Email marketing for agencies – A definitive guide

By Sean Brooks on May 13, 2021

Some people believe that email marketing is gone due to the latest advancements in technology that have prevailed in business. But people are still using email extensively, which makes email marketing one of the easiest and cheapest ways to promote a business.

Do you know that the world sends and receives over 300 billion emails every day? And this number is projected to grow to an incredible 347 billion in three years. With a well-thought email marketing campaign, you can improve your sales and raise your brand awareness.

This post discusses all you need to know about email marketing for agencies to attract potential clients. Be it a travel agency or a marketing agency – this guide has got you covered!

What is Email Marketing for Agencies?

It is a process of promoting your business by sending targeted emails to your customers and prospects. Email marketing for agencies is a hybrid of direct and digital marketing that converts leads into buyers and buyers into loyal customers.

These emails can take the form of any purpose intended. If you aim to create a viable relationship with your clients, then email discussing your brand story is a great choice. Similarly, if you want to re-engage with your previous clients, in that case, you can send an email offering a limited-time coupon for your services that would make perfect sense.

Why Email Marketing Works for Agencies?

Agencies today primarily focus their efforts on social media marketing. But the benefits that come with email marketing should never be doubted. Almost 79% of B2B marketers believe emails are the most successful medium for distributing content.

You must be wondering why is email marketing the best tool for agencies? Here are the reasons why.

It is Personalized

Emails can be customized to a more significant extent. By availing the services of a leading and robust email marketing software, targeted emails can be sent to actual and potential clients relevant to the stage of the buyer’s journey funnel they occupy.

Sending the relevant emails at the right time is a proven way for your clients to take the action you desire.

Its is Measurable

Compared to other marketing tools that are difficult to measure, email marketing is easy to track the performance of your email campaigns. You can check which email gets sent, which are opened, and in which your desired action is taken.

These ongoing statistics enable you to tweak email campaigns to derive the most value from them.

It is Independent

Imaging working tirelessly to make your Instagram account more attractive only to find it suspended the next day. Email marketing can save you from these unfavourable events.

You are the owner of your mailing list, and no algorithm changes or account suspension can alter that. It enables you to be confident about reaching your clients in their inbox each time.

It is value-based

Today, brands only prefer those agencies that create value for them instead of aggressively selling their services. Emails are designed to build credibility, create awareness, narrate your brand story, and strategically target sales.

With this approach, your client’s potential customers feel connected and are more likely to purchase.

Choosing an Email Marketing Software

Email marketing for agencies is like no other. At the same time, you deal with multiple clients. This dealing can be challenging to manage with subpar software. So, it is better to consider the following factors when making your decision.

Account Management

Since you’re dealing with multiple clients simultaneously, a tool that lets you manage only one brand is not suitable for you. Consider a software provider that allows you to switch between different clients.

Reporting Capabilities

In email marketing, you not only send an email and call it a day but also constantly monitor the performance of these campaigns once made live. So, choose software that features a dashboard that shows your campaign’s progress against key performance indicators.


As an agency, it is always worse to display your portfolio to potential clients to find it bombarded with another company’s branding.
“So, then should I develop my own software?” Absolutely not; you can opt for a white label email marketing software.

These systems enable you to remove their branding and lets you customize their dashboard to a more significant extent.

Maybe you’re wondering why your agency succeeds in most of its marketing efforts, but your email marketing doesn’t work. In such cases, you must consider white label email marketing.

What is white label email marketing?

If your agency resell email marketing solutions and present them as your own to your clients, that’s white labelling. You can get a full white label email marketing software or platform, rebrand it, and resell it to your clients. You’ll get all the fame because your clients will believe that you developed it.

Benefits of white label email marketing

Before choosing a white-label service provider, be sure to check their reputation by reading reviews, inspecting their site and chatting their support. If you choose a credible and reputable email marketing provider, you won’t regret it. Here are some benefits you’ll get to reap:

Having more time for other services

Complete outsourcing of your email marketing services will get you more time to focus on your other offerings. And you can work on perfecting a couple of services instead of trying to be a jack of all trades.

Getting a new revenue stream

If email marketing services are a new addition to your offerings, you can earn a lot of money. Providing another service to your loyal clients will add a new stream of income to your business. And the best thing is you won’t have to put in more effort.

Garnering the expertise of professionals

It’s in the interest of your white label provider to be amazing at email marketing. That’s why they have all the knowledge and are aware of the tricks of the trade. Besides, they follow all the latest innovations and improve their services and products on a regular basis.

If you offer different marketing solutions, you won’t have time to update yourself about each of them. By reselling email marketing services, you use your white label provider’s extensive knowledge and expertise in a specific field.


When it comes to providing authentic services to your clients, such as email marketing, don’t wait to hire a team. Don’t wait for months to create your own software or strategy. But instead, opt for a white label email marketing platform.

Choose the money-saving, time-saving way of taking the white label email marketing route and set yourself up for higher revenues.

With Umbrella, you can help your clients send emails to 150M people with more than 700 customer targeting parameters. We will equip you with the right tools and techniques to take control of your client’s email marketing.

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