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White Label Website Services: Get in on the Action

By Deborah Kurfiss, Umbrella Content Marketing Director on Oct 23, 2022

Not too many would disagree that the calling card of any business today, even a small local business, is their website. Sure, it’s possible that sandwich shop on the corner might be the exception, but it’s unlikely. 71% of small businesses have websites. Today, with while label website services readily available to your marketing agency, there is no reason you can’t get in on the action of reselling websites to businesses without and updating others.

These days, a business without a website seems just a bit suspect to consumers.  Not to mention that a business without websites misses a vast array of marketing opportunities such as gathering a list to email educational information and news of specials and new products, a URL to direct people to the business from reviews and social media, and an opportunity to show off why the business beats the competition.

But small businesses often have limited funds. They need to weigh where and how to spend their money.

So, is reselling white label website design services a good idea when everyone and their dog already has a website? Absolutely. Businesses without websites are missing opportunities. Those that already have websites very likely need an update, a redesign or perhaps a new website altogether.

Start with an Audit

Probably most of your prospects already have a website. But it’s highly unlikely that website is optimized for lead generation, search engines and converting prospects into sales.

That’s why a successful approach is to offer prospects a free or well-priced website audit or mini-audit. In the audit point out the problems and offer to provide specific solutions. If a prospect thinks their website is perfectly fine, it’s your job to show them where it’s missing the mark. Whether you do it yourself or hire a white label website services provider, you really must start with an audit.

Before moving on to more formal measurements, consider what you immediately notice about the website. Pretend you are a customer.

Just a few questions to ask as you move through the website are

  • Does the website guide you through to ease your journey and encourage conversion?
  • Can you easily find the information you want?
  • Does the website put hurdles in your path?
  • If it’s an ecommerce site, is it easy to check out?
  • Is the website slow?
  • What would make using this website a more positive experience?
  • What’s your reaction to the website’s design?
  • Does the website compare favorably with those of competitors?
  • Does the website seem slow or have customers complained it is slow to load?

Website Speed and Performance is Critical

Website speed is one of the first things you should check. If a website takes more than three seconds to load, that business is losing customers.

Google’s Page Speed Insights measures website speed and categorizes website speed as good, needs improvement or poor.

Google also looks for three Core Web Vitals that affect ranking. These are Largest Content Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID) and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). These can be measured a number of ways, including using Semrush’s site audit tool.

If this has your head spinning, well, good website design and development is much more complex than it used to be. That’s why many marketers are now turning to white label website services so experts can perform these tasks.

Successful Businesses Constantly Update Their Website Content

A business cannot just publish a website and forget it. Well, they can, but it’s a horrible practice for a business to let its website languish. To draw customers and search engines, businesses need to keep their website content fresh. New content should be added at least once a week, because updating content is the fastest way you can help your clients improve their search engine rankings.

Here’s why:

  • Value: Keep your client’s audience informed and offer them valuable information. Updated content keeps your audience coming back. Fresh content fosters both engagement and loyalty.
  • Re-indexing frequency: Keep search engines crawling your client’s site. When you update your client’s website content, search engines will check it out and reevaluate how they have indexed the site. That means you have a good chance of improving the site’s search engine ranking.
  • Keywords: When you add content to your client’s site, you should be adding more keywords. For example, you can publish several blog posts about different aspects of an issue and feature different keywords in each post. This helps search engines to send people to your site, people who need that specific kind of information.
  • Domain authority: The higher the authority of your client’s site, the higher it’s going to rank in Google search (and other search engines). An important factor in becoming a high authority site is to publish a lot of relevant, valuable content.

Outdated Design and Functionality Loses Customers

Design also needs to be periodically analyzed, improved and updated. Here are some things to look for. Otherwise, customers will think your client’s services are as shoddy as their website.

  • Out of Date
    • There are trends in websites just as there are trends in fashion. Though many consumers (and business people) may not be able to put their finger on exactly why, if you have not updated your design in awhile, it may come across as outdated.
    • For example, there was a time when the Internet loved a lot of animation particularly on the home page. That time is long past.
    • It’s not a leap for your prospects to tie your outdated website to your products and services. They may come away with the impression that your company is behind the curve.
    • Does your client’s website use up-to-date technology that can increase their sales such as AI chatbots? The use of smart, 24/7 chatbots powered by artificial intelligence have been proven to increase conversions many times over.
  • Weak Branding
    • Branding is a whole lot more than a logo. It really impacts every way a customer intersects with your brand. And that includes content tone, colors, graphical conventions and types of images used.
    • You are not serving your clients well if their branding is only half-formed and used inconsistently throughout their site (and in other marketing materials).
  • Layout and navigation inconsistencies: If layout and navigation are not clean and consistent throughout the site, you will leave your client’s prospects feeling a little lost. They may also come to doubt your client’s level of professionalism. Keep it simple and easy to read.

Website Inaccessibility Can Cost Your Clients Thousands

Businesses with websites that are not accessible to the disabled are not only losing customers, they may also be violating the law. And the fines aren’t cheap.

Over 61 million adults in the US have disabilities. Many of these people find difficulty accessing websites because of disabilities that affect motor skills, sight or hearing. It’s only good business for your clients to make their websites as accessible as possible to as many people as possible through website accessibility technology that is available today.

But increasing customer base is not the only reason for your clients to make their websites accessible to the disabled.

Title III of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits businesses that are open to the public from discriminating against those with disabilities. That includes websites. These businesses must take measures to ensure the disabled can enjoy their goods, services and facilities. Fines are stiff for those who do not.  First violations may be fined up to $75,000.  Additional violations may be $150,000 – and that’s only federal law.  State and local laws may demand additional fines.

Offer Modern White Label Website Services to Your Clients

If you are not offering modern web design, development and ongoing maintenance to your marketing clients, you are losing out on a lot of business. There is not a business today who does not need a well-structured, well-maintained website.

Contact Umbrella right now to find out how you can easily resell white label website services to better serve your clients. Why send them to another marketer?


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