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Why website accessibility is your $1m business?

By Sean Brooks on Feb 25, 2021

Most business owners think a website design has to do with a beautiful interface with all the needed functionalities. That’s right. But there’s also an important part of website design that most business owners fail to recognize – accessibility. As a marketing agency owner, you might find the concept of website accessibility unfamiliar, but it is beneficial to seek white label accessibility services.

The concept of website accessibility means that a website must be usable and accessible for every type of audience. It’s not enough to offer a beautiful website design service. Many web users are faced with some sort of disability, and there’s every chance that your customers can use the benefits of accessibility to build websites that can meet the demands of these individuals.

As a marketing agency owner, when you choose the best kind of white label accessibility services, you must provide a website design service that delivers more than a cool and fancy website.

What is web accessibility?

Website accessibility goes beyond providing an accessible and easy-to-navigate website. In this current internet age, every website should be designed with the concept of giving equal opportunity to all users. This means that the functionality and content of a website should be accessible to any web user regardless of physical barriers.

According to studies from the CDC, 26% of adults in the United States are faced with some sort of disability, and 15%-20% live with a disability that negatively impacts their ability to consume web content. This means that people with disabilities should be able to use a website with the least amount of difficulty. For example, enable keyboard navigation for people with limited motor movements or the clarity of texts for people with visual problems.

When you resell website accessibility services, it can add more meaning to your brand name. You will show potential customers that your brand is observant and respective of the best digital practices. This good practice will draw in customers who want to participate in a good cause. In this article, you’ll learn 5 additional ways by which website accessibility services can benefit your business.


  1. Grow your customer base

When you provide accessible website design services to your customers, you’re expanding your customer base by tapping into a market you were missing. As mentioned earlier, people with disabilities make up a significant part of the population in the United States. Also, the buying power of people with disabilities is estimated at $220 billion annually.

This shows that your customers will not purchase your website accessibility services for no reason. There is a huge potential target audience that your customers can reach when you resell website accessibility services. In turn, this can increase the number of customers that will benefit from your website accessibility service 


  1. Improve search engine ranking

Google’s main priority is to improve the search experience of its users. This introduces the topic of SEO. One of the important factors for determining SEO ranking is user experience. A user will spend more time on a website when they have a better search experience. A website that is built with an easy-to-use interface will help improve the experience of people with disabilities.

 The benefit of offering website accessibility services lies in the fact most businesses also value the importance of a good SEO ranking and will not hesitate to choose the best website design service that can make this possible.


  1. Gain a competitive advantage

The truth is that not every marketing agency offers website accessibility services. This shows that there’s a great potential to be ahead of your competitors and stand out from the clutter. Considering the potential number of people with disabilities, it is without a doubt that there a huge gain in this market.

 All that is needed is for business owners to understand the importance of website accessibility, and that is where your agency can step in. If your agency provides website accessibility services and your competitors aren’t, then your agency will automatically become the top pick for businesses that require website accessibility services. When you seek the best white label website accessibility services, you can rightfully show your customers that you care about the social environment, including those with disabilities.


  1. Build a positive brand image

When you show that your business supports the concept of website accessibility, you reveal a positive brand image for your business. The current social and digital landscape is filled with consumers that support companies with true beliefs and values.

 Consumers prefer to purchase from businesses that stand for important issues such as disability. When you provide website accessibility services, your customers will appreciate your support on website accessibility. In turn, this will help to build a positive brand image, and satisfied customers will more likely recommend your agency to other friends and colleagues.


  1. Expand the growth of your business

You’re leaving money on the table if you don’t choose white label accessibility services. There is still a growing demand for website accessibility services. The covid-19 outbreak has increased internet use. As many individuals worldwide were forced to remain indoors, their dependence on the internet for basic needs increased.

Most businesses were unprepared to handle this increased demand, hence the increased need for website accessibility. So if your agency can successfully tap into this growing market, there is a huge growth potential for your business.


Website accessibility shouldn’t be an option, it is a must-do. If you want your business to reach its growth potential, then you should offer website accessibility as part of your agency’s services. Most business owners find it challenging to design an accessible website, so it’s important that you choose the best kind of white label accessibility services.

Besides, if you want to provide the best service to your customers, then website accessibility shouldn’t be an afterthought.
How do you get started? You need a partner. You’d need to work with an agency that has the necessary skill and expertise needed to provide the best website accessibility services.


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