The power of print - 5 significant advantages of advertising in magazines

Written by Adam Troudart,

Content Manager at Umbrella @AdamTroudart

Do you like magazines?

Flipping through the large pages, smelling the quality ink, feasting your eyes on the full-page ads… Bliss.

Talking about ads, it turns out that magazine advertising is actually on the thrive! Even in this highly digital age, many readers return to print. We, at Umbrella, care about local online marketers and believe magazine advertising can truly help them serve their clients.

So if you’re a marketer, an advertiser or a local business owner, take a look at these impressive stats. Some of them could mean a lot to you!

1. Magazines deliver the highest return on ad spend for CPG brands

After a decade-long, extensive research which analyzed over 1,400 campaigns, Nielsen Catalina Solutions reached a fascinating conclusion regarding magazine advertising: Across media types, magazines were found to deliver the highest return on ad spend (ROAS) for CPG (consumer packaged goods), with online display ads falling behind.

If you’re still in doubt whether magazine advertising still makes sense in the digital era, read on…

The following 3 stats are based on the Magazine media factbook 2017/18, published by the Association of Magazine Media.

2. Magazine brand cross-platform audiences are on the rise As you’ll soon realize, advertising in print magazines has its own potential advantages. Nonetheless, this stat is noteworthy (page 6 in the factbook): Between 2014-2016 total magazine audiences (across mobile, web, print + digital & video) grew 3-4% year-over-year in monthly volume, reaching a whopping 1.8 Billion by Dec 2016.

Major magazines offer digital editions editions in addition to print. Each reader has his/her taste, some still prefer paper magazine while others like reading their favorite magazine on their mobile. Combining various platforms will reach more audience making your brand more memorable and consistent.

3. Magazines are getting social. Very social

If you thought magazines belong to the pre-social media era, think again. Between the first quarter of 2016 and the first quarter of 2017, the magazine media industry increased its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram likes/followers by 13.4M, 17.7M and 19.5M, respectively. In other words, magazine media brands boosted their Twitter and Instagram followers by 7.6% and 10.4% respectively (page 23 in the factbook).

Magazine media brands stay up to date and understand the value of social media and strive to keep the conversation and stay in touch with their audiences, wherever they may be.

4. Magazine readership grows long after publication date Magazines are consumed slowly, and as illustrated by the factbook (page 31), the magazines’ readership grows steadily, even weeks after their publication date. Weeklies approach the 100% readership mark only about 10 weeks after publication.

Magazine advertising is powerful and long-lasting. Your realtor or bakery ad you’ve just bought could be seen months from today, significantly increasing your reach and ROAS. So make your ad count!

5. Readers choose the print version even when digital versions are available As illustrated in Neuroscience, a white paper by mediamax, Neuroscientific research shows that reading on paper is a “more comfortable, more enjoyable experience, and offers the added benefit of greater understanding and retention.” This may be because reading on paper is slower, stimulate more emotions and desires and drives sensory involvement.

The white paper concludes that advertisers should “place greater emphasis on print and that the two will ultimately reinforce one another.”

So now that you've read the article, it's pretty obvious why magazine deliver the highest ROAS, right?

So check out uMedia and step into the lucrative world of magazine advertising today!

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