commitment.


Hard Selling and Soft Selling


Hard Selling is a direct approach where the goal of the marketer is to close deals as quickly as possible. It often gets negative remarks as the sales representative dives straight into the business.


Soft Selling is an indirect approach where the marketer nurtures the client base, cultivates trust, and persuades them to purchase a product or service. Unlike aggressive hard-selling, soft-selling gives your prospective client enough space and time to make a buying decision. And even if it doesn’t close a deal, you will add value for a prospect, which will help you build more rapport with your clients.



Cost and Profits


Most white label digital marketing agencies find determining the right pricing model for offered products or services the trickiest part of a business, as it is always challenging to compete against a new agency in the market that offers digital solutions at low cost.


To remain competitive and not selling everything for free, it is advised to offer rewards and incentives to your clients regularly. If you want to scale up the price of your services, you have got to be willing to take on more complex projects and larger scope.



As a digital marketer, you can take your clients to their exact destination by offering them white label digital marketing services. Your digital solutions should be designed exactly the way your prospective client needs. The tricky part is to persuade your prospect to make a buying decision. And it is equally vital to navigate the client through your digital services catalogue professionally so that they willingly move down the purchasing funnel. The convenient and affordable you make digital marketing for your client, the faster they buy your services.




Have trouble selling digital marketing services? Read now to learn how opting for white label digital marketing services can ease the selling process in five steps.

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