4 Client Conquest Tactics to secure non-stop clients for your Digital Marketing Business


This is a great habit that turns everyday practices into sales opportunities. The trick here is to use your power position as a client when you shop, to pitch your service. Imagine going to hair salon, and while you’re shooting the breeze with your hair dresser you talk about what you do for a living. As you’re done and about to pay, you make your pitch (before paying). You are in POWER POSITION as a customer, use it!

[TIP] This will work the same in a clothing store, jewelry store, gift shop, or anywhere the owner/manager is helping you decide what to buy and engaging with you. At the time of purchase, pitch your business.


Email marketing works! Personalized Email marketing works best! And most email-

platform today have dynamic-content features (merge tags they are called sometime) that are used to make mass-emails super personal looking.

BUT how do you get an email list? Couple the power of sending Mass-Personalized Emails, with a good Scraper and you have the making of ongoing mass-email funnel. Scrapers scrape the web according to keywords, locations and other filters, building you a list of email address. It can be a list of Plumbers in Chicago, Pediatricians in Texas, or Lawyers in Las Vegas, they scrape what you want.

You might be thinking – EXPENSIVE - but it’s not. A scraper would cost you circa $100-$200/year, and a simple, good, email platform is $20-$30/mo for a few thousands contacts, not expensive at all. You might be thinking - HARD to do - but it’s not. With the right training, even a novice build an email funnel in a few hours of works, and after you get the hang of it, email funnels requires little time investment, while generating leads for you non-stop.

[TIP] We find MailChimp is (and free) to start with, but there is really a very wide range.


LinkedIn is amazing for prospecting and sales. The ability to pinpoint the right person

you want to talk with is unparalleled to other industries. BUT you need to PAY to message people outside your network. An easy workaround is with joining the Group of the person or niche you’re trying to engage with. As a group member you can message other group members without paying. Nice 

[TIP] Don’t spam, they’ll kick you out. Write a few posts and only then connect with relevant members of the group.


Trade events are a fantastic way to prospect. They encompass any industry you want to target e.g. going to a Food Services event to target restaurant owners with your service, etc. BUT what if you can’t afford a booth? How would you connect with relevant people on the floor?

Odds are that there is probably a larger competitor at the event that does have a booth. Linger (don’t be too obvious) around the booth(s) like a Remora fish tagging a shark, go after potential clients who visit the booth.

[TIP] Be a good Remora and you will eventually turn into a Shark. We all start as Remoras when we build our business.

[IMPORTANT TIP] LEAD IN PRODUCTS ARE A MUST! And Pay-Per-Result is the leader! Selling marketing solutions to businesses is lucrative and provide real value, BUT it’s not always easy to convince a prospect to work with you.

This is why you need a LEAD-IN solution; a solution that provides value and can be offered with a free-trial period or as Pay-Per-Result basis.

Examples: with Pay Per Result SEO you can tell prospect, you’ll get them on the 1st page of Google or they don’t pay. That kind of proposition differentiate you from your competitors, and is a no-brainer for the business owner.


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