10 SDR Duties to Help Fill Your Coffers

By Darren Johnson on Jun 18, 2021

The purpose of sales is to bring in the money, and you hire a sales development representative (SDR) to help do just that. The primary SDR duties are at the front end of the sales process. One of their most important duties is to call prospects to schedule appointments for the closer.

But your SDR can do much more than that. They can provide you with support where and when you need it. Following are some of the ways your SDR can help you make money and keep your clients happy.

1. Schedule Appointments with Top Decision-Makers

Scheduling appointments with top prospects is the most important of the SDR duties, the one that makes a good SDR particularly valuable. But this isn’t the only thing they can do.

2.  Qualify Inbound Leads

You may have a lot of leads that come in through your website and other marketing avenues. Your SDR can qualify those leads so you are never scheduled for an appointment with any prospect who is not top-tier.

3. Qualify Outbound Leads

 Instead of waiting for leads to come in, an SDR can do research to create a target list of ideal prospects before reaching out to them. The SDR can also prepare executive summaries for the sales team to read before their scheduled appointments with the prospects.

4. Point Prospects in the Right Direction

You may sell a number of products and services. The SDR can gather information about the prospect’s pain points and point the prospect toward solutions that are most likely to interest them. The SDR needs to educate the prospect enough to entice them without giving them enough information to make a decision without talking to a salesperson. It can be a fine line.

5. Drive Attendance to Webinars, Seminars and Other Events

You may decide to develop a webinar or seminar to educate your market and relay valuable information to prospects. But developing a webinar and getting the right people to attend are two different things. Your SDR can reach out to promising attendees through email, social media and phone calls.

 6. Set Meetings at Conferences and Trade Shows

The most important business that happens at conferences and trade shows is usually in small meeting rooms. If you are attending or exhibiting at an event, take advantage of the industry get-together to set up meetings with hot prospects and key current clients. Your SDR can set the meetings for you.

7. Reach Out to Current Clients with Offers

Selling to existing clients is generally faster and less expensive than selling to new ones. According to Hubspot, you’re 60-70% more likely to sell to an existing client than a new one. But what about those clients you haven’t heard from in awhile? Your SDR can contact your existing clients with special offers to show your appreciation for their loyalty or just to update them on your newest products and services.

8. Add a Personal Touch

People like to buy from people they like and trust. Don’t underestimate the power of rapport-based marketing. Your SDR can reach out to wish your clients “Happy Birthday” and other greetings.

9. Ask Loyal Clients for Referrals

Adding referral gathering to SDR duties is bound to bring in the bacon. According to Nielsen, 84%  of global respondents across 58 countries said referrals from friends are the most trustworthy source. Yet many companies do not have programs in place where they request referrals.

Referrals are a critically important source of leads you cannot afford to ignore. If you don’t have a referral program in place, you need to start one today. Your SDR can lead the charge.

10. Ask Loyal Clients for Testimonials

The next best thing to a referral from someone you know is a heartfelt testimonial from a customer. 92% of people read online testimonials before buying. The opinions of your clients hold weight with prospects. Soliciting testimonials is another good job for SDRs who are accustomed to reaching out.

Set a Dedicated SDR to Work for You

A dedicated Umbrella SDR can schedule 30 or more meetings with top prospects for you every month. On top of that, they can do whatever else it takes to help you make money.  We invite you to schedule a free, no-obligation call with us to discuss our professional, turn-key SDR services. Immediately start getting a flood of high quality appointments while freeing your time to focus more on your clients.

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