Six Ways to Reduce Abandoned Shopping Carts and Increase Your Clients’ Revenues

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By Tom Earnest on Oct 1, 2021

Shopping cart abandonment is rampant, and it is the bane of existence to ecommerce marketers. 70% of customers who added an item to their cart leave without finalizing the transaction.

It’s impossible to completely eliminate shopping cart abandonment, but it is important to do all you can to eliminate or reduce anything that might cause a customer to abandon a shopping cart. Improving your client’s customer’s experience on the website can go a long way to help. You might start by considering white label website accessibility services for your clients. This article examines six simple tips to decrease the shopping cart abandonment rate and ultimately increase revenue.

How to Calculate Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

The rate of shopping cart abandonment can be calculated and monitored. This helps to understand the percentage of a purchase intended by a customer who visits the site filled their carts with items and ended up not buying.

Cart abandonment rate = (The total number of completed transactions) / (The total number of transactions initiated)

Online websites must keep these essential metrics because a high abandonment rate often translates to poor customer experience.  Thus, it’s imperative to provide an exceptional experience to your customers to optimize sales conversion.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Is Not Always in Your Control

Window Shoppers

There are several reasons for cart abandonment and sadly, many of them are not within your control. For instance, some customers might just visit your site to learn more about a product after seeing an advertisement without having intentions to buy anything. They could also casually visit your website to compare prices or check the availability of a product before visiting a brick and mortar store. In other words, these people are window shoppers.

Distractions at Home or Work

Online shopping is different from shopping at a brick and mortar store of course, but one of the biggest challenges to digital marketers is distractions that cause a shopper to suddenly leave and abandon their shopping cart. Shopping websites are much easier to leave than physical shops where customers are physically present and removed from their worlds of work and home.

Not the Right Fit

Sometimes people think better of their purchase, just as someone might pick up a sequined blouse in a boutique then put it back on the rack when they think better of how it might fit into their lifestyle.

Unlike some of these scenarios, other reasons for shopping cart abandonment are within your control. Read on.

What You Can Do to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

1. Build Trust With your Customers

For a customer to complete a transaction process, you must earn their trust. You must understand that your customer will hesitate when asked to add credit cards and personal information. Adding trust signals on your website gives your customers a reason to trust you.

When you build trust with your online customers, they are reassured that their shopping experience is in safe hands. Fostering trust helps to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Ensure that your website is secure for browsing and payment. For instance, a website without an SSL certificate will struggle to earn customers’ trust. Also, the payment gateway must be from trusted providers.

2. Allow Checkout as a Guest Option

Not everyone who visits your client’s website is ready to create an account. Some customers just want to visit for a one-time purchase and can be easily annoyed with all the register/login processes. This can demotivate customers from completing their purchases.

When you allow guest checkout options, customers can complete their purchase without hassle. And once they have placed an order, you can provide the option to sign up for an account.

We all know this as marketers, but it’s worth repeating that it’s best to eliminate non-essential fields in sign-up forms. Keep it short, engaging, and easy tom complete using an autofill option. Also, set up auto-save so that customers do not have to fill the form out all over again if they leave the page before submitting the form.

3. Be Sure Your Client’s Website is User Friendly

It should not even need mention that an unnecessary cause of shopping cart abandonment is a suboptimum using the website. You may want to consider white label website accessibility services. Your client’s website might be too slow, integrated with too many pop-ups, hard to navigate or not scalable for mobile devices. Don’t put hurdles in front of your client’s customers. Do everything you can to make the customer journey as pleasant as possible.

4. Use Exit-Intent Pop-ups

Consider using exit-intent pop-ups as bait on your client’s website. When you realize your online prospects are about to leave your site, you can activate the exit-intent pop-ups to product and check-out pages. The average conversion rate for exit-intent pop-ups is 3.09%. Offer them a great deal they can’t refuse or perhaps a coupon or additional information.

5. Offer a Variety of Payment Options

Often, online shoppers abandon their shopping carts because the online store does not offer their preferred payment solutions. According to Column
Five, 56% of online shoppers said they like to have various payment options during the checkout process.

When you enable multiple payment methods, your customers will be able to finalize their purchases with ease. Integrating payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, Payoneer, PayPal and others is a good practice.  Also, make sure all these options are equally available to customers using mobile devices.

6. Offer Attractive Shipping

Many people who made a buying decision change their minds when faced with shipping costs.

Free shipping is one of the most effective methods to reduce cart abandonment.

But shipping need not always be free. You could also a combined shipping discount when customers buy more than one product.

If your client does not intend to offer free shipping, ensure you mention their shipping policies clearly to avoid unpleasant surprises for their customers. Information such as shipping costs, delivery costs and return policies should be well documented and easy to find.

Consider White Label Services

Cart abandonment is a global concern for all eCommerce stores, irrespective of their size and reputation. It’s practically impossible to avoid it totally. However, implementing these six tips will significantly increase conversion rates. Moreover, it’s not enough that customers shop with your client; you must integrate an outstanding customer experience that will compel them to visit your client’s website again and even refer your client’s store.

Are you looking for a faster way to lower your clients’ shopping cart abandonment rate but don’t want to take it on yourself? Umbrella is here to help. We provide white label website accessibility services and other white label services that enable you to give your clients a headstart in their ecommerce businesses, leveraging our skills, expertise and years of experience working with several brands. When you resell website accessibility services, you can expand your offerings and further serve your clients.  Contact us today and see how we can help you grow your clients’ businesses.

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