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Website Design Trends for 2024

By Deborah Kurfiss, Umbrella Communications & Content Director on Dec 29, 2023

As we head into the New Year, let’s take a look at the website design trends for 2024. It’s important that your clients don’t just have a website created and forget it. Websites need to be regularly refreshed and what better time than the beginning of the new year?

Website Accessibility

Website accessibility is going to be even more important as one of the website design trends for 2024. This will no longer be just a trend; in 2024, a focus on accessibility will become a fundamental basic of design for business websites.

In order to comply with regulations and laws such as the American with Disabilities Act and to appeal to a broader audience, there will be an increased thrust towards creating websites that are useable by individuals with different types of disabilities such as limited sight and motor disabilities. This should not be surprising since 25.7% of US adults have some type of disability.

Accommodations and designs to make websites more accessible will be multiple as outlined in our previous blog posts, The DOJ Website Accessibility Guidelines: What Marketing Agencies Need to Know. Expect to see website designers using clear, simplified designs, text and colors that are more visible, video captions, keyboard navigation and accessible online forms as a start. Website design trends for 2024 will see what has been custom development in the past become standard. And as accessibility features become more standard, they will also become more cost effective.

One thing to note is that we are already seeing more and more themes using or planning dark mode optimization features for their updates. Dark mode makes the website darker for increased visibility in dimly lit environments. Users can also make adjustments to suit themselves.


There are many reasons that minimalist designs are going to be in the forefront of website design trends for 2024. Minimalist design means no clutter and a lot of white space. These kinds of design can aid in improving the speed of your clients’ website.

  • We all know that user attention spans have decreased. Simple designs help people find what they want more quickly and easily, thus increasing conversions.
  • Simple designs also help in making websites more accessible.
  • Page speed will become a bigger factor in Google’s search rankings in 2024. Google is moving to a new metric, Interaction to Next Paint (INP) to measure website speed. This will become one of the Core Web Vitalsmetrics for Google rankings starting in March 2024.


Though minimalism will be an important trend in 2024, so will attention-grabbing maximalism. Maximalism was a major trend in 2023, and it shows no signs of slowing down for 2024. Maximalism is creative with bold graphics, colors and typefaces. Here are some examples of maximalism.

Creative Typography

Expect to see typography to be increasingly used as a graphic element in the website trends of 2024. Expect to see extra-large typography that jump out from the page, mixing fonts up and custom fonts. Here are some examples of creative typography on websites.


Interactivity on websites became a trend in 2023, and that is going to continue even stronger as important among website trends in 2024. Interactive elements on websites will become more common and varied in the coming year as businesses seek to increase engagement, retention and shares.

Interactive elements can include graphics, animations and video that will grab people’s interest, keep them on the website longer and influence them to engage.

In 2024, we will see more and more immersive, 3-D virtual environments. Customers will be able to wander around interactive spaces and interact with virtual products and other representations. Here are some examples of virtual reality environments on websites.


A couple months ago we published the blog post 6 Reasons to Embrace the Astonishing Power of Storytelling. Storytelling is an overall marketing trend, and that will become important to websites in 2024.

Expect to see not just a narrative, but more interactive storytelling on websites in the coming year. This relates to the interactivity trend in 2024, as 3D virtual reality environments, animations, gamification and other interactive elements are used to tell stories and immerse customers in an experience.

Voice Search

People using voice search through home devices and programs such as Alexa at home or Google Assistant on their phones are already mainstream. Any of your clients who have not updated their websites for voice search need to do so in 2024 in terms of both content and SEO.

But that’s just the beginning. Expect to see more business websites to include a voice search tool themselves in 2024. This only makes sense as people are already accustomed to searching the web verbally

Interested in Website Design Trends for 2024?

If you have a client who needs a new website or needs to refresh their website, keep the current trends in mind so their site looks up to date. Contact Umbrella on our website to schedule a free consultation about white label website design services or call us at (866) 760-2638.

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