How to build a successful SEO business from home

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By Christopher Benson on May 7, 2021

Planning to start an SEO business from home? You may be confused about how to generate quick ROI through SEO services? If you’re going through this situation, consider yourself cured! 

Do you know that SEO was forecast to be an $80 billion industry by 2020? 

This means the number of businesses investing in SEO increases with each passing day, and it’s not hard to say why. When the markets are closed due to COVID-19, and the vast majority of consumers in the world are shopping online, only businesses with the most robust online presence are making a killing. 

The SEO industry is there, and the best part is that you can run it from your couch or home. 

This article will take you through a successful journey that can help you earn the tag of “Best SEO Agency” for your home-based SEO business. 

What are the common misunderstandings among SEO companies? 

Before you begin, it is necessary to know that you don’t have to master all terms in the SEO glossary to run a successful home-based SEO business. 

If you own an SEO agency or want to start a search engine optimization firm, you need a team of qualified, experienced, and trustworthy partners. 

If you think one man will bring the sales and revenue, the results could be worse and disappointing. Or, if you intend to not hire a team of SEO professionals, you can choose a white label SEO service provider who can fulfil the client requirements on your behalf. 

Misunderstanding #1: SEO Gurus are not required to earn the title of the best SEO company

SEO consultants and managers assume that they have to be well-experienced and know every aspect of SEO before selling it. This is a common misconception, and you have to remove it from your mind before starting your SEO business from home.

You only need to know a few core SEO business ideas. It will help you explain the basics of SEO to your clients without any hesitations. 

Always remember that your clients are not experts in doing it. That’s why they’re seeking your SEO services. Your job is to show them the results and not give them in-depth information on how you will achieve them. You only need a well-laid out roadmap; that’s it. 

Misunderstanding #2: You don’t need to have a 100% in house SEO team to become the best SEO agency

If you’re trying to build a successful SEO business from your home, don’t go on a hiring spree! You will end up spending thousands of dollars every month. More than that, it is also possible that the new employees might turn in unused assets after completing the project. 

If this is the case, it is better to render SEO services to your clients by choosing the leading white label SEO service provider

What does a White Label Service Provider do? 

A white label SEO service Provider is an SEO company that fulfils the requirements of other SEO agencies. They will provide you with unbranded reports to show the same to your clients with your custom branding. 

Any newly built SEO business’ success lies in the effectiveness of the SEO services you provide to your clients. That’s why it is suggested to collaborate with a successful and experienced white label SEO service provider such as Umbrella

Moreover, include leverageable solutions so that you do not have to worry about in-house strengths. After doing so, you won’t fear missing deadlines before accepting projects from clients regularly. 

Opting for white label SEO providers enables you to offer 360-degree SEO solutions to your clients without hiring in-house SEO practitioners. 

Now that we have explored the two common misunderstandings among SEO companies and agencies let’s move to the next step to build a successful SEO business from home. 

How to start an SEO business from home? 

Gain SEO expertise 

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to be an SEO guru to start your SEO business, but it is necessary to have some knowledge and skills. 

As such, the first step to building an SEO company is to make yourself familiar with SEO. Enrol yourself in online classes and ensure that you understand SEO techniques by the end of it, including keyword research, content creation, and link building. 

SEO is ever-changing, so never stop learning. Keep yourself updated to ensure you’re abreast of the latest SEO trends and methods. 

Create a business plan 

Entrepreneurs often start their business from home without a business plan, which becomes a big mess up. 

Although a home business might not be a complicated entity, still you shouldn’t start without a plan.

Therefore, take your time and draft a business plan for an upcoming SEO agency. This is also where you have to craft its name and list down the SEO services you will be offering. 

A well-crafted business plan includes: 

  • Market Analysis 
  • Startup Capital Requirements 
  • Income and Expenditure requirements 
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy  

Register your business 

Because SEO is an online service and the industry is unregulated, you would easily assume that you don’t need to meet any business registration requirements. Just develop a website, and off you go.

No, it’s not that simple. 

Although your client will never ask you about a license or permit, formal registration gives your business a professional look. 

Go to your local business registration department and get your company registered. Most people tend to register it as a sole proprietorship, but you can register it as a limited liability company. 

By doing so, your assets will be protected just in case a client slaps with a lawsuit or the company spirals into debt. 

Start building your business’ online presence

The primary goal of an SEO company is to achieve high search engine rankings. Therefore, it is suggested to build a robust online presence and good rankings. Otherwise, who will trust in your services if your own website is languishing on Google’s second or third page? 

This is the reason why building an online presence is much important before you even start hunting for clients. 

You can start by developing a user-friendly website that meets SEO standards. It should have a responsive design. Check out the Umbrella website for inspiration. 

Make sure to list all the SEO services you offer, along with your contact information. You can also work on adding a live chat feature too. 

In the next step, set up a blog. Where you will publish posts on SEO and other related subjects, these posts can help you rank highly for specific keywords. 

You also have to set up social media pages for your SEO company. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter should be your core platforms. 

Build a remote team 

As your company starts to pick up the projects, you’ll realize that you need more SEO professionals to help you. 

But how can you build a team when your business is home-based? 

The first option is to contact a white label agency that resells SEO services. It is one of the cost-effective options for companies who keep themselves away from the hustle of hiring employees. 

The other most effective way to scale your business is to build a remote team. This includes videographers, content creators, and other specialists with skills that your company needs. 


If you want to start an SEO business from home, the steps we’ve mentioned above are some of the secrets most successful companies hesitate to reveal. Now, you’re left with only one thing: Implementing it. 

It may seem like an arduous task initially, but remember, if you execute it right, you will start earning big-figure returns within no time.

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