Developing Five Different Types of Lead Magnets That Get Results

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By Darren Johnson on Oct 4, 2021

Lead magnets can be highly effective in generating tons of leads. We’ve all used newsletters, ebooks or free samples to get users’ contact details, specifically emails.

Growing your clients’ email lists can help expand their customer base. That’s because 73% of adults prefer email for receiving marketing updates from brands. And 96% of consumers check their emails every day.

Yet most people are reluctant to share their email with businesses because they hate to be spammed. That’s why your clients’ lead magnets must be great and offer value. Otherwise, they won’t be effective. If this isn’t your domain, then white label digital marketing services can help develop compelling lead magnets for your clients.

In this article, we’ll share the tips for creating effective lead magnets that convert. Also, we’ll look at the different types of lead magnets that can get results for your clients!

Tips for Developing Effective Lead Magnets

You could have the best lead magnet idea for your client’s business, but it won’t generate great results if you don’t execute it correctly. Developing lead magnets takes strategy, some creativity and a lot of insights into your clients’ audiences. Here are five actionable tips that can make your lead magnets effective:

1. Target the Ideal User’s Needs

As marketers, we know we should never skip market research. But sometimes campaigns are hurried Haste makes waste, can cost your clients valuable leads.

Your clients may have multiple buyer personas. So, before you create lead magnets, you need to understand what the different target audiences want. Create lead magnets directed to one single group at a time.

2. Highlight the Value

Be specific about the value your client’s customers will get by clicking on the lead magnet. Don’t say something like Learn to play the guitar. Instead, use specific sentences such as Top 10 tried and tested guitar lessons for absolute beginners. Identify the needs of your client’s customers, and then create lead magnets that solve their issues. The more specific your client’s lead magnets are, the higher the chances for conversion.

3. Add a Catchy Title

The title or name of your clients’ lead magnets should accurately tell their customers what to expect. You should shape the title in a way that the perceived value of the lead magnet is magnified.

For this, look at the example of the guitar lesson lead magnet above. That way, your client’s customers are encouraged to click on the download button. If you don’t have the tools to do this properly then you could get white label digital marketing services to develop your client’s lead magnets.

4. Have One Clear CTA in the Offer

People are busy. They don’t have the time to read a long paragraph to know why they should give up their email. So, you should avoid making the offer for a lead magnet too busy. Just use one CTA and make the clickable button obvious.

5. Make the Download Process Easy

Depending on what your clients’ need, you may be tempted to ask for a lot of information from their customers. Common questions include the person’s name, the company name, their title in the company, the size of the company, the industry, the location and any number of other things.

But asking for a lot of information might has its cost. Keep the form your client must fill out to get the lead magnet simple.  Ask for an email address and the bare minimum of what else you need, then give the people what they want.

Five  Types of Lead Magnets

Each lead magnet serves a different purpose. As marketers, it’s critical that you first identify your clients’ customers’ needs. Then choose the type of lead magnet with the greatest potential to convert.

Here are five different lead magnet ideas that can get great results for your clients. All of these can work for both B2B and B2C companies. You should follow the above-mentioned steps for developing effective lead magnets in each of these:

1. Automated Evaluations

Businesses that have custom assessment tools can offer automated evaluations as lead magnets. This works well for various niches such as gyms or skincare companies. You can get the information from your client’s customers and ask for an email to show the results.

We love interactive evaluations and quizzes as lead magnets because they have a 7.9% conversion rate. But not all marketing agencies have experience in this. If that’s you, then you could leverage the expertise of white label digital marketing services to develop your clients’ lead magnets. A great example of this is Karmen Kendrick Creative. They offer a free website ROI calculator and require an email to run the test.

2. Webinars

Webinars are excellent as lead magnets because the average webinar conversion rate is 55%. It’s ideal for businesses that teach a skill. Also, you could use webinars as lead magnets when your client’s product is more valuable to a customer in video format than a whitepaper or a PDF guide would be. Just like any other lead magnet, remember to keep it focused on one specific pain point.

Have a look at the Search Engine Journal’s lead magnet to get people to sign up for their webinar. They offer specific and just enough information on the main screen to get people to click on the button. Then give a detailed description of what to expect from the webinar on a separate page.

3. Free Trials

Software companies and other businesses can use free trials and demos as lead magnets. Here, your client can offer their users access to the product for a certain period in exchange for an email. Even if the client’s customers don’t end up making the purchase, your client will still have won a lead.

Free trials or demo requests are valuable because they have a 37% lead-to-customer conversion rate. If your clients’ leads are dead in the water despite your best efforts, then consider giving white label digital marketing services a try.

As an example of a free trial lead magnet, see this one from Ubersuggest where users can sign up for a 7-day free trial of their SEO and keyword tool in exchange for their email addresses.

4. Free Deliveries or Discounts

Everyone loves free stuff! That’s why monetary incentives tend to convert 10.5% of leads. This lead magnet can work well for most businesses, particularly ecommerce and food delivery websites.  Though there are instances this could work for B2B, this tends to be more of a B2C method.

You could create a lead magnet for your client offering free shipping or discount on the purchases. It will not only incentivize the user to make a purchase but will also earn you a lead. An example of this Sierra offers free shipping when you join their email list.

5. Content Upgrade

Adding a content upgrade button at the end of blogs can be an effective lead magnet. Many websites also offer information as a lead magnet on their home pages and throughout their websites.

Content upgrade here means premium content or information that you offer your readers in exchange for an email address. Content upgrades include newsletters, white papers, reports and studies.

This lead magnet works well when your client offers valuable information on their website for a specific audience. When used at the end of a blog post, the lead magnet can be for related information or updates about new posts in a specific area.

Guides and reports are excellent for generating high-quality leads because these have an average conversion rate of 67.2%! We mentioned that whitepapers and similar information may be offered anywhere on your site. Here’s an example of how you can add a small subscribe button at the end of your blog posts to get leads.

Develop Your Client’s Lead Magnets the Right Way

Lead magnets are great to expand your clients’ email lists, gain insights into their audiences and acquire more leads for them. But these only work if you do them right. If your lead magnets aren’t working for your clients, then you can always resell Umbrella’s white label digital marketing services. Contact Umbrella today and see how we can help you improve your services and scale your marketing agency.

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