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    Does Your Client Need to Secure Funding for Business Growth?

    Umbrella Local provides small businesses with UNSECURED as well as SECURED financing. We can help you buy inventory, equipment, hire employees, acquire a competitor’s asset, or pay for a strategic marketing program to increase sales.The 3 Golden QuestionsIf you can answer YES to any of these questions, we can help with up to $500,000 in unsecured financing.
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    Is your client’s credit score 680 or higher? If it’s not, does your client have someone who can apply on their behalf?

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    Does your client’s business generate $1500 plus every month in revenue while operating business for at least six months?

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    Does your client or anyone who wants to apply have more than $40,000 in an IRA or have 401K but not with the existing employer?

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    Funding for Startup

    Up to $350,000 Unsecured business or private funding. This product is personal credit-driven, which requires 660 plus credit by at least one guarantor. Your client can enjoy a zero % interest rate on this funding for up to 21 months. Get quick approvals and a fast turnaround.

    Revenue Based Advances and Loans

    Is your client’s business generating revenue, but it lacks credit history? These are genuine advances and loans, which range from $10,000 to $1 million. Our agency evaluates your client’s business health based on its cash flow and not only credit scores. As we have an in-depth understanding of small businesses, we can provide financial help to your client’s business as quickly as within 48 business hours, requiring little documentation.

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    Franchise Funding

    We offer fast and in-house approvals for your clients through our financial partner banks with streamlined documentation and closing process. We provide innovative loan structures with up to 25 years terms. Rates may vary between 6.25% and 7.25%.

    SBA Loans

    Is your client looking to purchase a business or take the existing business to new heights? We can provide extensive funding to established businesses having good cash flow and tax returns. All this comes with amazingly low-interest rates of 6% to 8% and generous terms for payback 10 to 25 years. Our professional processing team supports you at every step from start to finish. Typically, SBA loans take almost two weeks to 2 months, but they provide the highest amount of loans with the best rates of interest.

    Retirements Assets Based Funding

    Business Directed Retirement Account (BDRA) enables the clients to invest their retirement assets without any taxable distributions or penalties into their existing or new business. By taking benefit from this program, your clients can expand or start a business without debt, enabling them to accomplish profitability quickly without the involvement of banks, credit checks, and loans.


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    Howard Pearl

    Howard Pearl

    I was floundering with my internet marketing programs. There are many scams and undelivered promises out there. When I found Umbrella, a light bulb went off in my head. The programs made sense, they were easy to follow, and the training and support showed me that they cared about my success. This is a full-throated recommendation if you want to change your life.


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