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The go-to guide for improving your client’s online reputation in 2021

White label digital marketing services

By Marcey Sperling on Mar 26, 2021

In today’s digital landscape, every customer’s journey begins and ends on the internet, which makes it extremely critical for businesses to interpret the inflows and outflows of the online reputation management system.


While 75% of consumers find a business with positive reviews reliable, 65% of consumers tend to reject a business with negative reviews. A positive brand image can accelerate business growth, and a negative brand image can act as a deterrent. Let these statistics serve as a primer for strategizing your client’s online reputation.


With plenty of online reputation management tools available in the saturated industry, most business owners usually find it difficult to pick the right tool to protect their hard-earned customer satisfaction. You can offer the right reputation management solutions to your clients by accessing white label reputation management services. The right combination of tools and strategies can reshape the perception of your client’s customers and boost the brand’s credibility.


When it comes to improving the online reputation of your client’s business, we prefer to begin with the basics.


What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management is a key strategy to control your digital shadow so that consumers find favourable information when they search for your business. By reducing the impact of negative reviews, it puts your business in the best possible light. It involves monitoring the popular review sites, generating online reviews, responding to reviews, and managing negative reviews.


Which factors affect the online reputation of businesses?


Active Online Presence

With business websites, social media business pages, and review website accounts, potential customers are likely to engage online with your client’s business. Hence, managing an active online presence is the first step to boost the conversion rates of your client’s business.


Reviews and Ratings

A study reveals that 85% of consumers believe online reviews as much as personal recommendations. When customers are assessing the quality of your client’s services and products from reviews or ratings, it is essential to acknowledge both positive and negative online reviews. With white label review generation services, you can not only control reviews of your client’s customers on portals like Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Amazon but also generate reviews.


Response to Reviews

Responding to positive reviews can help your client build better customer relationships. Besides showing your clients’ customers that their online reviews are valued, you also strengthen your client’s digital standing.

The first step to protect your client’s online image from negative reviews is to address them. It might look like a complicated task, but leaving reviews unanswered can divert your client’s customers. You can rectify the negative impact of poor customer experience by offering a high level of service to them.


Social Media Presence

If you are only focussing on traditional review sites, you are missing a large chunk of socially proactive consumers. Maintaining active social media pages with 24*7 customer support representative can help you interact you’re your client’s customers in real-time and quickly push them down the shopping funnel. Reviews on Facebook page and Twitter interactions can significantly affect the purchasing decisions of your client’s customers.


How to calculate your client’s business’ online reputation score?

Before you take the plunge, it’s crucial to accurately assess your client’s business health and its position in the market. No matter what the web reputation analysis says, it can always be improved with white label reputation management services.

Here are the factors you should consider while evaluating your online reputation.


Average Star Ratings

Average Star Ratings could seem too tiny to matter, but they can impede your client’s business growth. Nearly 50% of customers consider a business with at least a 4-star rating. On a scale of 1 to 5, an average rating close to 5 indicates a solid commitment to customer service, and a low star rating close to 1 signals a problem.


In the view of achieving a comprehensive picture of your client’s online reputation, it’s vital to take your analysis beyond average star ratings and search for their volume, length, spread, and recency.


Volume: The volume of positive and negative reviews is directly proportional to the digital reputation score. The higher volume, the higher the reputation score, the higher the local search rankings. Tap into white label review generation services to deliver valuable results to your client.


Length: A lengthy review gives a detailed demonstration of a customer’s interaction with a brand. When customers invest time into writing a review, it indicates that they care for a brand.


Spread: The higher the number of industry-specific review websites or social media pages a customer use to review your client’s business, the higher the digital reputation score.


Recency: More recent reviews not only drive up the reputation score but also boost search engine rankings.


Search Impressions

Search impressions reveal the number of times consumers view a business in the search index. Businesses fuelled by views and reviews attract more visitors and turn them into loyal customers. The higher the volume of search impressions, the higher the reputation score.


Listing Accuracy

An accurate business listing not only surges the reputation score but also significantly increases your lead volume and revenue. A business listing must include complete details of location, contact number, address, working hours, and other aspects so that prospective customers can conveniently and promptly engage with a brand. The more accurate the business listing, the higher the reputation score.


How to improve your client’s online reputation?


Audit your client’s digital reputation

This is the primary step in the online reputation management procedure. Begin the audit by answering the below-mentioned questions.

  • Who is your client’s target audience, and how will you discover them?
  • In what way your client wants the audience to view the business?
  • Where online does your client wants to promote the business?
  • What details of your client’s business would you reveal to the customers?
  • What actions do you want your client’s customers to take online?
  • What are the search terms used by your client’s customers?


Monitor the search terms that include your client’s industry, brand name, products, services, locations to get insights into the customer requirements. Once you have compiled the terms, begin your search on social media platforms and search engines to learn what customers, employees, and entrepreneurs are saying about the client’s business.


Rebuild your web review management

With 97% of consumers consulting product reviews before making a purchase, the power of positive reviews to amplify the voice of a brand is certainly a no-brainer. However, negative reviews don’t indicate a lost battle. By investing in white label reputation management, you can use them to your client’s advantage.

To find the position of your client’s business on major third-party review websites, consider answering the below questions.


  • Are positive reviews exceeding negative reviews?
  • Are both positive and negative reviews receiving a response?
  • What are the most targeted aspects of negative reviews?
  • How are you helping your client to work on the negative reviews?
  • Where are these reviews published, and when?


You can achieve faster engagement, conversion, and review generation for your client by implementing a chat widget on the business website and mention your client’s contact information on every possible spot.


Use Google Alerts and Google Analytics

Google Alerts is an incredible free-to-use tool to keep tabs on the overall atmosphere of your client’s business. Establishing alerts on industry keywords, branded search terms, positive and negative reviews to immediately, daily, or weekly is a recommended practice.


This tool is of prominence in the case of negative content being posted about your client’s business on social media portals or review websites. Instant notification can help you address the negative feedback and mitigate its impact.


With Google Analytics, you can measure the impact of your client’s web footprint and how the amendments in your client’s digital reputation are affecting website traffic and conversion rates. You can opt for white label reputation management to redefine the whole picture of your client’s business.


Earn positive media coverage for your client

When it comes to a brand’s online reputation, it is needless to emphasize the significance of content development strategy. When you create unique and reliable content for your client, you not only boost brand recognition but you also go ahead of the competitive curve with increased website traffic and conversion rates.


To land your client’s business flag on multiple digital locations, including high-domain authority sites, tap into guest blogging, content contribution, and link-building campaigns. Besides acquiring high search rankings, you are likely to put your client’s business in front of prospective customers and business partners.


Why choose Umbrella for your client’s Online Reputation Management?

Your client might be entering the world of online reputation management but building a five–star online reputation is no easy feat. However, you don’t need to walk an extra mile to solidify your client’s web presence. You can simply access white label review generation services and earn the most valuable asset, a positive reputation.


With Umbrella, you can provide tangible results for your client’s business who require online reputation management. We will equip you with the right techniques and tools to take control of your clients’ online footprints and allow them to put their best foot forward.

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