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“Promote anything to a 150M records, opt-in list, with 700+ targeting parameters!

Program includes over 200 case studies of laser targeted campaigns from 60 industries!”

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Pitch Value To The Client

The key is to send the right offer to the right people by using targeting.
In fact, marketers who use highly targetted segmentation see 760% better results!

For example, if you’re a car dealership promoting a new SUV, you'd probably want to target people who are above 35 years of age, with 2 or more kids, and who's average salary is 70k+. They should ideally have owned an SUV 2008-2012 and should live in a 3 miles radius around your dealership.


uBlast Summary

Email is the #1 channel consumers choose to get offers from businesses. 


How to create a highly targeted prospects email lists that are super relevant for your offer.

With uBlast you have access to 150M opt-in list with 700+ targeting parameters, with proven results of 10% avg. open rate and 1.5% avg. CTR.

Email also allows you to promote categories you can’t on Facebook or Google like Cannabis, Medical and more.

Earning for members

Average of 2.2x markup. For example sending 50,000 emails would cost an Umbrella, wholesale $450 which you will markup up to $900+, and the actual email will be designed and created for you for just $65 which you will sell at a $300 setup (500% ROI).

Main Business Categories
                                                                      All business categories use email marketing to acquire, upsell and retain. 

Any business categories

You setup the campaign on a simple DIY system with 200 case-studies to guide you.


$11 CPM avg. + $65 email design and build Margin 2.2x ( or about 110% ).


*See traning for detailed pricing.


Everything! You just choose the parameters, which you can benchmark on 200 campaigns we provide you with and book the campaign. The creation of the email, delivery, and reporting on the campaign is done for you.

Interested in reselling super targeted email marketing

Wonderful! We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have. 

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What Members Say


“My background is 35+ years in the International Shipping & Logistics industry. 
For the past 9 years I have been working with Local Business Owners to help them grow their business. I use Umbrella to expand my marketing business by offering more solutions to my clients. I love their turnkey solutions and how effective and quick the support desk works.” 


- Gisela Beckermann, CEO,

San Francisco, CA, USA


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