The Secrets to Writing High-Converting Copy from a  9 Figure Copywriting Master…and the 3 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid

By Adil Amarsi on Dec 14, 2021

Umbrella is proud to welcome guest expert Adil Amarsi to share his sought-
after advice on writing copy that converts. Adil Adil Amarsi is a copywriter,
business consultant and podcaster who generated over $821 Million for his clients.
Adil wrote over 14,000 marketing campaigns in more than 400 niches. 


During my nearly 20-year run as a copywriter, 14 as a highly sought after pro-copywriter, there have been some major selling secrets that just seem to get left out unless you spend years in the game.

Having written in over 400+ markets and nearly 17,000 marketing campaigns, I’m going to spill the beans, so to say, on the 5 little secrets to high converting copy that work in today’s world.

Firstly, I want you to realize the world we live in today isn’t the same one pre-2010.

“Big Duh, Adil” – but hear me out.

The old adage of “Know, Like, and Trust” is more prevalent today than ever before as Social Media has made it almost impossible to NOT know about everyone’s beliefs, ideologies, and more.

On one hand this is incredible, on the other – people now look at who they’re buying from more so than ever before.

While people still use fake stories to sell their products, their days are numbered.

But following this article, you’ll uncover the 5 simple secrets to ensure you can keep writing high converting copy without getting in trouble…

So let’s begin…

Secret #1: Don’t sell from pain, but do sell from pleasure.

Tony Robbins said it best…

“We move away from pain and toward pleasure.”

And the great Jay Abraham has said if you just sell from pain, you’re going to end up with a list of people who are all in pain and will never get the solution you provide.


People are naturally lazy and this is more telling today than ever before given the number of people who complete courses in the last 10 years has gone from 50% to less than 20%.

If all you do is sell from pain, your audience aren’t going to be responsive in the long run.

Now, I’m not saying we get rid of pain all together.

Rather you want to tone it down to 20% or less.

Think of it as less “Stab them in the back and twist the knife” and more “Poke them annoyingly to draw their attention to the problem”.

When you sell from a place of pleasure and what’s possible, while highlighting the painful journey you’ve gone through – your audience will bond with you deeply and as a bonus – be more forgiving when you screw up.

This leads us to secret #2…

Secret #2: Remove as MUCH fear as possible in your copy.

Relative to #1, this secret is all about knowing how to sell to your audience with as LITTLE fear as possible.

Meaning, you reduce the pain they feel but remove the fear of what the next steps are and how things will play out.

Humans, by nature, are curious but cautious.

By showing or telling people what they’ll expect and how it’ll go down, people trust you more, and this leads to higher sales.

A perfect example of this would be in weight-loss.

Perhaps you offer a training aimed at losing weight.

You want people to know exactly what each step of the way will look like.

How many workouts?

What they’re buying?

How it works?

Why it works?

Can you be trusted?


You can use they secret with logic alone but when you marry it to Secret #3, you take your copy to a new level.

Secret #3: Give people a believable story.

So let’s just get this out of the way – the Rags to Riches story is pretty much beaten to death.

Will it work?

Hell yes.

Will it work long-term as well as it does now?



People have heard this from so many people it’s creating a blindness to it.

It’s like the first Fast and Furious movie.

It was a work of genius the way it came together.

But nearly 11 movies into it, with spin-offs, sure they’re successful, but could anyone else replicate that success long-term?

Answer… NO!

People know what they’re going to get with the Fast and Furious series – they don’t want more of the same from everyone else.

Look for different ways to tell your story – my suggestion…

Read Christopher Booker’s 7 Basic Plots for Ideas.

Secret #4: Put the skeletons on display.

Nearly every product has its drawbacks.

By not addressing the drawbacks or the skeletons in the products or services you’re putting out you’re leaving yourself open to negative reviews and feedback.

While you might lose a small number of conversions, you’re increasing the lifetime customer value by doing so.

And this could even mean things like addressing your own past mistakes and why this is different etc.

I did this with an offer I put out in 2018 where I told clients I had a bad habit of perfectionism that stopped me from finishing courses I created so I was going to do them live instead as it was a TON easier.

Without addressing these issues I’d have a TON of people messaging me and telling me they weren’t happy.

Which would suck.

This leads to our last secret…

It’ll take some level of guts to do this…

Secret #5: Be willing to stand out.

The majority of people aren’t willing to stand out, essentially become uncommon amongst the uncommon.

I kept myself hidden away as the world’s best kept secret for so long that people who I trained got more recognition than I did.

The reality was that the moment I was willing to stick myself out there and show people who I truly was, things began to change.

And it takes a lot to do so.

When you’re writing copy, realize you’re only speaking to one person who is willing to work and buy from you – so write to them.

Everyone else, they can either like it or not, if they like it – great. If they don’t – no worries, it’s not for them.

You’re not here for everyone.

By being willing to stand out, you’ll attract the right people into your world.

Now… As promised, here are the 3 FATAL mistakes I see in most people’s copy…

Fatal Mistake #1: Formatting makes a difference.

A lot of people have this annoying idea that you need to make everything on your page centered text.

This will kill your conversions and readability.


Humans are made to read things left to write and if you’re skimming, which many people do, you tend to just lose sight of the left and right and focus on the center if you’re using center-aligned.

This means the majority of your copy isn’t being read and it doesn’t make sense – so people don’t buy.

Also, here’s a fun bonus fact…


This helps people read your stuff better.

You want to keep Center-aligned for JUST headlines, subheads, and important calls to action.

Fatal Mistake #2: Using ellipses the right way

So this is kind of odd as so many people use the ellipsis – “…” the wrong way.

There’s a famous internet marketer who does this a lot and it ANNOYS THE hell outta me.

It works for him but not everyone else.

Here’s why…

Using an ellipsis means it’s an incomplete thought or something you want to drag out to make a point.

But it DOESN’T always have to be in your copy.

Take it this way, if you’re unsure about where to use it – read your copy out loud and pause for 1-2 seconds whenever you see an ellipsis.

If it adds – keep it.

If it feels weird, remove it.

Fatal Mistake #3: Selling from the heels

This is the worst of the worst.

I’ve seen this with some incredible marketers.

They do this thing where they sell from their heels.

Meaning they do NOT ask for the sale.

In fact, many times they make the sales arguments perfectly but then stumble when asking for the sale.


Mostly due to a lack of confidence.

Not in their product or service, just themselves.

So the way around this comes from Legendary Copywriter, John Carlton – just tell them what’s gonna happen.

(I took this WAYYY further in my training but this’ll get you started…)

Tell people what to do.

“Click the order button and secure your spot today”

“Put your name and email address below to receive guide”

“Send me your email and I’ll send you an invoice in the next x-time”

By telling people what to do next, you do NOT have to have confidence as you’re guiding people along the path.

That’s all.

If you want to find out more about how to write copy, the structures I’ve used that have helped generate nearly $1.2 Billion in sales from my work + the work of those I’ve influenced over the years…

Then reach out to me on IG – @adilamarsi.

From Feb 2022 – will be functional and updated frequently with articles like this and more.


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