6 Ways to Drive Conversions in 2022

By Suraj Jha on Dec 7, 2021

How do you achieve the best possible conversion rate for your clients? Whether you want to offer conversion rate optimization services to your clients or improve the effectiveness of your marketing services overall, the right tools and techniques are essential. Those techniques do not stay the same forever—they’re changing all the time. Any team experienced with SEO knows that behind-the-scenes changes have major impacts on the effectiveness of a marketing strategy.

Staying ahead of the curve by embracing innovation can yield better results for your clients and provide an important boost to your own brand. However, you want to keep your team focused on services that are core to your business. Learn the latest trends that you should consider leveraging for your clients with the assistance of a white label digital marketing team.

1. Explore the Potential in Machine Learning for Segmentation

Segmentation is not a new technique, but emergent technologies are changing how marketers can segment a market. When optimizing your client’s conversion rate is at the top of the to-do list, improving your targeting and reaching the most motivated market segments are essential steps. Machine learning opens the door to big-data analysis at a scale.

Machine learning algorithms based on “k-means clustering” techniques can lead to more effective segmentation than simply grouping based on demographic or geographic information. For clients that have a healthy store of customer data and transaction information, developing custom machine learning algorithms with experienced developers could allow you to identify patterns and market segments that they didn’t even know existed.

Effective machine learning analysis starts with a strong sense of your client’s existing target segments. Use that information to further refine and define other associations. As these segmentation technologies mature, their impact on targeted marketing could notably impact conversion rates.

2. Embrace Social Proof and User-Generated Content

Educating your clients on the value of “social proof” can open the door to new marketing strategies that effectively drive conversions. More than three-quarters say that they trust reviews as much as they would trust a recommendation from a friend. Users want social proof that your client’s products or services are worth their time.

As a result, there is an immense surge in the demand for user-generated content far beyond the typical star rating and review. User-uploaded product videos can drive unique engagement opportunities while also educating buyers on their journey. Incentivizing verified buyers to “help” by producing this content with discount offers or other perks can be a means of driving repeat business on its own.

Featuring this kind of information in your client’s marketing can build trust with new shoppers looking for signs of quality and popularity. UGC can be highly valuable as a means of emphasizing the human element of the buying process.

3. AI Chatbots Are the Future of Sales and Customer Service

“AI”-powered chat robots are a key part of the future of online sales and support. Using techniques such as natural language processing, these bots live on your website 24/7/365. They are always ready to answer questions, provide suggestions, or connect a user with a human customer service agent. According to some market research, more than two-thirds of all web users globally had some form of interaction with a chatbot in 2020.

AI chatbots can be a direct connection to dramatically improved conversion rates when they are set up correctly and well-optimized for your client’s target markets. Turnkey bot templates and white label digital marketing solutions make it easy to deploy this technology cost-effectively and quickly. That effort, combined with the potential chatbots have to generate up to 10 times as many leads or sales, makes this a must-have technology for your clients.

4. Use Logos to Showcase Certifications or Recognition

Just as social proof builds trust and steers leads into the buying funnel, specific signs can advertise your client’s trustworthiness with authority. Sometimes called “trust badges”, there are several signs and logos that your client can obtain and use to build reliability. While badges themselves aren’t new, more recent research indicates they can have a measurable effect on buyers visiting websites they may not intrinsically trust.

In a study presented by German researchers at the European Conference on Information Systems, scientists established the existence of a “trust tipping point” at which users were more easily persuaded to engage with a site because of trust badges. Businesses should strongly consider re-evaluating their badge strategy to boost visibility and immediacy to capture user trust. Additionally, there are new badges to consider, such as those expressing GDPR compliance.

Other options might include:

  • Secure shopping cart system certifications such as the Norton Secure Shopping program
  • Logos and badges from industry-specific accreditation or licensing bodies
  • Badges for official awards or industry recognition
  • Business-specific badges for features such as product warranties, quality guarantees, or free shipping.

Obtaining and using these badges gives users a visual indicator of your client’s brand trust.

While trust badges might seem to be a small element of a digital marketing strategy, they can drive results. In a recent survey of online shoppers, 76% said badges influence their personal feelings regarding the safety of a site. Nearly half said that badges had a positive impact on a site’s trustworthiness. Combined with social proof, these tools can keep buyers feeling confident and invested during their journeys towards a conversion.

5. Look to Innovative New Video Technologies

Online audiences are always ready for the next new and exciting trend—just look at the success of engagement-based social video platforms such as TikTok to see that mass mentality in action. While marketers and their clients have recognized the value of video for years, the effectiveness of video at driving engagement hasn’t faded. In fact, users still spend five times longer looking at videos than images.

The key to staying on the cutting edge of video content is going beyond the basics. Google’s latest 3D ad format, called Swirl, gives advertisers an unprecedented level of flexibility to work with when creating interactive content. Leveraging other emerging technologies, including 3D video that lets users control the camera, creates new and exciting engagement opportunities. For some clients, building a virtual reality experience could be a lucrative marketing investment. But keep in mind that turning to a white label digital marketing firm to access these technologies gives you and your clients quick access to established expertise.

6. Design With User Psychology in Mind

Many marketing agency clients possess unrealized opportunities for making web design improvements that could drive conversions. Designing with psychology in mind is an intense area of focus today and a rising trend in marketing. Working with a white label digital marketing team experienced with these techniques gives you a quick and easy way to extend the opportunity for meaningful marketing to your clients.

What does it mean to use psychology in design? The two top areas of consideration are the “sense of urgency” and the “fear of missing out” or FOMO. Users who sense a limited amount of time to act on a purchase or see how many others have enjoyed the same purchase are more likely to follow through and buy. When Ticketmaster redesigned its site to instill a greater sense of urgency by showing users how little time remained to purchase a given event, the business reported a conversion rate improvement of over 7%.

Some of the most common forms of urgent design include product inventory counters indicating how few items remain in stock, purchase notifications that inform visitors about other buyers completing sales and limited-time discount offers. Some choose to use language in web copy that implies the user will regret not taking a time-limited deal or exploring more about a product offer.

Even social proof, UGC and badges can create a sense of FOMO by showcasing to users how many others have already “joined the club” – so why haven’t they? Explore solutions that align with your client’s market and determine which option is the best fit.

Tap into Innovative Strategies Backed by Proven Experience

The needs and desires of consumers are not static—they are in a state of constant evolution. The same is true in marketing. As new technologies and innovative ideas in digital spaces emerge, conversion techniques must evolve to remain effective. At Umbrella, connecting our agency partners with cutting-edge opportunities to create value and drive results is what we do best. Through experience, research and customization, we help you create value and confidence for your brand through white label digital marketing.

Uncover fresh techniques and new ways to deliver valuable wins for your clients. Start with a free consultation with our expert marketing team.

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