How to Resell Reputation Management and Always Stay on Positive ROI

By Sean Brooks on May 28, 2021

Today, almost every digital marketing agency is offering reputation management as part of its services. This is no surprise, as the online reputation management niche has grown significantly over the past few years and became a highly sought-after service.

With the rise of review platforms and social media, consumers now have a strong voice that can’t be ignored. They can impact how others perceive a brand with a quick comment.

While established, large agencies can afford to offer online reputation management services with their own in-house teams; other smaller agencies don’t have the resources. This is why white label online reputation management is becoming popular among agencies wanting to offer more to their clients.

In this post, we’re going to discuss how you can resell reputation management? Its benefits and what to consider while choosing a white label reputation management firm?

How to resell reputation management?

White-label reputation management is the reselling of online reputation management services to other agencies who want to offer these services to clients.

The smaller agencies doing the reselling can mark up the service costs to profit while simultaneously maintaining low overheads. And it works because they don’t need to hire an entire team to perform the service.

To improve a company’s online reputation, a white label reputation management agency implements combined methods, which include:

  • Social media monitoring
  • Customer experience management
  • Online review management
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Reputation management software for agencies

With white label online reputation management, a company can improve how consumers perceive a brand, creating stronger customer loyalty and revenue growth. A white label reputation management agency can also help partner agencies solve a particular ORM problem faster and efficiently.

Why resell online reputation management?

If you run a digital marketing agency and want to offer online reputation management services at minimal cost, you better opt for a white label online reputation management agency. They might provide you with the most suitable arrangement. Here we discussed some of the benefits of offering white label online reputation management services to your clients:

Grow your revenue

Reputation management can be a great addition to the services you are currently offering, providing an excellent return on investment (ROI) in the form of revenue and customer satisfaction. ORM also reinforces other marketing methods.

The best companies that are offering reputation management bring added benefits to their clients. Mentions and positive reviews can only mean a boost in visibility, which happens to be one of the major goals of SEO and social media. More than that, a brand’s tarnished reputation can also recover with an exemplary reputation strategy.

Reputation management is an effective way to enhance a brand’s image and increase revenue.

Expand your offerings

Including online reputation management in your list of services can diversify your business and encourage faster growth. As businesses realize the importance and value of reputation management, they’ll look to the best reputation management companies for guidance.

A study on churn revealed that in two years, you would lose 70% of your clients if you only sell them one product, so you need diversification because it is the only way to maximize your stickiness with clients.

The best thing is companies don’t have to spend a single penny on building their own ORM marketing system. Instead, they can opt for one of the best white label online reputation management companies to provide them with the software and services they need. In addition, they don’t need to hire a team for reputation management.

By hiring a white label reputation agency, they can use a white label reputation management dashboard to manage online reviews and respond to them.

Save time and money

What if a client comes to you for help regarding their online reviews? Most often, companies don’t have time to respond to hundreds of online reviews. For this, they look for an expert in review response services as well as review monitoring. But what if your agency doesn’t have the capacity for that?

White label online reputation management enables agencies to expand their offering without investing in software or hire experts or workforce. They can outsource the service to reputation management experts.

The process is easier and simpler to manage, making white-label ORM an excellent option for smaller agencies and other B2B organizations.

You can also provide the systems and applications provided to you by white label ORM to your clients. Then, they can use them to implement ORM on their own.

Provide long-term solutions

Reputation management can benefit a business long after you implement ORM solutions with a white-label platform. While other marketing strategies are also essential, reputation management can prolong an entire digital marketing campaign’s success.

And that is because it makes a more significant impact on customer satisfaction; white label reputation management services deliver long-term benefits. By offering value-adding services like reputation management software for agencies, you ensure that your clients are investing in a solution that creates continued success in the future.

What to consider in a white-label reputation platform?

Before reselling reputation management, you will want to be sure your white label ORM provider is the right business partner for you. Additionally, you will also want to make sure their services align with your brand and what you want to offer clients.

There are few things that you need to make sure of before choosing a white label ORM.

Make sure the agency you choose meets these requirements:

  • They are monitoring critical sites like Facebook, Google, etc. Also, make sure that they are getting vertical-specific ones too.
  • Monitoring of social mentions on all major platforms. Social mentions are increasing and can provide some of the best marketing opportunities and feedback for many brands. You are going to need this.
  • If they are offering review generation services, make sure they follow Google review guidelines. You wouldn’t want to have a white-label service provider damage your reputation by using risky and shady tactics.
  • That they’re offering these services frequently or on a calendar basis, responding to a review a week too late can have bad consequences for your clients.
  • Make sure they can adopt a brand voice for your clients so that their responses fit the style that your clients want to portray.


White label services allow marketing service providers to become the master of their own destiny by providing them with all the tools they need to grow and scale with no stress.

In this digital age, reputation management has become a necessity for all businesses. But it is only one piece of the marketing stack that all businesses need to succeed in marketing. White labeling can also work for other solutions like social media, websites, and digital marketing.

If you want to scale your agency like never before, explore our white label reputation management services and get started today.

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