How Well Known Are Your Clients? Five Ways to Measure Brand Awareness

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By Sean Brooks on Oct 7, 2021

Brand awareness is a marketing term we hear often, but it doesn’t just happen – businesses and marketing agencies have to make it happen. Strategies like content marketing, public relations, paid advertising and social media impact the level of awareness people have of a brand. People can’t buy from a brand if they don’t know it exists, and they won’t buy from it if it has not left a favorable impression.

Why measure brand awareness? Because, as with any marketing tactic, you want to make sure that it’s positively impacting your client’s business. At the end of the day, your clients want to generate revenue. If you can’t measure your agency’s efforts, you can’t prove that you’re contributing to your client’s bottom line.

In this article, we share five tried and true ways to measure brand awareness. Depending on your agency’s scope of work, you might not have the services or resources in place to make this happen. That’s where white label digital marketing services can step in and offer your agency the support it needs to increase and measure brand awareness for your clients. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Keep an Eye on Branded Search Volume

Users often search for a company or brand in a search engine rather than typing the URL in directly. By tracking this, businesses can measure how many people are aware of their brand and actively searching for it.

Your agency can use Google Ads Keyword Planner or Google Trends to check the volume of searches for your client’s brand name. Of course, this can get tricky if your client’s company name is similar to other brands. For example, the term “Media Solutions” generates almost two billion search results in Google. While not all two billion results are businesses, the first few pages are littered with companies competing for the same term.

One way to be more competitive with branded terms is to focus on content marketing and creation. In fact, according to Content Marketing Institute, 84% of B2B businesses say brand awareness is their most important goal when it comes to content marketing.  Strong content not only gets your client’s name out there, but it shows their customers what their brand represents, what it values and the benefits it offers.

If content marketing isn’t a service your agency offers, white label digital marketing services can work with your agency to provide your clients quality content solutions while successfully scaling your agency.

2. Pay Attention to Direct Website Traffic

Website traffic is always a good starting point when measuring the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. You want to make sure users are engaging with your marketing efforts and getting to your client’s website.

Monitoring your client’s direct website traffic can reveal insights into brand awareness. For example, the direct channel or traffic source in Google Analytics tracks the number of visitors who typed a URL into their address bar, used a browser bookmark or clicked on a link in an untracked email or offline document. When users go directly to a website, it means they were aware of the brand beforehand.

3. Listen to Users on Social Media

Having a social media profile isn’t enough for today’s businesses. They need to be leveraging their social media platforms to learn from their audiences. Social listening is the process of analyzing the conversations and trends happening around a brand and industry, then using those insights to make better marketing decisions.

When it comes to brand awareness, one thing to track is how often your client’s brand is mentioned on social media and who is mentioning it. Needless to say, if a user with one million followers shares one of your client’s articles on their Facebook page, it’s going to spread brand awareness a heck of a lot more than a share from someone with 100 followers.

According to Sprout Social, one of the top challenges social marketers say they face is identifying and reaching their target audience. Social listening helps you get to know the users who are already talking about your client’s brand, giving your agency data to target and reach similar users and audiences.

4. Monitor Video Metrics

53% of marketers say that video helps them raise brand awareness. If your client has a video marketing strategy in place, monitor their video metrics to see how they are performing.

  • How many views is each video getting?
  • How often is it being shared?
  • How are people engaging with it?

With video, one thing to remember is that every platform has a slightly different take on what it considers a “view.” For example, Facebook counts a video view after three seconds of watching, while Google and YouTube, count a view when someone engages with or watches 30 seconds of a video. Understanding these differences can help you better gauge your client’s video performance across multiple channels.

If you’re wondering how to start an advertising agency in 2021, you better be considering video marketing! Read our blog to learn why your clients need it and how to get started.

5. Focus on Social Media Engagement

Beyond monitoring if and how people are talking about your client’s brand, track how users are engaging with it on social media. For example, seeing which posts they are liking or sharing can help you learn what content is resonating with them.

On average, it takes five to seven impressions for people to remember a brand. So, understanding what content is getting the highest engagement can help you strategize future posts to reach and connect with the most users.

Help Your Clients Grow with the Right Services

Before you can measure brand awareness, you have to make sure your agency has the resources and services in place that are focused on increasing brand awareness. Umbrella offers white label digital marketing services that enable you to give your clients the tools they need to get their brand found. Contact us today and see how we can help you grow your clients’ businesses.

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