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How to Get Your Small Business Clients to Adopt an SEO Strategy

By Deborah Kurfiss, Umbrella Content Marketing Director on Feb 10, 2023

You would think that all the businesses out there already have an SEO strategy they are following diligently. It seems sometimes that SEO is all you read about. But the reality is that only less than 65% of small businesses have an SEO strategy. And many of those are far from doing all they can to make them successful. This is bad for small businesses, but creates an opportunity for you to help your clients pull ahead of their competition. Today, pretty much every business except a kid’s lemonade stand needs a solid SEO strategy.

So, what’s holding small businesses back? Some may not realize how good SEO can radically increase their business. They may be afraid of costs they are not certain will bear fruit. But these days, if a business does not have an active SEO strategy, they are behind the curve, and they will fall further behind every month they let SEO slide.

Why Small Businesses Needs SEO

Whether your client is the owner of a dry-cleaning shop or the CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation, good SEO is a key factor in creating and maintaining a successful business.  There are many reasons. Here are some your clients should know.

The Obvious Benefit: Increase Website Traffic

More than half of website traffic (53%)  comes from organic search. That means you better get your clients high up on the first page of Google, which commands over 90% of all search traffic. Most people with Internet access go to Google at least once a day to do a search.

But you need to get your clients on the first page, because any lower than that, people just aren’t clicking. Click-through rate for the first ranking on a google search is 43.32%. By the time we get to 10, it’s 3.11%. Page 2? Forget it.

One thing’s for sure. Your client won’t get to the first page of Google without a solid SEO strategy that targets the right keywords.

Be Taken Seriously

If your client ranks high in Google and other search engines, that ranking automatically bestows a mantel of credibility. Google has a concept referred to as E-A-T: expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. They want to serve valuable content to their users.

The importance of being at the top of a Google search result is not just that your client’s customers and prospects will see your client’s website link. Customers will also note the brand and trust it much more because clearly Google trusts it if they are putting it on the first page.

Better Understand Target Customers

Many business owners underestimate the value of the next SEO benefit. SEO provides your clients with trackable data and analysis of the behaviors of their customers. It shows you what the customers are looking for and a host of other data such as where your clients’ customers come from when they access your client’s website and where they go after. This can have a big impact on how you market to your client’s target audience.

Provide a Constant Source of Information

Your client’s customers seek information at various points in their customer journeys. In the beginning, they may just be seeking information about a type of product or service, and good SEO helps them find information about that on your client’s website and other sources. As they become more knowledgeable, they might want to compare products and services, and once again, good SEO makes sure your client’s products and services are in the mix. Finally, when customers are ready to buy, they remember which brands offered them valuable information and appear to be credible. That’s where they go once they reach a buying decision.

Gain Website Traffic Long Term

Website traffic generated by advertising falls off as soon as the campaign stops. But if your client has regular content and a good SEO strategy, traffic continues. Even if you stop SEO for awhile, it can take quite some time before web traffic decreases.

But How Do I Get My Marketing Clients to Take the Plunge on an SEO Strategy?

Even if you convince them of the many benefits of SEO, small businesses often run on a tight budget. Business owners may be hesitant to lay out money for SEO without a guarantee.

Fortunately, with Umbrella’s Pay Per Result SEO, you can offer them the guarantee they want. If they don’t get on the first page of Google, they don’t pay.

When you are a white label reseller for Umbrella’s Pay Per Result SEO, our expert discusses possible search phrases with your client. Our experts then perform intensive keyword research customized to your client’s business. We listen to your client’s business goals and analyze their past SEO efforts and Google advertising.

After that, we suggest 10 keyword phrases aimed at getting your client on the first page of Google quickly. As those start to climb, we then work on ranking higher volume phrases which take longer to get to the top of Google search results. We are so successful with this, that clients typically use our Pay Per Result SEO service for years.

There is absolutely no risk to the client, since they don’t pay unless they rank on the first page of Google. Once the SEO starts producing, clients are typically thrilled. They are then much more open to other digital marketing services you offer them – because you produced results.

Want to Learn More?

If you are not offering your clients Pay Per Result SEO, both you and your clients are missing out. Find out more about the Pay Per Result SEO strategy and get started immediately. Fill out this form or call Umbrella at 1 (866) 760-2638 to schedule a free consultation.

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