Seven Mass Personalization Marketing Tools to Leapfrog Revenues

By Deborah Kurfiss, Umbrella Content Marketing Director on Jul 15, 2022

Customers today don’t have patience with marketing messages that aren’t completely on point with their interests. Mass personalization tools now make that possible.

In the past, B2B marketers could select a few “dream prospects” and give them individualized attention. After all, everyone is concerned with their own business rather than vendors trying to sell products and services. So, it was unfortunate that except for these elite few, other B2B customers just got general marketing messages as did B2C prospects and customers.

How times have changed. Today software tools can provide mass personalization across all marketing channels on a huge scale.

But how can you grab a customer’s attention with mass personalization – and keep it?

It’s a Strategic Mindset

Mass personalization isn’t just something to do for one channel or one campaign. To do it successfully, your business should be dedicated to providing your audience with the content that reverberates with them through every stage of the sales cycle across all channels. After all, 91% of consumers much prefer brands who lean their interests and give them relevant offers.

That means to reach peak success, you need to provide personalization across the entire customer journey at every touchpoint.


Just because someone is not yet a customer doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of mass personalization marketing. But we have moved far beyond a time when just addressing a prospect by name in an email grabbed attention.

Today’s tools enable easy manipulation of templates to insert customized content to scale. For example, if you are an SEO expert, you could email a personalized offer that contains an image of the client’s own website and a special offer just for those in their segment. Seeing their website grabs their attention, and you can bet they will read an offer tailored to their needs.

Website Browsing and Shopping

Once you get a prospect or return customer to your website, the personalized experience shouldn’t stop. Tools today can present a different website experience to different segments. What those segments are depends on your business. For example, someone coming from an email campaign to a specific landing page may see related information as they go through the website.

Other experiences may be determined by past buying behaviors, segment or any number of other factors. And of course, you will want to show return visitors to ecommerce sites products they visited previously as well as related products.

Customer Service

Personalization doesn’t end with marketing. All the data you gather about the customer for marketing can also be funneled into serving them should they contact the call center. The goal is to give customers seamless, personalized experiences.

It Starts with Data

The more you know about a person, the more you can personalize their experience. So mass personalization marketing is data based according to segment, transaction history (if any), online behaviors and many other factors.  You must collect data on your customers and prospects, analyze it and sort it in order to offer each one the services and products that will most interest them at the time they see your message.

Yes, there are increasing regulations on data collection if you don’t have permission. But quite a lot of data is readily available, and Deloitte found that 79% of people are happy to share data if they see a clear benefit from doing so.

Mass Personalization Tools

There are many, many tools today to help you personalize your clients’ marketing at scale. Here are a few you might consider (in no particular order). Most of these offer personalization across multiple channels and campaigns.

1. Sailthru

Sailthru can enable your personalization efforts over the entire customer journey. It enables you to

  • Deliver personalized experiences cross-channel across email, website, mobile and SMS. For example, Sailthru says you could “send 5 million different emails to 5 million consumers, all from a single template, personalized at the individual level for interests, behaviors and purchasing histories.”
  • Determine revenue outcomes according to how you deliver content
  • Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze content trends
  • Predict behaviors of individuals such as how likely they are to open a message or opt out. It can even predict shopping cart totals for individuals.

2. Segment

Segment is another tool designed to give personalized experiences to prospects and customers throughout the customer journey. Segment enables you to personalize every customer interaction across any platform or tool.

Among other things, Segment offers features that enable you to

  • Send a consistent message across all channels including emails and ads.
  • Categorize your customers according to web traffic
  • Analyze how visitors navigated to your client’s site
  • Segment the visitors into audiences according to various behaviors and traits

3. Hubspot

Personalization is a foundation to Hubspot’s Marketing Hub. It offers personalization across most features. For example, it enables you to personalize

  • Emails with content customized for the prospect/customer
  • Website content according to visitor behavior and segmentation – in other words, different website experiences according to what is relevant to the person. Once you get the customer to the website with your personalized email, you want to continue the personalized experience.
  • Pop-ups that are triggered by user behaviors

4. Salesforce (Evergage)

A few years ago, Salesforce bought Evergage, a personalization and customer data platform for B2B businesses.

This platform enables you to

  • Create personalized website experiences that are relevant to each user in real time
  • Consistently connect with your prospects and customers and give them a personalized experience across all channels including website, email and call centers
  • Make relevant, customized real time offers
  • Upsell and cross-sell

5. Adobe Target

Adobe Target is a suite of personalization tools from (of course) Adobe.

It is powered by ariticial intelligence and enables you to

  • Test everything through every channel every time (AB and multivariate testing)
  • Provide a personalized experience through every channel
  • Automate and scale to a level impossible without AI
  • Use real-time data to deliver personalized content

6. Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield is another personalization tool that is AI based. With it you can

  • Personalize experiences through multiple channels such as email, apps, call centers, websites and IoT.
  • Personalize content in real time
  • Run omnichannel personalized marketing campaigns
  • Trigger messages by behaviors
  • Personalize experiences from concept to execution and do A/B testing extremely quickly

7. Hyperise

Hyperise is an extremely valuable tool that enables you grab attention and impress. You can

  • Add personalized, dynamic images to email including logos, website screenshots, QR codes and profile images to email
  • Add text options to email such as first/last name, business name, job title, category
  • Personalize landing pages
  • Add personalized images in LinkedIn messages
  • Engage chatbot users by adding personalized images
  • Personalize your client’s website’s text, images, videos and calls to action for your visitors

Contact Umbrella for White Label Mass Personalization Services

Mass personalization is a rapidly changing area that can vastly increase your clients’ revenues. If mass personalization is not your agency’s focus, we invite you to contact Umbrella for a free consultation to discuss how we can help your clients.


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