Inside Tips on Increasing Your Revenue by Reselling SEO Services

White label digital marketing services

By Darren Johnson on Nov 3, 2021

Most businesses are looking for SEO services, so it can be low hanging fruit for marketing agencies. This is particularly true if they are already working with the client. Though many agencies want to expand their services to their clients, they may not have the inhouse experience to offer SEO.

There is an easy and lucrative solution. When you partner with a white label SEO agency, you can resell SEO services to your clients under your brand name. That way you can expand your business and not have to worry about taking on an excessive workload.

Five Things You Need to Know

From choosing the right white label agency to marketing your new services, here are five things you should know before you begin.

1. Identify the Services You Will Resell

You need to first conduct a discovery survey to identify which SEO services you should resell. One approach is to base it on what your current clients need. Another is to base it on your plans for the expansion of your marketing agency. Then search for an appropriate white label SEO company that has the services you’re looking for. Common SEO services you can resell include Pay Per Click SEO and local SEO.  Even better is to find an agency that offers Pay Per Result SEO.

2. Check the Pricing Model

Check to see the different white label agencies’ pricing structures. Check first if they offer Pay Per Result SEO services. It’s where you only pay the agency after they’ve successfully ranked your client’s business on Google’s first page.

You can also go for the Pay Per Click options. But if an agency is offering you Pay Per Result service, then you know that they can truly help your clients’ rank. That’s because no business will make such a big promise if they can’t deliver.

3. Find a White Label Agency with which You Can Grow

For those who want to grow their marketing agencies, seek out a white label services agency that offers a multitude of services. You might want to resell only one or two SEO services for now, but as you gain more clients and your reputation grows, you may want to provide additional services beyond SEO. So, look at the scope of the agency’s services and determine if you can foresee a long working relationship with them.

4. Learn Enough about the Services You’re Reselling

The reason you’re reselling SEO services may be that you lack the expertise to do it yourself. But it’s still advisable to learn the basics, and a good white label agency will help you with that. Your clients might ask you questions about these services, so you should be able to answer questions that come up repeatedly. Then you can come across as an expert even if you’re using a white label agency to do the actual work.

5. Don’t Shift Focus Away from Your Clients

As marketers, we know how important customer service is. But sometimes we tend to neglect client management, especially if we have a lot on our plates. Your clients should always remain your priority if you plan on expanding your marketing agency by reselling SEO services.

Your white label agency can offer your clients reports and analytics about how their websites are doing (or offer them to you to give to your clients if you prefer). But you will still want to keep in regular contact with your client and be mindful of good customer service. After all, the secret to ongoing business is a good relationship.

Reselling services doesn’t mean that you can be completely hands-off. It’s still your marketing agency and your clients. You don’t try to expand too rapidly and unwittingly ignore your clients/.

Why Should You Resell SEO Services?

Now that you know how to resell white label SEO services, here’s an overview of the benefits you can enjoy by doing so.

1. Cost-Effective Way to Scale Your Marketing Agency

Maintaining an in-house team of SEO experts can be costly, more so if you’re trying to hire professionals with extensive experience. The salary of an average SEO professional can be around $47,107 annually or more depending on your location. Whereas the cost of white label SEO services can be around $650-2,000 per month. If you want to keep it all in-house then you’ll have to find new clients, market your agency and do the SEO work all by yourself or with the help of your team. That can cost you both time and valuable resources. That’s why while label SEO services can be cost-effective. You won’t have to hire experts and manage them. Instead, you can focus only on marketing your agency and leave the rest to the white label company.

2.  Diversify Your Services and Offer Better Results

If you try to add more services to your roster using your current staff or by hiring new staff, you might spread yourself too thin and compromise the quality of your services. If you were to start learning today about an SEO service you don’t currently offer, you probably won’t be able to match the level of veterans in the industry.

White label SEO agencies help you diversify your services by doing the heavy lifting for you. You can also be secure in the knowledge you have hired an experienced team who will take good care of your clients. So, by reselling SEO services you can offer your clients better results.

3. Retain Current Clients and Attract More

Consider this. Suppose you are currently doing the social media marketing for a small business. Then one day, they decide to launch a new eCommerce store. They then ask if your agency can handle the SEO and enable them to rank on the first page of search engines.

If you’ve never done SEO for a website before, that’s going to be outside of your scope of work. This is where reselling SEO services can be the perfect solution. In this case, reselling SEO services enables you to retain your client who might otherwise seek out a more full-service marketing agency. You can and offer them top-notch services without being an expert.

It can cost five times more to gain new clients than to retain your current ones. Your clients’ businesses will continue to grow if you do your job right. As they grown, when they need services beyond the current scope of your agency, it’s good to know you can connect with a reputable white label agency to provide your clients with what they need. And of course, you can then attract more clients with your expanded services.

Resell SEO Services to Increase Your Client Base

Your clients will keep coming back to you if they trust your brand and gain value by working with your agency. So, when they ask for an SEO services that you don’t provide, it’s good business to explore white label companies. Doing so can improve your customer retention.

A Bain & Company survey found that increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits by up to 25%. That goes to show that reselling SEO services has the potential to generate a great ROI for you.

Umbrella offers a wide range of white label SEO services to marketing agencies. Contact Umbrella for a free consultation or visit our services page to learn more about our scope of services.

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