9 Signs You Should Recommend a Client Website Redesign

By Deborah Kurfiss, Umbrella Content Marketing Director on Jul 29, 2022

Today, your client’s website is their calling card. It’s typically the first impression customers have of your client’s company. If the site looks old-fashioned or if it is difficult to use, that can easily leave a bad impression and cost your client business. If that’s the case, it’s time for a website redesign.

If you are responsible for your client’s website, you should be constantly analyzing its performance. You’ll probably want to regularly do tweaks and minor updates fairly regularly. But at some point, it may pay your client to do a redesign that updates many of their website elements. If the website is not attracting prospects and converting them into leads, that time has come.

The most important elements of a website depend on your client’s type of business and their goals. Below are some aspects you will want to keep an eye on. Update as needed, but don’t be afraid to undertake a complete redesign when it will increase your client’s success.

1. Lackluster or Outdated Design

Website designs run in trends just like everything else from fashion to tastes in literature. You don’t want your client’s website to look like everyone else’s but at the same time, you don’t want them to look like their website was designed 20 years ago. If their website looks old and out of date, customers will assume the same about your client’s company. A website redesign will solve that.

2. Inconsistent, Weak or Old Branding

Your client’s image, products and services may have evolved to the extent that the website no longer accurately reflects the business. Or possibly the branding was not strong to begin with.

It’s important for a brand to have a consistent look and feel across all channels, and that starts with the website.

Consider whether it is time to rethink the logo, the color palette, fonts, layout, voice and navigation to better reflect your client’s brand.

3. Mobile Device Optimization

If your client’s website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, they are way, way behind the competition. People are now accessing websites from mobile devices more than desktops and laptops. In the second quarter of 2022, mobile devices generated 58.99% of global website traffic. Google is on top of this, so if your client’s customer performs a search, they are going to see mobile optimized sites first.

4. Not User-Friendly

If your client’s customers find it hard to get around your client’s website to find what they want, they aren’t going to jump hurdles. You need to constantly update the user interface and features. You may want to add AI chatbots for example.

But if your client’s site needs a complete reorganization or the addition of a great deal of functionality, it’s time for a website redesign. As your client’s website traffic increases, and as you add more services and informational content, at some point you will need to add more functionality to help support your customers’ clients.

5. Slow Loading

Nobody is going to stick around watching the paint dry as your client’s website loads. There are many tools to test website speed including PageSpeed Insights.

Your client’s website could be loading slowly for any number of reasons. Some may be an easy fix. Maybe images on some pages are too large.

But some speed issues require a website redesign. This is particularly true if the website was developed some time ago. For example, the programming language may be outdated, and the website might have a lot of unneeded HTML code.

6. Not Accessible to the Disabled

If you are involved with your client’s website development and maintenance, you need to be sure they are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Businesses that are open to the public but don’t enable suitable “public accommodation” so the disabled can access them may make themselves vulnerable to many thousands of dollars in fines and lawsuits. This includes websites.

So, if your client’s website is not accessible to the disabled, it may be time update your client’s website accessibility.

7. Low Traffic

All businesses want heavy traffic to their websites, traffic from an audience interested in what the business is selling. If your client’s website’s traffic is decreasing or was never good to begin with, you need to analyze the reasons.

Does the site offer consistently fresh content? Do the blog and other resources offer value and education, or are they only focused on selling? Are the keywords on point and used effectively? Do you employ a savvy backlink strategy?

Once you determine why traffic is dismal, it’s time to get to work and fix it.

8. Low Conversions and High Bounce Rate

If your client’s website is not converting despite decent traffic, or if it suffers a high bounce rate, ask yourself these questions: Is the website informative? Does it offer value? Does the content lead people naturally through the site and the marketing funnel?

If you answer “No” to any of these questions, it’s time to rethink content strategy. Your client’s site should focus on helping your client’s customers rather than focusing on your client. People want to know how your client’s products and services can help them.

Clear calls to action and guidance on where to go next on the site can go a long way to increasing conversions.

9. Needs Integration with Other Systems and Tools

All websites need to be integrated with analytics tools to measure both customer behaviors and results.

Websites should also be integrated to automate actions triggered by client behavior. For example, you will want customers to fill out forms for various actions such as subscribing to newsletter or webinars, and for relevant email campaigns to be triggered.

Many websites also need to be integrated with back office systems in order to make the customer experience seamless. This includes CRM systems, fulfillment, billing and more.

Customer service can also be delivered directly on the website (as well as other channels) using AI chatbots and conversational texting.

Consider Umbrella White Label Website Redesign Services

Website design is an important element in your client’s success. If you yourself do not offer website design services, you can resell Umbrella white label website design and redesign services, secure in the knowledge our experts will give your clients the best possible service.

Contact Umbrella to discuss how we can help you help your clients.

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