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ChatGPT Part 2: ChatGPT Best Practices and Marketing Prompts

By Deborah Kurfiss, Umbrella Content Marketing Director on Jul 21, 2023

Last week we talked about the importance of ChatGPT for marketing, how it is different from other language models, its benefits and some of its uses. This week we want to talk about ChatGPT best practices and prompts.

How Should I Access Chat GPT?

ChatGPT is a cutting edge AI language model that can be incorporated into various programs. It has been trained on more data from more sources than any other model before. Here are some of your options for accessing ChatGPT

  • If you want to try ChatGPT for yourself, you can visit and start chatting with the AI. Be aware if you do this alone, ChatGPT’s knowledge base cuts off at September 2021 at the time of this writing. Fortunately, there are ways around this.
  • Once you go to the page, you will see the option to subscribe for $20 per month to get ChatGPT Plus. This gives you
    • Access to the most up to date version of ChatGPT and more powerful and advance features.
    • Web access that gives you more current information
    • Priority access when there are many users trying to use ChatGPT at the same time
    • Faster response times
    • A larger number of queries permitted within a time frame
    • Dedicated support
  • You can get web access for ChatGPT for free by using Bing Chat, which incorporates ChatGPT. You can access Bing Chat in Microsoft’s Edge browser by going to the Chat menu item in the navigation at the top of the page of com.
  • You can install the WebChatGPT Chrome browser extension. This also gives you web access as you use ChatGPT so your answers will not be limited to the time before September 2021. Be aware when it gives you answers with a numbered link right after, these are likely to be verbatim text from the Internet.

You don’t necessarily get the same results by using all the web access methods of ChatGPT, and they have their own idiosyncrasies. This can take various forms. For example, of this writing, there is anecdotal evidence that Bing Chat is more sensitive to what it considers insults or improper requests that other programs using ChatGPT and will end your session.

For example, one user made a derogatory comment about a marketing program Bing Chat recommended and Bing Chat ended his session. Of course, you can just initiate a new session, but Bing Chat will delete all the results of the session that triggered it. Will this still be true next week? Who knows?

ChatGPT Best Practices for Marketing

Here are some general best practices that you should follow when using ChatGPT for marketing:

Be Specific

When interacting with ChatGPT, provide clear and detailed instructions or queries. For example, if you need a blog post on a specific topic, include essential details such as keywords, word count, tone, target audience and any other relevant information. This will enable ChatGPT to better understand your intentions and generate more accurate and relevant results.

Provide Examples

ChatGPT can also learn from prompts and examples that you provide. For instance, if you want it to generate a catchy headline for your blog post, you can give it some examples of headlines that you like or dislike. This will help ChatGPT to give you more imaginative and on-point results.

Check for Accuracy

Understand that ChatGPT is not perfect and may occasionally generate inaccurate or subpar content. You should review the results for accuracy, grammar, spelling, punctuation, readability and originality. You may want to use tools such as Grammarly and Copyscape help you in your quality control. Beyond accuracy, you will also want to do some rewriting to make sure the text is clear and reflects he brand correctly.

Give Feedback and Refine Your Input

Once you have the results you need, you aren’t finished. ChatGPT can learn from your feedback and improve its responses over time. Tell ChatGPT what you like and don’t like. If the results aren’t exactly on point, ask ChatGPT to revise according to your instructions. Over time, the content ChatGPT provides to you will improve.

ChatGPT Prompts Drive Results

Chat GPT best results rely heavily on providing good prompts. The quality of the results you get from ChatGPT will be driven in large part by the prompts you provide.  GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) applies to ChatGPT just as it does to any other information tool. There is a lot of skill to using ChatGPT to its best effectiveness.

It’s important to note that while ChatGPT can provide valuable assistance in generating content, human oversight and editing are essential to ensure the content aligns with your brand voice, style and specific marketing goals. Always review and refine the AI-generated content before using it in your marketing campaigns.

Below are some examples of ChatGPT prompts just to give you an idea if you are new to Chat GPT. You should not just cut and paste them but rather use them for inspiration to create your own specific prompts suitable for your goals.

  1. Blog topics: List 10 blog topics targeted at small business owners about Google advertising. I am looking for somewhat specific topics not an overview. Keep in mind this is aimed at small business owners not SEO specialists. Focus on providing valuable insights and actionable tips. Blog posts will be approximately 1,000 words.
  2. Social media planning: Create a 3-month social media campaign calendar for our client’s product with the goal to increase engagement among Gen Z consumers. Recommend the specific channels we should focus on and outline key content themes for each week. Here is a description of our client’s product (follows by product description).
  3. Website optimization: List five strategies to optimize our website for better search engine rankings and increased organic traffic.
  4. Social media posts: Create a list of engaging social media posts for a digital marketing agency showcasing how they can help businesses grow.
  5. Blog posts writing: Write a blog post about responding to online business reviews. Focus on the importance of responding to both positive and negative reviews, highlighting the potential for constructive growth and improved customer relations. Target this to small business owners. Word length should be between 700 and 900 words.
  6. LinkedIn engagement: List 15 thought-provoking questions related to X industry that we can use in our client’s LinkedIn engagement posts to generate engagement and discussions.
  7. Social media contests: Suggest five social media contests to engage our client’s customers during the Christmas holidays that will encourage user-generated content for their brand of high-end ski apparel.
  8. Influencer marketing: List possible social media influencers who might be appropriate for our client’s ski apparel brand targeted to GenZ. Examine the characteristics of each influencer’s audience and the level of engagement they receive. Propose potential collaboration concepts and strategies for each.
  9. Customer support: For a client who sells high-end make-up, create a set of individualized replies to handle customer support queries on social media platforms, effectively dealing with frequently asked questions and addressing their concerns.
  10. Lead generation: List innovative lead magnet ideas for a travel agency that focuses on Mexico and the Caribbean.
  11. Writing help: Paraphrase this (sentence or paragraph you want ChatGPT to paraphrase).

Contact Umbrella for White Label Marketing Services

ChatGPT is a versatile and powerful tool that can help you with various aspects of marketing. But it’s only a tool, and you must take care to understand Chat GPT best practices. You must ask questions in a manner that provides enough information, check on the accuracy of answers and refine results.

If you would like to speak with Umbrella about white label marketing services to help market your clients’ products and services, contact us here or call us at (866) 760-2638for a free consultation.


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