Drive Agency Client Success with B2B Explainer Videos

By Deborah Kurfiss, Umbrella Content Marketing Director on Feb 18, 2022

Video is a marketing must today for engaging clients. It’s firmly ensconced in the marketing pantheon. There are reasons that 92% of marketers value video as an “important part” of their marketing strategies. No doubt you have your own.

B2B explainer videos can be particularly fruitful for your clients.

Yet some marketers are still not using video! Of those marketers

  • 23% say they don’t have the time
  • 16% say they don’t even know where to start (We suspect the real number may be higher.)
  • 13% don’t feel it’s needed
  • 10% think it’s too expensive

In this article, we are going to explain why explainer videos are gold for your B2B clients.

What Is a B2B Explainer Video?

These kinds of video explain something about your client’s products, services or company. But they don’t always need to be technical and feature-oriented. These can be targeted to any point in the sales cycle, which is what guides their content.

For example, if you are just trying to create awareness, your video might talk about the company, products and services from a bird’s eye view. Your aim is to generate good feelings towards the company.

Another type of explainer video delves deeper to create interest by showing how your products and services can solve customers’ problems.

Then of course, there are the more technical videos that show how to use products. Or maybe they explain how customers can best get started with the company’s products and services.

These videos are not always aimed at prospects. You can also use them to show your client’s loyal base what new products are in the pipeline, possibly offering VIP deals or special access.

Where Are B2B Explainer Videos Used?

You can use them in just about any channel. That includes websites, email, social media and events among others.

Following are some tips about why a strategy that includes a liberal sprinkling of B2B explainer videos can be a big help to your clients’ businesses… maybe more than you think.

Support Complex B2B Sales Cycles

B2B sales cycles tend to be much longer and more complex than B2C. You need to keep your clients’ customers warm. But constant direct selling is just going to turn customers off. B2B explainer videos go a long way to help in this long process.

There are more people involved including in many cases multiple decision makers, influencers and sometimes in the case of large purchases even stockholders.

There is also more blowback when a large B2B purchase turns out to be a mistake. After all, the purchase may affect the entire company or department.

Large B2B sales typically require a lot of meetings, a lot of interactions and a lot of time before a sale is closed.

B2B explainer videos can support your client’s efforts through every facet of the sales funnel in ways that are both entertaining and informative to their customers.

Tell Your Client’s Brand Story

B2B explainer videos can be indispensable in telling your client’s brand story. You can use them to explain complex products and services in an easy-to-understand way. After all,, before your client’s audience can trust their brand, they need to be able to wrap their minds around it.

In a couple minutes, you can show your client’s audience the benefits of a product or service and why it is a solution to one of their challenges. Once a prospect can envision in product or service in action through a video, it becomes much more real to them.

Videos also enable people to better remember key brand messages. Viewers retain an astounding 95% of a message they get through watching a video. Not only that, but video enjoyment increases brand association by 139%.

Drive Traffic

Most digital marketers are obsessed with driving traffic to their clients’ sites. B2B explainer videos can go a long way to helping SEO and search engine ranking.

When you engage a user with video, they spend more time on your client’s site. And Google loves it when people stay on a site a long time.

And we aren’t just talking a little bit. Adding well-done videos to a client’s website can double or triple their traffic.

Increase Conversion Rates

Of course, getting traffic to your client’s site isn’t enough. You also want to increase their conversions. Delivering brand messages in an entertaining, simple way through a B2B explainer video is a proven method to increase conversion rates.

Adding video to your client’s website may easily make it six times more likely to convert browsers into buyers.

Including a well-done video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%!

Heck, Crazy Egg increased conversion rates by 64% with just one killer B2B explainer video. That translated into an additional $21,000 in monthly revenue.

Even if your client is not selling directly off their website, these statistics are a good indication of the highly increased level of engagement videos spur.

It’s Easy and Affordable

It’s odd that some marketers cite price as a prohibition to video marketing. You don’t need to create an Oscar-worthy video that astounds its viewers with cinematography.

Videos you use in websites, email, social media, events and other marketing can be simple and inexpensive to create. In fact, ease and affordability are an oft-cited reason that most marketers have jumped onboard.

Even small businesses without a lot of extra cash can create effective video themselves or hire a video production company to make some at a reasonable price. They are well worth the ROI.

Does Your Agency Need to Ramp Up Its B2B Explainer Video Game?

Video is here to stay, and it’s time you offered video services to your clients if you don’t already. Like any other form or marketing, of course you need to finely target that video to your client’s audience in order to cut through the clutter.

Engaging videos have been proven to be a highly effective way to explain your company product and services to your clients’ B2B audiences — and also to sharply increase sales.

There is just no marketing beyond in-person meetings that can better engage your clients’ B2B customers as they work their way through a sometimes long sales process. When your clients are not in the same room (or Zoom call) with their prospects, the prospects can still review company videos and share them with their colleagues.

If making B2B explainer videos is too far afield from your agency’s area of focus, you can always resell white label video marketing services. Don’t hesitate to contact Umbrella for a free consultation. Our experts can take care of all your video marketing needs.




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