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Maximizing Visibility: 10 Reasons Why Your Small Businesses Clients Can’t Ignore Google Advertising

By Deborah Kurfiss, Umbrella Content Marketing Director on Aug 18, 2023

Today we are diving into the world of Google advertising, and we’re giving you a simple and straight-to-the-point rundown on why this should be a staple in your client’s marketing strategy.

Your clients, big or small, need visibility. They need to connect with their audience where that audience is spending their time: online. Let’s find out why Google advertising is a robust solution for your small business clients.

The Google Universe

First, let’s give credit where it’s due: Google is vast. It isn’t just a search engine; it’s an entire digital ecosystem. From search to display, shopping to YouTube, and Maps to Play Store, Google platforms touch billions of lives daily. Now imagine your clients’ advertisements making regular appearances in these spaces – pretty impressive, right?

So, following here are the reasons your clients should be using Google advertising.

Reason 1: Unparalleled Reach

Google’s advertising network is monstrous in the best way. According to recent figures, Google processes over 99,000 searches per second. Check the numbers and you’ll see that’s 8.5 billion searches per day.

Imagine even a sliver of that audience seeing your client’s products and services.

Reason 2: Targeting Like a Sniper

One of Google’s golden feathers is its targeting capabilities. Your clients can target by location, age, gender, interests, behavior and more. They can bid higher for people who visited their site and show different ads at different times of the day. That means you can put your client’s ad in front of people who already want to see it.

Reason 3: Control and Flexibility

Google Ads is not a set and forget kind of platform. It allows for endless tweaking and tuning. Think your client’s budget is too high or low? Change it. Not getting the right clicks? Adjust the keywords. You can turn on a dime with Google advertising. Your clients will love the control they have over their advertising dollars.

Reason 4: Remarkable ROI

Speaking of dollars, here’s the kicker – Google Ads, when managed well, can offer an exceptional return on investment (ROI). For every dollar spent, the average business makes $2 in return. But if you focus on your Google Search Network, you might be seeing an ROI of $8 for every dollar spent. Your client’s small investment could potentially lead to a steady stream of revenue, something they’ll thank you for.

Reason 5: Immediate Results

Unlike SEO, which is a long game, Google Ads can yield almost instant results. If your clients are looking for a quick boost in traffic, this is their ticket.

Reason 6: Insights and Analytics

Google’s detailed analytics are like a marketer’s treasure map. You can clearly see what’s working and what isn’t, and make data-driven decisions to continually improve your campaigns. This is invaluable information for your client’s future marketing efforts.

Reason 7: Level the Playing Field

Google Ads offers a rare opportunity for your small business clients to compete with larger competitors. By bidding on the right keywords and crafting compelling ad copy, they can potentially outshine bigger players in their industry.

Reason 8: Ad Formats and Extensions

From text to images, video to rich media, Google’s diverse ad formats mean your client’s message can always be presented in the most engaging way. Ad extensions (like call buttons, locations and additional links) provide extra information that can make your client’s ad the one that gets the click.

Reason 9: A Fount of Resources

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of Google advertising for small agencies like yours is that Google wants to help you succeed. Google has a host of resources and support options, including certifications, that can empower your agency to shine.

Reason 10: It’s Google!

People trust Google. When potential customers see an ad on a Google platform, there’s an inherent level of trust that comes with it. This means your clients’ ads aren’t just seen—they’re also trusted more than the average display ad.

Making Google Ads Work

Like any other marketing, Google advertising requires skill and strategy to be successful. You’ll want to keep the following recommendations in mind.

  1. Understand Your Clients’ Goals: Are they trying to boost online sales, get more phone calls, or increase foot traffic to their physical location? Knowing this is step one.
  2. Keyword Research is King: Invest time in thorough keyword research. Choose words and phrases relevant to your client’s products or services.
  3. Craft Compelling Ad Copy: Write clear, engaging and persuasive ad copy. Make people want to click.
  4. Set and Manage Budgets Wisely: Start with a comfortable budget for your clients and adjust as you learn what works.
  5. Analyze and Optimize: Regularly review campaign performance. Use the rich data from Google Ads to refine your strategies.

Get Started

Let’s face it, in today’s digital world, being online isn’t enough. Your clients need to be seen, and Google Ads is a powerful, flexible, and efficient way to make that happen.

So, next time you’re helping a small business client plan their marketing, make sure Google advertising is on the agenda. They’re likely to thank you for it, not just with their words, but with their continued business.

Remember, you’re not just selling them a service. You’re guiding them towards success, and that’s what being a great marketing agency is all about.

If you need help with Google Ads, contact Umbrella for a free consultation about our white label Google advertising services. Fill out this web form or call us at (866) 760-2638.

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