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Prepare for the Holiday Rush with White Label AI Chatbots

By Deborah Kurfiss, Umbrella Content Marketing Director on Sep 30, 2022

We are entering the fourth quarter of the year. That means people will soon start holiday shopping (some have already), and retail clients better be prepared for them. Other businesses such as those in the hospitality and travel sectors also see an uptick this time of year. Beyond marketing campaigns, you can motivate these holiday shoppers to purchase from your clients by being ready for them. You need effective tools that make your clients money. White label AI chatbots are very effective in engaging customers, capturing leads and increasing sales.

Today, artificial intelligence enables chatbots to be used for purposes far beyond a user interface. They can help your clients attract customers, establish connections, increase engagement and motivate customers to convert.

If you have clients that still are not using AI chatbots, this is the perfect time for them to start. As of October 1, there are still 56 days until Black Friday. This is the time to pull out all the guns. You have enough time, but you better get going.

And the need for AI chatbots doesn’t just apply to your clients who want an edge at the holidays. This is an opportune time for all your clients including those in B2B to get their ducks in a row so they are ready for bear before the new year begins.

Always Be Available

People may be shopping for holiday gifts online any time of the day or night. If they have questions, you want to answer them. But at the same time, your client may not have 24/7 customer service.

With white label AI chatbots, they don’t need to. In fact, AI chatbots can answer most questions and solve most problems without a human. And if a human is needed, everything will be preserved from the chatbot conversation so a human can follow up during regular business hours. This is far better than a customer getting discouraged, leaving and never coming back. Many businesses find they can cut back on customer support once they have AI chatbots.

Capture Those Lookie-Loos!

People are already cruising around websites looking for holiday gift ideas. 43% of people start their holiday shopping before Halloween! But if they see something and are not sure whether it meets their needs, they move on to other websites. They may think they will come back, but often they don’t.

Stop them! Place chat buttons strategically so prospects can easily get their answers at any time day or night! And while they are getting their answers, you can get vital lead information for your upcoming campaigns.

Place chatbot buttons in key places on the site such as your client’s shopping cart and product description pages. Businesses should see a two to four time increase (or a lot more) in the number of qualified leads with AI chatbots! Look for white label AI chatbots that offers you this kind of a guarantee for your clients!

Analyze Chatbot Data for Future Campaigns

When conversations with AI chatbots reveal customer information, it’s not just bare contact information like those sign-up-for-a-newsletter forms where you are afraid to ask too many questions. Instead, the AI chatbot can gather valuable information in a conversational setting about their preferences, tastes, products that interest them, features they favor and how they plan to use the product. Is it for them? Their kids? A gift for Aunt Sarah?

The more information the chatbot gathers, the better the chatbot can serve the customer, answer their questions and guide them. At the same time, information from chatbot conversations is a goldmine for targeted marketing campaigns.

Convert on the Spot

It doesn’t stop there. Yes, AI chatbots can answer your client’s customers’ questions 24/7 while gathering data about them. But an AI chatbot can not only give information, it can show photos, offer deals, and suggest related products, add-ons and accessories. An AI chatbot can make sales right there inside the chat!

Qualify Hot Leads

If it’s a more complicated sale that requires a live human, such as many B2B sales, the AI chatbot can transfer immediately to the appropriate salesperson. In other words, the AI chatbot can engage the prospect, give them information and transfer them to the right salesperson instead of the prospect just browsing and leaving the site. If the salespeople are not working at that time, they will have everything they need to follow up the next day from the saved chat.


Engage with AI Chatbots Beyond your Clients’ Websites

AI chatbots are not limited to your clients’ websites. You can also use AI chatbots in ads, social media, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

This is a major step in the holy grail of personalization and increased engagement. It enables a client’s customer to contact your client wherever the client’s customer is without even going to a website. Messaging also enables you to send your client’s customers alerts now and again when there is a great sale or other offer that you know would interest them.

Get Started with White Label AI Chatbots

You can have white label AI chatbots installed on a client’s website quickly and immediately start to reap the rewards of increased sales leads and conversions. You don’t need to know how to install and set these up yourself, because Umbrella’s experts can do it for you. This is the perfect time. Don’t wait. Provide your clients with the competitive advantage of AI chatbots for their holiday selling season.

Contact Umbrella for a free consultation for how AI chatbots can help your clients.


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