Expand Your Marketing Agency without the Headaches with White Label Digital Marketing

By on Dec 29, 2021

Do you ever feel like you are juggling a hundred balls all while walking a tight rope coated in olive oil while someone sets the end of the rope on fire?

That’s the figurative experience of a lot of marketing agency owners. White label digital marketing may be the answer.

The thing is, when you are juggling a hundred balls, some of them drop. Others in your digital marketing strategy are near misses. And we won’t even talk about the anxiety of keeping all those balls in the air every day.

Digital marketing today is much more complex than it was just a few years ago. It requires careful strategy, analysis and precision implementation across multiple channels. You need specialists to run the most complex areas if you are to excel.

But how many marketing agencies excel in every area, from digital advertising that converts to drop dead, gorgeously designed websites that wow them and SEO that packs them in? Not many. And that’s just to name a very few digital marketing areas.

When you try to do it all, the result can be lackluster performance, low profits and lost clients.  The alternative has been to just only handle part of a client’s marketing business, the part that is within your agency’s focus. And hope they don’t find a more full-service agency.

No longer

There is an effective, reliable solution that enables you to provide your clients with all the digital marketing services they need without hiring a huge staff of specialists or breaking the bank.  You can realize your growth potential and better serve your clients by reselling services. Read on.

Are White Label Digital Marketing Services the Answer?

White label marketing agencies provide marketing services you can resell to your clients under your own brand.

For example, if your agency primarily focuses on design, you might look to a white label agency to furnish content and SEO. From your client’s perspective, this is a seamless experience that contributes to a more robust approach to marketing.

White label digital marketing services vary widely, and they include Pay Per Result SEO, website design and development, website accessibility, online reputation management, AI chatbots, email campaigns, Google ad campaigns, social media campaigns, cashback offers and really any kind of digital marketing service.

Would any of the following help your marketing agency?

Save Big on Payroll Yet Have Constant Access to Expertise

We’ve already talked about how today’s sophisticated digital marketing requires specialized expertise in most areas. But if your focus is beautifully designed websites and killer content, you may not be prepared to run a client’s occasional cashback offer campaigns.

Does that mean you need to hire someone with vast experience in this area and pay them fall year long? And let’s not even get into the costs of onboarding, benefits and hiring.

Instead, consider reselling services performed by experts while you take all the credit with your client. And pay only when you need services.

Consider this example…

If you hire an SEO professional, it will cost you around $47,107 annually as a national average (or often a whole lot more depending on your location).

In contrast, the cost of white label SEO services averages around $650-2,000 per month (or $7,500 to $24,000 annually if you use their services throughout the year). There are also none of the other costs of employment such as recruiting, benefits, training and management.

Why bring on a full-time employee outside of your core business focus or throw business to a competitor when you can have an expert at your fingertips when you need them?

Cultivate Lasting Client Relationships

You are probably not going to go out and solicit new clients outside of the area of your agency’s focus.

Agencies typically get pulled into other areas because current clients demand them. And as we all know, it costs much less to sell current clients services than to beat the bushes for new clients, about five times less.

Why would you turn those clients away? Or risk losing them by trying to serve needs in areas outside your expertise? After all, a recent survey found that increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits by up to 25%.

So keep your clients and your sanity. You can let a white label marketing agency do your heavy lifting in fringe areas while you impress your current clients with your ability to meet all their needs. And of course, this also gives you the breathing room to follow up with clients and strategize how you might better serve them.

Happy clients spread the good news and enhance your reputation.

Increase ROI

We have already seen how you can increase ROI because you can reduce labor costs while at the same time tapping top expertise.

But some white label services even offer a guaranteed ROI on some services such as per revenue marketing.

In pay per revenue marketing, the advertiser places ads with major online publishers that tell consumers they get a percentage of their purchase price back every time they buy your client’s product. In the case of Umbrella, we In Umbrella’s case, we always generate at least 500% the amount of money in revenue than the money you pay us to run the campaign.

It’s a win/win all the way around.

Leverage the Latest Technology

It’s expensive to stay ahead of the curve, particularly when new marketing technologies are constantly behind developed. But without the best software and apps, your agency is at a disadvantage, even if you only need to use them occasionally.

If you hire a good white label marketing agency, niche technologies should come with the services. It’s one less investment you have to make, but you can still reap the benefits.

Find Out if White Label Digital Marketing Is a Fit for Your Agency

Umbrella is a white label digital marketing agency that can improve the level of service you provide to your clients while opening new avenues for your agency’s growth. While you steer the ship and foster the types of experiences that delight your clients, our team can enable you to expand your services and produce quantifiable results.

Contact Umbrella today for a free consultation about how to unlock your marketing agency’s growth potential by building a partnership with us.

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