5 Powerful Ways to Drive Your Clients’ Businesses with Analytics

By on Nov 16, 2021

Failure to use analytics for developing your clients’ marketing strategies is like throwing darts with your eyes closed. You’ll most likely miss the bull’s-eye, and you might also cause more harm than good. If you don’t have the personnel to analyze the data yourself, or if your marketing agency focuses on other areas, it’s a good move to hire professionals and resell white label digital marketing services to your clients. In this article, we will explain how you can use analytics to drive a client’s business. But first let’s discuss why.

Why Analytics Are Critical to Your Client’s Successes

1. Get Actionable Insights

Data gives you accurate information on leads, content performance and customer feedback that’s ideal for planning your clients’ marketing strategies. When you can’t decide between two equally great strategies, data can be the tie-breaker to reveal the better options.

You always want your marketing plans to deliver what a client’s customers want. And analytics can help you do just that by enabling you to better understand the behavioral patterns of a client’s audience.

2. Find Marketing Channels with High ROI

Analytics can help you identify and focus your efforts on the most productive marketing channels for your clients. It saves you time, money and effort. Statistics show that data-driven marketing offers five to eight times more ROI than non-data-driven plans.

3. Identify the Best Performing Strategies

Say you want to increase sales of a particular product for your client’s ecommerce store. Now, how can you design a campaign that will offer your client the best results? The answer is you can do it by using analytics!

Analyzing data enables you to figure out what strategy worked best in the past with a similar product launch. You can also use the data from previous campaigns to find opportunities and highlight mistakes so you don’t repeat them.  Analytics also helps you identify the content that did well with your client’s audience so you can double down on that marketing direction.

Specific Actions You Can Take

Data of your client’s customers’ behaviors, interactions and movements is gold. It helps you identify untapped markets and dominate them with your data-driven marketing. That’s the reason why 52.7% of marketers actively use analytics in marketing.

1. Use Analytics to Increase User Engagement

You can use analytics tools such as Google Analytics and HubSpot to find the perfect opportunities to engage with your client’s customers. Doing so gives their brand a personality, improves awareness, boosts conversions and increases brand loyalty.

You may want to resell white label digital marketing services to analyze your client’s data, but if you do it yourself you may want to

  1. Use HubSpot Sales or other services to track who opens your clients’ emails and clicks on the links. Then use this data to identify and interact with your clients’ customers who are more interested than others.
  2. Reshare your client’s customers’ stories on their social media accounts by following up on the notifications. It’s a simple method for user engagement where you don’t need any analytical tools.

And while you’re at it, don’t ignore customer comments on social media. A  Twitter survey showed that 77% of users view a brand more positively if the brand engages with their tweets.

2. Monitor Progress with Analytics

Real-time data from your client’s social media channels, ecommerce stores and websites enables you to make well-timed adjustments in your marketing strategies. You can use tools like Google Analytics or Megalytic to check page views, determine how many of your client’s users interacted with the marketing videos, calculate page bounce rates and spikes in sales after promotion campaigns.

With these analytics, you or white label digital marketing services can measure your client’s progress against set goals. You can then optimize website pages to increase sales or conversions. Monitoring your client’s progress with analytics can help you identify issues and resolve them promptly.

3. Save Long Term Costs

You can save costs in two ways by using analytics.

  • First, data can guide you in deciding a suitable budget based on the ROI. By using marketing ROI tools such as Google Analytics and BuzzSomo, you can track data from social media mentions to SEO metrics and determine what worked best. Then you can use it to help your clients decide their budget allocations. 33% of marketers use analytics to determine how much of sales revenue should go to marketing.
  • Second, you can avoid non-productive marketing strategies and unnecessary testing by analyzing the data that you already For example, if you’re planning a marketing campaign for your client, then you could use Similar Web or Adobe Analytics to measure website visitors and social media activities from previous campaigns. Then you can leverage these analytics to determine the best strategies moving forward. That way you can save costs of A/B testing on some projects and use your client’s budget more efficiently.

4. Streamline Lead Generation with Data

Lead generation using data can drive business for your client by improving the quality of leads coming in. For that, you can use analytics to understand your client’s customers’ needs [tools for this are discussed in detail below] and create the marketing materials to attract those who have the highest tendency to convert.  You can track leads and funnel traffic with tools such as those provided by HubSpot and Salesflare.

All the stages of the funnel offer you valuable insights into your client’s business. For example, top of the funnel analytics can help you create better leads from the start. If your Google Analytics data shows you that most leads are lost at this stage, then you can leverage the information to create better ads, emails and white papers. You can either do this process yourself with the above-mentioned tools or outsource it to a white label digital marketing agency if you believe that their expertise can generate better results for your clients.

5. Use Analytics to Understand Your Clients’ Target Audiences

Data can help you gather customer insights for your clients’ businesses. You can understand their customers’ pain points by analyzing the data.

Here’re some tools that can help you achieve this:

  1. SurveyMonkey – Use it to create polls on your clients’ websites and ask questions about their customers’ ages, favorite products and interests. This tool also analyses the data for you and shows you the answers in real-time. You can use the data to create user personas and understand the demographics.
  2. Google Forms – Google Forms analyzes data in the form of graphs and pie charts, and simplifies the information. You can then use that information to create marketing strategies that resolve pain points for your clients’ customers.

Using Analytics = Increased Sales

Recent research from Wharton University shows that on average, 57% of marketers fail to correctly interpret data which ultimately leads to faulty results.

If you feel that your analysis skills are not up to par, then you may want to resell our white label digital marketing services to clients. Data alone can’t get your clients’ businesses to where you want them to be. Leveraging data the right way is critical for marketing success.

Umbrella’s professionals have years of experience working with various analytics tools. Contact us so we can help you increase sales for your clients and achieve great results!

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