10 Must-Have Characteristics of a Successful Digital Marketing Agency

White label digital marketing services

By Darren Johnson on Nov 30, 2021

As a digital marketing agency, you have to constantly find ways to stand out from the competition. No doubt you are always asking yourself:

  • Why should a business choose my agency?
  • What value does my agency bring to clients?

The answers to these questions start with the the unique qualities your digital marketing agency. Whether you do it all yourself or look for help from a white label platform, you will want to consider some of the characteristics of top-performing digital marketing agencies we discuss below.

1. Client-Focused

Your client’s success is your success. Clients want to know that you are focused on helping them achieve their goals and growth.

Gallup, a global analytics firm, found that companies that successfully engage their B2B customers achieve 63% lower customer attrition and 50% higher productivity. Engaging clients starts with putting the client first.

Like any customer, your business clients appreciate a positive customer experience. 90% of respondents to a Microsoft survey, said that customer service impacts their choice of a brand and their continuing loyalty.

A recent Microsoft white paper states, “To create a positive customer experience, organizations must understand customer behaviors, preference, and expectations.”

A client-focused agency

  • Anticipates client wants and needs in order to improve customer satisfaction
  • Improves customer retention
  • Differentiate themselves from their competition

2. Transparent and Honest

Trust is a staple in any business relationship, and transparency can build trust with your clients. Unfortunately, some marketing agencies hide behind a wall of industry jargon and technology while only delivering minimal results to their clients. Don’t be that agency.

Be open and honest with your clients from day one, keeping them as involved and educated as they want to be. Digital marketing is an ongoing effort that requires testing and constant tweaking to deliver the best results. Make sure your clients know this.

3. Strong Communication Skills

The key to good client relations is consistent and regular communications. Never leave your clients wondering what you are doing. Avoid vague deadlines and establish specific targets. Instead of saying, “We’ll have the design to you in a couple of days.” say, “We’ll email you the design no later than 3:00 p.m. on Friday.” This tells your client exactly where and when to expect the deliverable, not staring at their phone waiting for an update.

Depending on the size of your agency and the scope of your client projects, you may need to set aside substantial time for client communications, calls and video chats. Only you can connect with your clients, but you may want to consider using a white label platform to handle extra fulfillment work. This will give you more time to focus on your agency’s core business as well as to build and maintain and maintaining your client relationships.

4. Well-Structured Project Management

A great campaign idea is going to fail if the execution falls flat. You can’t miss deadlines, overspend budget or rush the design process. In a recent survey, as many as 97% of respondents agreed that project management is critical to business performance and organizational success.

Successful project management for digital marketing agencies can be broken down into three areas:

  • Clear communication between your team and clients (see previous section)
  • Accurate tracking of deliverables, deadlines, progress and results
  • Regular analysis of those results to improve processes and workflows

Before, during and after a project, evaluate challenges, problems and bottlenecks. For example, if a project keeps getting delayed in design, figure out why. Is it your designer’s time management? Do they have too much on their plate and not enough time in the week? Answering these questions and creating effective solutions can streamline future projects.

5. Positive Online Reputation

Clients consider experience, reputation and track record when choosing a digital marketing agency. One way clients find this information is through online reviews.  Take the time to review, respond and cultivate online reviews from your clients.

Another way to showcase your agency’s successes is through case studies. Numbers don’t lie, and case studies are a powerful way to show the data and growth you have achieved for your clients.

6. A Focus on Core Strengths

Building your agency’s reputation starts with focusing on your strengths and core skills. For example, if your agency’s strength is content marketing and SEO, make sure those are the focal point of your brand. Showcase the knowledge, tools and results to prove to your clients that you can bring them content and SEO success.

But, what if a client is looking for SEO, content marketing AND social media management? Are you going to send them to another agency for social media services? Of course not! White label marketing delivers the expertise and knowledge you need to expand your offerings without expanding your in-house personnel or compromising your core services.

7. Data-Driven

A data-driven approach is critical for the success of any digital marketing campaign. Businesses don’t want you to sugar-coat results. They want to know what is working and what isn’t. Data-driven marketing provides an accurate and unbiased assessment of the performance of your client’s marketing tactics, strategies and campaigns.

Knowing what areas of marketing you’re crushing and what areas need improvement can save your agency time and money. Ongoing data analysis means you won’t waste resources on marketing strategies that yield poor results. Instead, you can focus on the areas that will increase your client’s bottom line.

8. Proactive Not Reactive

Be proactive in serving your client’s marketing needs. For example, if your client shows a dip in website traffic at the same time year after year, develop a campaign or solution that combats this before it hits. This shows your client that you understand their pain points and anticipate their needs.

But proactivity also applies to new clients and projects. For example, a potential client might reach out to your agency for SEO services. However, after reviewing their current marketing efforts, you might see that they desperately need to update their website to truly enhance their search engine rankings and presence. You have to explain this to the client to manage their expectations. You can’t deliver high-quality search engine results if their website offers a poor user experience or slow load times.

9. Growth Mindset

The highest performing marketing agencies are the ones that constantly push themselves to learn and explore new tools and platforms. A growth mindset is what brings together digital marketing tactics and strategy. Constantly striving for improvement is what will take your agency forward.

10. Outsourcing when It Makes Sense

Being a successful marketing agency starts with working smarter, not harder. White label marketing lets you outsource some of your agency’s fulfillment work and acquire all the expertise, tools and tactics of a comprehensive marketing team without the need to hire more employees.

Umbrella Can Help

If you are ready to scale your agency and grow your brand, consider Umbrella’s fulfillment services. Growing your digital marketing agency is easier when you choose some areas where fulfillment and client generation are done for you. Contact Umbrella today to learn how they can help you grow!

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