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LinkedIn Updates for 2023

By Deborah Kurfiss, Umbrella Content Marketing Director on Jan 6, 2023

If you have clients with B2B businesses, it’s well known that LinkedIn offers you powerful and effective ways to reach their customers. LinkedIn is the premier platform for business professionals and boasts 810 million members. LinkedIn’s ad reach is solid, and it grew by 22 million people just in Q4 2021. So it’s well worth keeping up on LinkedIn updates.

Let’s look changes LinkedIn recently that will be important heading into 2023.

Scheduled Posts

Alleluia! LinkedIn has finally allowing us to schedule our posts instead of forcing us to publish them directly. People globally are celebrating this LinkedIn updage, which was one of LinkedIn’s most requested features. Just because you finish working at 1 am and want to finish setting up your social media posts doesn’t mean people want to read your posts at that time. When you schedule social media posts is important. Of course, there are work-arounds such as using a third-party social media management software such as Hootesuite, but still…

Next time you create a LinkedIn post, look for the scheduling icon to the left of the Post button (it looks like a stylized clock), click it and schedule away.

Increased Video Accessibility

Website accessibility has been in the spotlight this year. Now LinkedIn has taken steps to enable videos you publish to be more accessible.

  • When you upload videos, LinkedIn will now automatically create captions for them (English language only at this writing). You can use the captions “as is” or edit them before you publish.
  • LinkedIn has is also now giving users the choice to watch videos in high contrast mode. This is helpful to people who have vision disabilities or low vision.

Alt Text for Campaign Manager Images

Another win for increased accessibility is that LinkedIn has now enabled the use of alt-text descriptions for ad images. For those who are blind or cannot see an image well, you can add an alt-text description they can access with a screen reader to explain the image. You can reach more people with your ads, and they will have a better experience.

Job Collections for Passive Job Seekers

Even those who aren’t actively looking for jobs tend to keep an eye out for attractive opportunities. LinkedIn says that the number of people who are casually exploring but not actively seeking job possibilities is on the rise, To assist casual job seekers, LinkedIn is testing personalized job collections that users can discover without conducting a search.

This is an appealing LinkedIn update for those who are generally happy with their jobs but sure wouldn’t turn down a job that held a lifestyle appeal for them. Maybe it’s in a location that is near the beach, offers more flexible hours or is with a hot startup that offers attractive growth opportunities.

Right now, job collections are limited to select industries and collections. If this pans out the way LinkedIn believes it will, expect them to scale it quickly.

Product Pages

A lot of businesses have LinkedIn pages, but not nearly as many take advantage of the ability to create product pages. This was introduced in Dec. 2020, but LinkedIn would like to see product pages increase this year. LinkedIn says they have 90,000 B2B products featured, but that the number is rapidly growing.  Product pages not only enable users to find and explore products but also to connect with current customers and community experts to help them weigh their possible purchase.

Improved Content Analytics

Today, marketing is all about analysis of good data. That’s why LinkedIn updates has added additional tools for the creator analytics dashboard. Now you can see audience insights and top performing posts in order to further explore demographics of your audience and trace your followers over time. This will help you spot trends and better serve your audience. Be sure you turn on creator mode to get these benefits.

Provide Your Clients with the Full Power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful platform to garner leads for your clients and help them grow their businesses. If you are interested in white label digital marketing services for LinkedIn advertising, content marketing and social media, contact Umbrella for a free consultation through our website form or by calling 1 (866) 760-2638.

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