SMS for Business Why your clients need it in the Covid era and beyond

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By George Pliakes on Apr 25, 2021

In the previous year, global pandemic and social distancing have proven the importance of digital readiness for businesses. To continue revenue generation, companies must have a complete infrastructure to support this shift to a completely digitized world. Conversational business texting is proven to be one of the most effective tools agencies use to boost client results.

According to reports, 92% of the U.S population have a phone capable of receiving SMS, and 75% of millennials prefer SMS communications for promotions, deliveries, and surveys. Furthermore, 83% of millennials read SMS messages within 90 seconds of receiving them.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Technology is playing an essential role to keep society functional. And these technologies may undoubtedly have a long-lasting impact beyond the pandemic. Therefore, if you’re not already using text messaging, it’s time to implement it as a solid communication channel for your client. 

Why does your client need SMS for their business? 

During these certain times, businesses are forced to change the way they work in order to survive. Instant and reliable communication plays a significant role. 

Every business will be affected in different ways. If your client owns a restaurant or a hospitality business, they may have to offer a delivery service or even temporarily close until the world returns to normality. Whatever the circumstances, your client will meet new challenges, but the only thing to remember is communication between staff and customers. 

This is where SMS comes in handy. It is the perfect communication tool to boost client results. At Umbrella, we make it easy for agencies to deliver texting services to their clients. Our white label business texting program allows you to initiate high-powered and result-driven text message marketing campaigns. 

We have put together some handy ideas for how you can use SMS to help your client maintain the regular routines and as well as being able to prepare for potential changes:

Bulk SMS campaigns

During this pandemic business, continuity plans are essential. These need to be tested and tried, so in case of emergency, you have a plan in place, which is suited for your business and ensures everyone will remain informed and safe. Bulk SMS campaigns enable you to send out a text message to hundreds, thousands of people in a cost-effective manner. 

SMS are perfect for updates; with high open rates, you can be sure people will be reading your messages so important things won’t be missed. It also allows you to view delivery reports on sent campaigns, ensuring all contacts receiving the messages. So, tap into the white label business texting program to deliver results to your client regarding business continuity. 

SMS Keywords 

Although marketing campaigns may have come to a stop for many businesses, SMS keywords ensure that your client’s business is prepared when the world returns to normality. Keywords are one of the excellent lead generation tools. When someone texts a keyword to a short code, they will be added automatically to the database of contacts. You can also decide to add an auto-reply if you want to. This could be a simple thank you or a link to direct them to more information, such as a website. 

Suppose your client owns a restaurant or club that has closed recently due to COVID-19. You can advertise a keyword on your social platforms on which people can text to be informed about the updates during the closure and when the business will be back open as usual. Or it can be a keyword that provides an auto-reply, including a link back to their adapted delivery options. By doing so, you will build up a database of contacts for your clients so they can come back stronger than ever. By investing in a white label SMS reseller program, you can use them to your client’s advantage. 

Two-way SMS

For businesses, it is essential to provide outbound messages, including updates and information to staff and customers. However, it is also handy for people to get in touch with you about concerns and questions they may have. 

In conversational business texting, users can reply directly back to your SMS messages. Alternatively, you can advertise the number across social media platforms or websites and initiate a conversation. When this pandemic will over, and things start to return to normal, people will remember customer service and are more likely to return as a customer. Umbrella offers you the latest Technology that encompasses more than 30 Direct A2P carrier connections. It allows businesses to send and receive text messages using landlines, VoIP numbers, or existing toll-free numbers. 

Urgent COVID-Related Messages 

Organizations like the Centers for Disease Control (CDCgov) and World Health Organization (WHO) are working with SMS providers to support the delivery of COVID-19 related messages to the general public. Businesses are also implementing new safety measures to help combat COVID-19. Given that team members are trying to opt for social distancing as much as possible, it’s hard to check in often. With conversational business texting, they can remind their employees about the safety measures regularly. For example, they can send reminders to stay at home if they experience any symptoms or feel ill. 

SMS messaging helps businesses ensure that employees have all the information they need to protect themselves and stay safe. 

Wrapping Up

For almost every industry, there are many examples of organizations and businesses that are using SMS messaging. Texting has proven to be an affordable and effective way to connect with others. It doesn’t matter whether you work for a large corporation or run your own small business; there are many innovative uses of text messaging. 

Don’t already have business texting for your clients? With our white label business texting program, you can improve your clients’ relationships, automate tedious tasks and ensure their messages get delivered on time and read quickly. 

Our team of SMS experts are available to help with any questions or queries. They would be happy to share our expertise and show you how text messaging can help your clients. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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