Step into proximity marketing with five inspiring use cases of beacons

Written by Adam Troudart,

Content Manager at Umbrella @AdamTroudart

You’re walking down the street and, as you get close to Macy’s, a message pops in your phone:

“Spring Sale! 30%-50% Off Storewide!”

As you step into the store and visit the jeans section, your phone tells you about a special offer on that Levi’s light-washed jeans you’ve always wanted, and it’s just an aisle away from you!

That’s the power of proximity marketing based on beacons, tiny and lite devices that are equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy, or BLE. Beacons are simple, low-cost, and don’t need a power source.

Armed with this exciting technology, marketers can now broadcast a message directly to users, based on their location, at the right time. Plus beacons can be carried around, targeting users anywhere you go, so you can become a “mobile billboard” if you want.

Oh, and did we mention that, unlike PPC and Facebook Ads, beacons are like SEO in that they have no costs per-lead?

So get inspired with these five powerful use cases of beacons in proximity marketing.

Dutch real estate agency uses beacons to generate more leads

Serving 4 regions in its home country, Dutch real estate agency Makelaarij Hoekstra is finding creative ways to generate more leads using beacon technology.

If you were a realtor, when & where would you target your visitors?

In attempt to get prospects’ attention when they’re most likely to take action, the agency placed beacons on sale signs, near homes, at real estate events and more. The beacons contained instant messages with relevant property details.

McDonalds ramps up sales using beacons During a four-week test, 26 McDonald’s franchises in Columbus, Georgia, used iBeacon technology to offer special deals for some products. The results: sales of McChicken Sandwich and Chicken McNugget went up 8 percent and 7.5 percent, respectively.

Based on these impressive results, McDonald’s will keep testing the technology for an additional 263 retail stores in the southeast.

Finnish supermarket chains use beacons to increase their in-store conversion rate Popular Finnish chains, K-supermarket and K-citymarket, needed better control over customers’ store visits, in real time. 70 percent of purchasing decisions are made in-store, and using traditional signage the retailers were missing real-time and location-specific marketing opportunities.

To address the need for proximity data and easy integration, 5500 beacons were installed across the retailer’s 55 stores. Shoppers can now receive location-specific promotions, view recipes featuring the retailer’s products and more.

As a result, 25% of shoppers who got a targeted message purchased the advertised product, and 84% of their users plan to use intelligent shopping carts again.

Toronto-based bar uses beacons to reward loyal customers

Customer service can make or break a restaurant or a bar’s success.

The owners of Toronto-based local bar, Bar Hop, value customer service, so they’ve decided to take it to the next level using beacons.

Bar Hop’s diners are asked to download the bar’s mobile app. As soon as they step into the bar they’re greeted with information about the night’s specials in food and drink. They can pick their favorites, allowing the staff to learn their preferences, offer them special deals and reward them for their loyalty.

Elle’s beacon strategy drives 21,000 in-store visits

Partnering with other popular brands, Elle used beacons in 803 locations to offer location-based deals to app users. The campaign also targeted users based on their previous activity.

If, for example, you viewed one of Versace’s latest handbags online, the app will notify you when the bag is right next to you.

In just 5 weeks, 8.5% of shoppers who were targeted visited a participating store - 10,000% better than the typical mobile advertising program.

The conclusion? Serving carefully crafted ads to individual users, in the right time, is way more effective than aimlessly blasting their phones with offers

Sounds powerful?

With the UBL System you can now put your hands on the beacon technology, offer advanced proximity marketing solutions and create recurring income streams. Get started with the UBL System!

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