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Pay Per Result SEO: Give ‘Em What They Want

By Deborah Kurfiss, Umbrella Content Marketing Director on Jun 24, 2022

Every business person likes as much certainty as possible before spending money on building their business. Why take unnecessary risks? They look at SEO no differently. Why put money into driving traffic without any idea if the efforts will be successful? But you can offer your clients a sure thing with Pay Per Result SEO (also known as Pay Per Results SEO, Performance Based SEO and Pay for Performance SEO). You say you don’t offer that to your clients? Well you easily could by reselling white label Pay Per Result SEO services.

Now we all know the holy grail is to get your clients’ websites on the first page of Google. Here’s the hard truth

SEO is not a game for the faint of heart.

The Uphill Battle

About 74% of businesses make some effort at SEO.  Most business owners and executives understand they need it. But clearly, a lot of businesses are missing the mark when it comes to SEO since Google ranks such an extremely small number of pages. Many businesses waste thousands of dollars per year on SEO services without much in the way of results.  Business owners want the first page of Google, but often their pages don’t even rank.

This is less than thrilling to business owners. They don’t know who to trust in a world where opportunists with little experience often present themselves as SEO experts.

How can you win the trust of these weary business owners? One way you can win their trust is through offering white label pay per result SEO. No results, no pay.

How Pay Per Result SEO Works

The name pretty much describes the concept. Instead of paying somewhere between $500 to $5,000 per month (depending if local, domestic or international campaign), business owners can get a guarantee. With Pay Per Result SEO, clients can pay when they get results.  And “result” means the first page of Google. We’ve already seen that ranking lower than that doesn’t much help a business.

Pay Per Result SEO is easier for marketing agencies to sell than traditional SEO, because it’s risk-free for their clients. It also makes campaign management easier.  When clients are not worried about costs, they aren’t likely to stop or throttle down a promising SEO campaign before it can bear fruit. As you know, it can take months before your clients can see the results they want from SEO campaigns.

The Misconceptions About Pay Per Result SEO

If you do a bit of research, you may find articles that rail against Pay Per Result SEO. Consider the source, which is usually agencies who do not offer it, because they want to get paid immediately whether the clients get results or not.

The Specter of Black Hat Strategies

Obviously, if you are reselling white label services of any kind to your clients, you want to work with experts you can trust. You are entrusting your clients to them. As with any business endeavor, you must be careful to work with professionals. You can find disreputable people using black hat strategies in every area of marketing and SEO. Of course, PPR is among them.

Legitimate SEO agencies and experts are not going to use black hat strategies no matter the pricing structure.

Look for a white label Pay Per Result SEO services agency with experts who

  • Have deep SEO industry experience over many years
  • Can demonstrate past successful results
  • Are transparent and explain their processes
  • Are not high pressure
  • Can show glowing testimonials
  • Have many long term clients

Concern for Results Longevity

A good white label Pay Per Result services reseller is not going to use specialists who rush the SEO process for the sake of short-term results at the expense of the long haul. For example, at Umbrella, we offer many white label services. We are not going to risk our reputation and have our Pay Per Result SEO work reflect badly on other services. Neither are we desperate for a quick score at the expense of long-term, solid SEO practices. This is an advantage of working with a large marketing platform for your white label services vs. small SEO agencies or consultants who may have fewer resources.

We want your clients to be happy with the services you provide them for years to come. That’s a win for your agency, a win for your client and a win for Umbrella. Once we get your clients on the first page of Google, we will do what it takes to keep them there while remaining ethical.

Umbrella’s White Label Pay Per Result SEO Services

At Umbrella, it is important to us that we make you look good to your clients. That is our first and foremost goal. To do that, we use the best experts we can find. We don’t cut corners. We research thoroughly, take the time to understand each client’s situation and desires. Then we build an SEO program focused on making your client more successful.

  • We start out by learning all we can about your client. That includes their previous Google adverting results, previous SEO efforts and business goals.
  • Next is intense keyword research.
  • To get the ball rolling, we will suggest ten keyword phrases including high-volume and long-tail search terms. This enables your client to rank quickly.
  • We continue to work on harder to rank, higher-volume phrases that require more time to rank.

Normally, your client will start to rank for keywords within three months. They will rank for more as time goes on and we get those harder to rank keywords on the first page of Google. We are dedicated to helping you grow your relationships with your clients for a long time to come.

Umbrella Promises First Page of Google or You Don’t Pay

Unlike some flash-in-the-pan SEO agencies, Umbrella is a white label SEO platform that has been at this for about 18 years. We are confident we can get your clients on the first page of Google. We know from experience.

Contact us for a free consultation about what we can do for your clients.

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