Never Lose a Lead or a Sale Even While You Are Sleeping 😴

SuperBots work 24/7 without taking a break

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Now you can tell your clients..

“We'll get you 2x-10x more leads & sales (with zero ad budget), or you don’t pay a dime!

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Increase lead-generation & sales of any website, Facebook page or eCom shop  by 2x-10x 


Provide the Right Answers

Let AI answer repeated queries from prospects.

Non Stop Lead Generation

Superbots surpass any other

conversion funnel.

Let the Bot Sell (eCom)

SuperBots integrate with your payment gates and inventory to make actual sales inside the Bot.

Integrates with everything

Superbots integrate with CRMs, Email systems, Payment gateways, SMS systems, security systems, everything.

Your 24/7 Sales Rep Works With Live Reps!


Make the most out of your marketing expenses by engaging your website visitors, capturing and qualifying leads, autonomously selling to visitors  or connecting them with your best reps.

Full Bot Creation And Setup Service - Done For You!


As an Umbrella member you can rely on our team to create dedicated bots for your clients. Manage setup and integration with the client's systems while you make 50%-70% margins on creation and recurring fees.

HUGE BONUS: Giveaway Bots For 30 Days Free Trial!

Show clients how you rapidly increase their leads & sales (for free) to make it a no-brainer decision to work with you!

Superbots Program Snapshot

Millions of businesses need help generating more leads and sales for less spend. 

Businesses are spending a fortune promoting their site on Google, Facebook, using SEO, or simple word-of-mouth referrals, but their website call for action is from the 90s, meaning it's bad. That said they don't have know-how or resources to optimize the site or hire a 24/7 live agent.

With Superbots you can increase the client's lead-gen and sales 2x-10x without increasing their spend on traffic. 

Newbie Friendly

Geared for both experienced and newbie marketers, as fulfillment and billing are done for you.

Basic and advanced Marketing & Sales training, tools and collateral are also included, and our 5 STAR support team is always here to help!

Giveaway bots for 30 day trials, prove to your clients the conversions are much better and win and make 40%-70% margins on recurring monthly revenue plus large creation fees!

Superbots are needed by all types of businesses, B2B, B2C, offline, online and everything in between. If you have a website, Facebook page or eCom store, you need it. 

100% done for you bot creation and setup. 
Optional DIY - We provide you with 60 bot templates to easily tweak and giveaway.



Monthly - $15-$180/mo wholesale, market it up as much as you want (suggested retail is 2.5x wholesale). 
Creation fees - Get a dedicated bot created for your client for as low as $200 and charge $500-$1000 creation fee easily. Complex bot can cost up to $1000 and you can charge clients $3000-$5000. 

*Please see full pricing tiers and details inside the program's training.


Full video training library on all aspects of the program, from on-boarding and pricing to marketing, lead-gen, sales and up-sells. 


Comes packed with in-depth training on marketing & sales + marketing collateral (flyers, decks, email swipes, case studies) + dedicated website and online marketing tools. 

Interested in selling top converting SuperBots?

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What Members Say


“My background is 35+ years in the International Shipping & Logistics industry. 
For the past 9 years I have been working with Local Business Owners to help them grow their business. I use Umbrella to expand my marketing business by offering more solutions to my clients. I love their turnkey solutions and how effective and quick the support desk works.” 


- Gisela Beckermann, CEO,

San Francisco, CA, USA

Sell Quality, Innovative Solutions

Umbrella works with best of breed providers in full transparency with our members. We meticulously select high-quality, tested, well-known, partners so you’ll be secure in the quality of service you provide your clients.

100% Done-For-You 

Focus on selling and growing your business: our partners will do all the fulfillment and technical work for you. 

Whether it's a Facebook campaign, SEO, building a website or advertising in a magazine; everything from creative elements to copy, setup and delivery is done for you by the leading marketing companies.

Top Marketing & Sales training

You might be good with people, you might even be a successful salesperson, but product-specific training and marketing & sales hacks, can help you quickly sign-up clients and grow your client-base. 


Umbrella works with the brand’s top sellers and industry marketing experts, to provide the most effective training to help our clients make sales and scale- fast!

High Margins

Umbrella powers thousands of Marketing Agencies, and is thus able to secure the best wholesale prices from leading marketing technology and service brands. 

Special pricing allows you to run your business on a 2x markup (50% margins), and still be competitive in the market. 

This means you need less clients to reach the same bottom-line results.

Become a Brand Certified Partner

Enjoy the benefit of being a Certified Partner of top brands in the industry. Instant branding.

  • Use brand's case studies as your own

  • Use brand's success stats as your own

  • Use brand's size and reputation to turn skeptical prospects into trusting clients. 

Ongoing Support

Umbrella's success team helps you with product related issues, operations, marketing questions and even sales guidance. 

Ongoing support of your sales and operations is critical to growing your business

Umbrella 5 STAR support team is 100% committed to your success.

*Read more reviews in our Testimonials & Reviews section.

Starting out

Are you a sales rep looking to go solo? Perhaps a corporate manager by day, marketing maven by night? Or maybe you're just looking to start a sustainable business in a growing industry?

What's common for all our "newbies" is that they are all looking for a partner to provide them with the product, fulfillment and marketing backing, while they focus on growing their business. 

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You have  a client base and you're looking for ways to:


  • Provide more value to your clients with additional solutions. 

  • Have new, enticing solutions to attract new clientele. 

  • Do all of the above without fulfilling, dealing with technical aspects or learning a new trade.


All while still making the same (or better) margins than you are making today! 

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Interested in selling top converting SuperBots?

Wonderful! We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.

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