Alternative Digital Ad Placements You Should Explore

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By Darren Johnson on Oct 27, 2021

Some of the popularly used digital ad placements include Google Search Ads, Facebook feed ads and Instagram explore page ads. That’s because these platforms have millions of active users so marketers like to place ads here. But there’s always room for better ad placements. A different style or network could offer your client a higher ROI because a different channel might have a lower cost and more interactive audience.

In this article, we’ll explore 5 alternative digital ad placements which could be great for some of your clients. These can help you grab your client’s audience’s attention and bring more traffic to your client’s website. If you don’t know enough about how to start advertising on unique platforms, then white label PPC services can help you design better ad placement strategies for your clients’ businesses.

Why Should I Look Into Alternative Digital Ad Placements?

Popular ad placements are great but they have some drawbacks. For one, users tend to quickly adapt to them and tune them out. A Goo Technologies survey reported that approximately 73% of online users ignore banner ads and 59% of users ignore search engine ads. If people don’t pay attention, then that could lead to decreased conversions for your client’s business.

The cost of placing ads in popular places and with widely used networks is also high. For example, the average CPC for Google Ads is $1-$2 for Google Search Advertising and for Twitter, the average CPC was $0.39 in 2019 and $0.58 in 2020. These rates only seem to be increasing and the costs are much higher for certain industries such as insurance and hotels. So, you need to look for alternative placement options that offer your clients better prices or better results for the same costs.

If you want to continue using the commonly used ad placements on Google for your clients’ businesses, then you should leverage white label Google advertising agencies. These services can help you find unique placements so that the budget you’re spending on Google ads or related channels is used most efficiently.

Alternative Digital Ad Placements Every Marketer Should Know

Adding a few alternative digital ad placements to your clients’ marketing strategies can help their businesses. This doesn’t mean that you have to ignore the popular networks. You can use a mix of the popular and unique placements together and prioritize some over the others depending on your client’s industry. Here are some alternative digital ad placements you should explore.

Popular Video Streaming Services

Video streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime and Five TV are on the rise, because they are convenient for people with busy lives and sometimes cheaper than cable TV. You have multiple options for ad placements on many streaming services. Depending on the service, these may include video ads during commercial breaks and branded slate ads that play up to seven seconds before a video begins. Hulu also has binge ads, Gatewaygo ads with push notifications and pause ads appear when a viewer presses pause when watching content..

Amazon Fire TV ads placement options include an inline banner, sponsored screensaver, sponsored titles and more. All of these ad placements are unique, so they tend to leave an impression on the viewers. Since people of all ages use streaming services, this can be a great alternative option for most of your clients.


TikTok has grown in popularity over the past few years. If you looked into TikTok a few years ago for some of your clients and found it wasn’t a good fit, you may want to check again. It currently has 732 million active users most of whom are Gen-Z or Millennials. But 20.3% are 40-49-year-olds and 11% are 50+ in age.

So, this platform can be ideal for many of your B2C clients. This network offers a few different ad placements such as in-feed ads in the for you page or news feed app series ads. Here you can choose to play your video full-screen for up to nine seconds until a CTA button shows up. This can increase engagement with the users and make it difficult for them to ignore your clients’ ads.  You won’t have too much trouble getting used to advertising on TikTok and collecting user data because it uses a tracking pixel much similar to Facebook’s.

You can also use the Pangle, a TikTok video advertising platform offering interactive and high-performance in-app advertising solutions, if you are in the limited countries where it is available.

If TikTok advertising is not your agency’s forte, don’t worry. You can always hire a marketing agency that offers white label PPC services to manage your TikTok and other online advertising.

Spotify and Amazon Music

Sometimes your clients’ ads don’t have to be in a picture or video format. You can use an audio clip to grab their audiences’ attention and increase your client companies’ brand’ awareness. Radio ads have been around for decades. But with digital music streaming services, you have the freedom to choose between audio and video ads.

Spotify’s ad placement options include audio or video ads between songs, banner ads that show up when the user opens the app and homepage ads for desktop users. Amazon Music has similar placement options.

These are great ad placement options for your clients’ businesses especially if their target audiences are Millennials and Gen-Z. Listening to podcasts while commuting or playing trendy music is common for the younger generation. So, you can tap into these platforms to display your ads uniquely.  Agencies that offer white label PPC services have experts who can set up these kinds of ads for your clients.

YouTube and YouTube Music

YouTube is the second most popular search engine with over 2.29 billion active users. You can choose to place your ads in the videos or next to them. There are different formats of in-video ads. The most popular ones are the skippable ads that users can skip after five seconds and the watch feed ads that show up on users’ recommended videos page. Overlay ads that appear as banners on the lower portion of videos are another great placement option. Since users of all ages use YouTube, you can place ads here for almost all of your B2C clients.

And don’t forget about YouTube Music, Google’s music streaming service. These ads are video ads, but they tend to convey their message mostly with audio since the audience is there for the music.


If you thought Snapchat was over, nothing could be further from the truth. Snapchat has over 293 million daily active users. Teens and young adults are still the most avid users. This is a great platform for clients’ who offer services or products for this age group.

You have different options for making your ads unique on Snapchat with filters and geotags. The ad placement options on Snapchat include ads in user stories, between publisher stories and across snap audience networks in either video or picture format. You can get started on Snapchat ads with a small investment and use their analytics tools to measure results.

In-App Ads

App installations are expected to increase by 45% from 2017 to 2022. App downloads have increased by 23.3% just since the start of the pandemic.  If you didn’t see a potential in advertising in apps a few years ago, then it’s time to seriously reconsider. Apps for food delivery services, fitness, carpool and taxi such as Uber, a wide variety of tools, and games are becoming more and more popular.

You can place your clients’ ads in the form of banners, pop-up ads, blended in-game ads and reward ads that players have to watch to unlock a level, win game coins or move on to another desired action.  In-game ads are generally only for increasing awareness since these are mostly non-clickable. Many other in-app ads however enable visitors to click to go to a landing page or wherever you want to take them.

Boost Your Clients’ Businesses with Alternative Digital Ad Placements

Although there is no harm in continuing to use typical ad placements, sometimes exploring alternatives can sometimes boost marketing campaign ROI. Of course, before you switch it up, you must consider whether unique placements make sense for a client’s brand. If digital advertising is not a core service of your agency, consider expanding your offerings with white label PPC services.  Contact Umbrella for a free consultation.

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