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Partner Program

For the first time ever in online marketing offer a true Pay Per Revenue solution. Drive results that are measured in true revenue, and see your customer grow quickly.

Empyr / uCard Partner Program Features

Empyr Pay Per Revenue solution License
License to sell Card-Linked-Offers by Empyr and receive 45% of marketing fee collected from every CLO redeemed at Merchants you on-boarded. 

Tool to sell and manage
Get an online, mobile responsive, on-boarding tool, to on-board business from everywhere. Manage multiple location, update, terminate and track results. 

Exclusive Sales &

Marketing training
In your Members Area you’ll find encompassing training on marketing, sales and account management. Even Sales Call Recording from our top sellers, so you can learn fast and hit the ground running .

Billing done for you 
We bill your clients for you, calculate your fee and transfer the funds directly to your bank account every 25th of the month.  

Empyr Certification
Pass the certification test to become an Empyr Official Partner. Get day-one social proof when taking CLOs to market.

Marketing collateral pack
Get your own website pre-designed to sell CLO offers + Sales deck, flyer, video, email swipes, phone scripts and more. 

Zero Sales Commitment
With uCard Partners Program you do not need to commit to sales. Sell one account or a thousand, we’ll support your efforts regardless. 

Ongoing support 
Enjoy ongoing support to help you with marketing, sales, tech, ops and anything else you may need. 

It’s all you!
You own the clients you no-board. You own the relationships and accounts.

uCard Partner Program

Program includes

  • Empyr Pay Per Revenue License and tools 

  • Get 45% of marketing fee collected

  • Marketing collateral pack – website, flyer, deck, video

  • Billing & fulfilment done for you 

  • Exclusive Training to Close Deals Fast 

  • Prospecting & Sales Tactics 

  • Winning Call Recording of merchants being CLOSED LIVE!

  • Empyr/Umbrella Certification

  • Bonus LinkedIn Marketing Training – going after franchises

If you're interested in joining the partners program, please submit this form and we will get back to you shortly. 

The Partner Programs has a yearly fee of $1297

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